Sunday, August 22, 2010

code pink-'your son deserved to die'-got her own back at her own house!;
Those were the chilling words yelled at Gold Star mother Debbie Lee by Jodie Evans and her Code Pink gang as they were trashing a recruiting station in Berkley, CA a few years ago--

Well-good old Jodie was running a fund raiser for Jerry Brown this week-end at her house in Venice,CA-some wonderful citizens organized and blocked the entrance to the 'pinko's' house-and the wealthy Dem guests had to step over the Patriots!! Jerry had to slip in-un-noticed! here! on the anti- Code Pink CA fundraiser-Patriot demonstration :-) I love it!!


Z said...

there are no words...
No, her SON didn't deserve to die, but someone does, God forgive me.

christian soldier said...

Z-ditto - my friend- could not have stated any better!