Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Heroes-Welcome Home-Shower of Love

I remember when our BEST were spit upon -Vietnam War- I vowed I would perform a citizen's arrest if anyone did that to the warriors of the wars being fought today! Looks like I will not have to arrest anyone :-)-the people of the US get it-and Pres Bush and Laura are there for them!
Get out the tissues!! Notice the "shower with love" as the plane taxis!


The_Kid said...

Yep, that's class. I could have done without the first bit of music actually. I'd have rather been able to hear the banter between the folks and the Bush's.

Anyway, Gee, it doesn't look like the Bush's are getting divorced like the supermarket rags all predict eh?

christian soldier said...

TK- I did like the two fire trucks giving the plane a 'shower of love'!
& yes-they are still married!!! :-)

The_Kid said...

Agreed :)