Monday, January 10, 2011

Maj Richard 'Dick'Winters-Led From The Front-Band of Brothers-has died-

True Leaders LEAD FROM THE FRONT!! Major Winters was a true leader!!
Article & Video Here: h/t Crusader Rabbit..
and this Article:h/t JAWA
"Following the miniseries, Winters turned down most requests for interviews because he said he didn’t want to appear like he was bragging."


The_Kid said...

Just to say Band of Brothers is a fantastic movie if anyone hasn't seen it.

christian soldier said...

TK-yes it is-I have watched it several times and never tire of it--

KG said...

Thanks for the mention, Carol.
Sad as the news is, I believe that America has many fine young men who Richard Winters would have been proud to lead today.
Beneath all the noise and self-absorption and apparent rejection of the values he embodied, the ethos lives on.We need to show our modern young warriors how much they're appreciated.

christian soldier said...

Indeed we do - my friend--
my nephew is over there -3rd tour- right now..