Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vote Candidate 2-Ft Hood Soldier-shot by ...

the murderous thug - Hasan- and nearly died- does not get the same US $$$ support as those injured in Iraq-Afghanistan-
He will win this vehicle if you all vote-Candidate 2

Candidate 2 This candidate was at Fort Hood, TX Army Base Soldier Readiness Center checking in after returning from a second tour in Iraq. He was 5 days away from going to Officer Candidate School and pursuing a long time dream of becoming an Officer in the army. That all changed that day when one man that this candidate had never met, came in and started shooting. The gunman's goal was to kill as many Americans as he could and then take his own life.

This candidate saw the laser pointed at his head and was shot 4 times.

This candidate's fiancé was an undergraduate senior at Boston University, one semester away from graduating with a degree in Psychology. She had just been on the phone with him an hour before and knew what area of the base he was on. She later found out that her fiancé had been shot in the head and was in critical condition and probably wouldn't make it through the night.

When she got to the hospital he was alive, but in very serious condition. Most of his skull on the right side had been shattered and a part of his brain had to be removed from bullet and bone fragment damage. Later the next day, he awoke and asked her how she got there so fast. His next sentence was, "Will you still marry me even though I got shot?" Without hesitation she replied with a kiss and a, "I most definitely will."

It was truly a miracle he survived. His left side was completely paralyzed, leaving him unable to walk or use his left arm. After just a few short weeks he was able to be moved to the Neuro Rehab Center in Austin. After hours of extremely painful therapy every day, he was beginning to walk.

Woodhouse Auto Family-this is the site to vote CANDIDATE 2--
before posting this-I voted Candidate 2-by clicking-'vote for a winner' on the left side bar.
h/t Blackfive


WomanHonorThyself said...

un real whats going on isnt it Carol?!

Z said...

I voted for him and sent it to about 15 email friends!

christian soldier said...

WHT-I am so glad that there are still those who help our BEST-- like Autohouse Auto---and the voters for candidate 2 :-)

Z-Thank you for passing the word---he and his fiance deserve everything we can do for them!!!

MK said...

What a fellow, if only that piece of sh!t hasan could suffer the same fate. But i'm sure some scumbag leftist lawyer will hurry forward to save him.

Always On Watch said...

My vote is cast.

He's barely in the lead and needs even more votes.

The_Kid said...

Wow, he's behind now, can you believe it?

christian soldier said...

MK-AOW- TK-thank you for voting---
I've e-messaged this to about 20 people---if you can get the word to your lists-that would be great!!!

MK-you are right-in other wars-Hasan would have been court-martialed and shot as a traitor!!!