Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wheeler's Death -Vince Foster- Ron Brown -

saw the surveilance videos of Wheeler at Gateway several weeks ago-
it reminded me of the "mysterious" deaths of Foster and Brown during the clinton we have the bho - chicago administration...
Did Wheeler know too much?
BTW-Wheeler was a West Point graduate-
-Wheeler Worked to Get the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Erected-
LCOP=lower case on purpose...


Jg. for FatScribe said...

yeah, i was following that for a bit. he was "off" for the last few months or year. the family knew something was not right with him. yes, even West Point grads break down, it's sad, i know.

i'm not going to turn BHO into the clinton chronicles. they're just a nasty bunch of extreme ideologues who have no idea what has made our country great.


christian soldier said...

FS-mentioned WP because the photo in the article states-Air Force-

my guess-since bho and h.clinton are from the same alinsky trained 'hole' - they have similar ideals and 'ways of dealing w/ people ' who step out of their authority..or who have something they want hidden...

The_Kid said...

It sure seems there might be something not right about this.
Michael Savage was talking about it a couple weeks ago. He actually thinks the Russians are involved.