Monday, August 30, 2010

CASH for KIDS-School Pays Students/Socialism at its best!

Wonder who is footing the bill-taxpayers or unions using taxpayer $$$$
Some folks seem OK with welfare-Detroit was destroyed by the welfare mentality...
Big Incentive for School Attendance-CASH
ST. LOUIS • Stacey Wright had more than a dozen choices when it came to enrolling three of her children in an elementary school, from charters to magnets to traditional public schools in every corner of the city.
She chose Jefferson Elementary School, the brick St. Louis public school across the street. And for that, she may get $900.
For the first time, a local organization is offering parents a cash incentive to enroll their children at Jefferson. The money is limited to students who didn't attend the school last year. To get it, the kids must finish this semester with near-perfect attendance and receive no out-of-school suspensions; the parent must attend three PTO meetings. The program is being offered to families in three mixed-income housing complexes surrounding the school, where most of the students live.
Wright, an in-home caregiver, recently moved with her children to north St. Louis from Oxford, Miss. She's eager to get involved at Jefferson, located at Hogan and O'Fallon streets.

Read more w/photo at link-I wonder what the "local organization" is and "mixed income housing complexes" rings of the "developments" of DETROIT-and we all know what happened to DETROIT!
Romney's childhood home to be RAZED -Socialism Killed Detroit...
THIS FITS!!! From Gateway-1-6 Receive Government AID


Sam Huntington said...

We could not send a worse message to our children. Being able to demonstrate the ability to add numbers does not motivate anyone to become a scientist.

Carol, we are getting dumber by the minute in this country.

christian soldier said...

SH-the slow slide over the last 60+ years -in education-government control-values-has escalated into an avalanche- hasn't it!!

MK said...

"The money is limited to students who didn't attend the school last year."

So those who did attend are left out, punished if you will. Wow, is there a better way to encourage bad behavior.