Monday, August 16, 2010

Germans Close 9-11 Mosque-Hamburg-

We all know that the mosque in Hamburg produced some of the 9-11 terrorists!!
The Germans have grown a spine!!
They've closed it!!!

I remember 9-11 on Ventura Blvd-California-
Muslims were openly 'yukking' it up that the U.S. got 'hers' ..
I also remember a mid-Eastern owned hamburger shop putting out a huge banner supposedly advertising their hamburgers--however- the word on the banner was HAMBURG--
A mis-spelling?--I don't think so...
article-HAMBURG mosque-9-11 terrorist training center-closed!!
Good on you - Germans!!
from a previous post-the Germans honored our BEST--

Now for the closing before building & opening of the Ground Zero mosque!!...get at it citizens of the U.S.!!


Z said...

HURRAH!, that is good news.
But, you know, Germans have been sending Imams HOME the afternoon after they hear them preaching anti-Western sentiments for years...honestly.
Trouble is, that stinking peaceful religion is building mosques all over Germany, even in areas that whose numbers don't support it; just waiting for Turkey to get into the EU. Seriously..that's awful.
(thanks for taking the time to email me the Hamburg link..I really appreciate that)


Pastorius said...

Wow! You witnessed Muslims celebrating on Ventura Blvd?

I wish I would have been there.

MK said...

I think most Americans would be rightly repulsed at the idea of the savages setting up their mosque so close to ground zero. It's just the liberal filth who insist on over ruling their wishes [as usual] and suck up to the enemy that are standing in the way.

Hayden said...

Great news, now let us hope the plans for Park51 are closed down. Can Americans stand strong and loud against this project?

WomanHonorThyself said...

keep up the good news girl!

christian soldier said...

Z-it is good news and thank you for pointing our that the Germans have been sending imams home for preaching terror-I didn't know that!!!

P - wish you could have been here too!

MK-it's time to vote out our 'royals'...

H-let's close it before it is even built!

WHT-Hugs to you -my fellow warrior friend!!

JINGOIST said...

Germany has a MUCH bigger problem with the muzzies than we have, and if they've decided to start cracking down on the murderers, GOOD FOR THEM!

They're being colonized, they had better move quickly.

The_Kid said...


Let's push these Jackwagons back to Mecca.

christian soldier said...

J-let's learn from the Germans before it get really bad-you are right!

TK-it's time to stop being nice-isn't it! :-)

The_Kid said...

Long overdue. Long.