Monday, August 9, 2010

West Point Remembers a Great Cadet-Basic Is Over--

The 1300 new cadets have finished basic training ( it used to be called 'Beast Barracks') -one of the final training exercises was named for Daniel Hyde -the first Hyde Challenge --
1st Lt. Daniel Hyde was killed in action -March 2009-
Read the rest of this great article from the Times Herald;
photo of Daniel Hyde at his graduation from West Point-2007-
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Daniel Hyde, crouching, pauses in thought and prayer after his 2007 graduation from the U.S. Military Academy.

To note:the new cadets did their 12 mile march from Camp Buckner to the West Point campus today---


Z said...

Oh, Carol, don't DO this to me! I'm weepy here...that boy crouching and praying is GONE?
But, you are SO RIGHT in 'doing this' (as if it's "to me"?!?)
We all owe him a debt of SUCH gratitude and it helps us all remember "God works in VERY strange ways we can never fathom"
May his death go for His good somehow.
And may God bless his family. It hurt to see that picture and know that find young man is gone.

Anonymous said...

We have given up so many of our very best young men and women. They remain, for the most part, unappreciated. Their sacrifices, for the most part, ignored. There was no greater slap in the face to these young warriors, their families, than to elect Barack Obama as commander in chief. He ... Obama ... is not fit to tie their shoes.

We are approaching a time when, because of the lack of political leadership and national will emanating from inside the beltway, we shall have to ask ourselves: Did these young Americans die in vain? My greatest fear is that we must answer yes ... but Barack Obama will have served his Moslem people with great distinction.

Semper Fi

christian soldier said...

Z-Daniel's Mother, Father and sister were at the top of the hill the new cadets had to climb after completing the first Daniel Hyde Challenge-
Quite a tribute to a great young warrior-he will always be remembered at West Point...

M-your thoughts did run through my mind-I'm glad I'm not the only one who has them--
I do worry about our BEST under the bho types---who obviously hate the military and anyone of honor...

MK said...

Congrats, thanks and best wishes to the next group of warriors who will defend freedom and liberty so that we won't have to.

My baby is doing alright Carol, thanks for asking. She's packing on the pounds now, getting hard to hold her up. :) We're getting better sleep these days, not enough but every extra minute helps. :)

christian soldier said...

MK-so glad baby and your wife and you are doing well--babies are a LOT of work-and worth every second of time spent-and worth the sleep loss too! (-: