Saturday, August 7, 2010

Royal Elites/Bankers/"Stars"/M-Obama/Power-Control-and VIDEO That Makes Things Clear...

M. Obama's invite to gala in Spain by bho's supporters---disgraced PM Thatcher's son, a Saudi terror funder-and on and on:this jives with the video below:Read and give me your take:
M.O. and "Royals' world-wide in Spain-Do we in the US want to go back to this?

When viewing the video below-- - know that this is what the Founders knew and fought against--however- the enemy we fight is not Flesh and Blood-but the Dark Side (Lucifer) who has his 'kids' control other humans---Christ came so that this need not be- the Founders (Christians) knew it --do we?!!! I viewed the first 30 minutes-however- if you don't have time - the first 10-15 min. will do:h/t Crusader Rabbit

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