Thursday, January 6, 2011

Movies I Will Be Viewing./Romanian Fighter & Black Tulip..

Portrait of a Fighter-Romania-Transsyvania Phoenix

Black Tulip-Threedonia

the film maker-Sonia Cole-a brave woman! an overview of the making of the Black Tulip.


Transsylvania Phoenix said...

I've seen Portrait of The Fighter As A Young Man, it's a great movie - if you can stomach 3 hours of shooting and relentless man hunting. Very sad ending but also very inspiring. I have a copy available but since it isn't dubbed in English and you don't speak Romanian it wouldn't do you no good. I thought about subtitling it but it would take me an entire month because as I just mentioned the movie is 3 hours long.

christian soldier said...

TP-thank you for the thought--perhaps I can get it via live-stream...