Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How Many Cheeks Do We Have to Turn!!

The title to this post was a comment that I made at a Christian site last week in rebuttal to a Christian who stated that we must turn the other cheek--
then I found Trace Adkins' song from threebeerslater..

and Trace Adkins w/ the WEST POINT Glee Club-Carolsblog


William Stout said...

Turning the other cheek is all well and good, but didn't Joshua bring down the walls of Jericho and kill all of the inhabitants? I recall something similar to that. Also, did not Christ say that there was a time for all things as well? A time for peace and a time for war?

Funny how one's memory grows vague with the onset of age.

christian soldier said...

WS one of my favorites-Lk 19 where Christ give a direct command-
"Occupy til I come."
Gen Mac Arthur knew the correct way to occupy (he did say -"send Bibles.." but that admonishment was ignored by our leaders) --in all aspects of occupation-he knew how...
We Christian could take a lesson from that great General!

MK said...

William is right, in addition, Christ said to turn the other cheek, he didn't say keep turning the other cheek.

christian soldier said...

MK-until humans change-war will always be w/ us-
appeasement does not work..