Friday, January 14, 2011

Illegals Welcome-Their Children May Stay-9 Year Old With Valid Passport CANNOT Come to USA-

We are funding with lots of our tax $$$$- illegal alliens who have babies in the US and the babies are automatic citizens---
US has denied a vistit by a 9 year old boy w/ a valid passport and traveling w/ his grandparents because he might stay!!!
Illegals get a pass-a legitimate 9 year old cannot come!!?

Might as well add this-Mexican Gunman Fire Across Our Border At OUR Highway Workers-
No Reprisal From Our Government!


Always On Watch said...

We're going to have war at our southern border.

Well, not a war declared by our government. Rather, a war of citizen soldiers trying to hold off the wave of illegal invaders and thugs.

christian soldier said...

AOW-been fighting this here for a very long time--the ed system has made us in the US the "evil" ones-
sound like Alinsky's rules being well used!!!