Thursday, August 5, 2010

Man of HONOR-Lt Col. Allen West-Looked Out for Our BEST-

As Promised : Allen West quote from Breitbart article:
“If It’s About the Lives of My Men and Their Safety, I’d Go Through Hell with a Gasoline Can”

I placed the two comments below as my take to Crusader Rabbit's -WTFsUpWithPetraeus
Carol-Christian Soldier

the new RoEs are a threat to our BEST – they were instituted by the DOD – w/ instructions handed down by the Executive and Congressional (House and Senate) Branches —this administration and the last …
Today’s ‘arm-chair’ appeasers who have no interest in winning and no interest in what is best for the safety of our BEST!

BTW-posting about Lt Col Allen West tomorrow-he did look out for his men–was called on the carpet for it–and decided to retire…great loss to our BEST in the field – however- he is now running for office – so we in the U.S. have one of the few men of honor who will be in office…I hope!

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