Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is CPAC Headed Left-CWA & FRC Have Abandoned the CPAC Ship

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by Carol-CS
I know that Family Research Council and Concerned Women For America are NOT sponsoring CPAC this year--2011 Conservative Political Action Conference--

h/t JAWA-read this little tidbit and then the rest of the links---
"Then, this evening, WND raised troubling questions about the role being played by two ACU board members, Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform and Suhail Khan of the so-called Conservative Inclusion Coalition, in connection with their efforts to promote at CPAC issues and individuals associated with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB)."
Time to Choose for the Conservative Movement
CWA-FFC-biggest conservative names bidding goodbye to CPAC


Redbaiter said...

Good post Carol. I believe it is a common tactic of the left to infiltrate conservative organisations. They've also done it to the Republican Party.

We must mobilize everywhere we can against the insidious forces of cultural Marxism.

MK said...

Wherever the muslim brotherhood is involved, that spells trouble, big trouble.

christian soldier said...

R-and MK- got some even more troubling info about Norquist...
We had better continue to wake up!!!

Always On Watch said...

I wouldn't trust Grover Norquist on a bet!

William Stout said...

I agree with RB, MK, and AOW. The left has amped up its game and will seek to take down the conservative cause any way that they can without regard for the truth, fairness, or the law.

christian soldier said...

AOW-nor would I--

WS-the left has been skewing the truth for decades--thanks to independent sources of news- we now can glean the truth...

Now- to get our ed system back so our young can learn TRUE HISTORY>>and reading - writing - math - Latin ---thus - learn to think logically!!