Sunday, January 23, 2011

Faith Without ACTION Is Dead!!

God asks-Is 59
"What are YOU doing about the Shedding of Innocent BLOOD and Un-Just-Judges!
There are many Christians who honestly believe that God will 'handle it' Hmmmm-that is NOT the way I read the Bible!
understand-works "righteousness' is an incorrect precept--
HOWEVER- GOD did NOT state that we should do NO thing about EVIL--in fact - the Full Armor of God given to us as stated in Eph. 6 was put on by GOD in Is 59- READ IT!
Jesus was a Action guy-
He -obviously - is our model.. for ACTION here on earth!


MK said...

Indeed Carol, we must do something, anything, for doing nothing is all that evil needs to flourish.

christian soldier said...

M-that is why I get frustrated w/ Christians who tell me the inane words -God is in control-just sit back...
God/Christ gave us a command to "occupy"-Lk 19