Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Type That We Want In Government.

Quote from R-Paul Ryan:
_When asked about speculation that he may run for president, Mr. Ryan has been known to respond: "My head isn't big enough, and my kids are too small."_

When you read his comment - you know that he would be great-

Romney NO
Bush, Jeb or any other "up-coming" Bush - No


WomanHonorThyself said...

wow Carol wouldnt it be great to get some real leaders!

christian soldier said...

W-our great Nation would give a great sigh of relief-that is for sure..

The_Kid said...

Romney, Governor of a state that implemented state run Health care and did some anti-American/Constitutional gun control in his watch. Ah No.
Huckabee - NO
Palin - Not electable - sorry.
Bachman, VP maybe, from an electable standpoint. I'd put her in the WH, but..
In short, I know of No One that has mass recognition. We need someone new, but that has the o-bam-a stigma associated with it.
It is going the be tough going.

Especially given that people seem willing to cut o-bam-a a break for his most excellent teleprompter reading pep rally in Tucson. sigh.

christian soldier said...

K-you and I think alike!

The_Kid said...

CS- Well, Shame on you then!

Little humor..

MK said...

Politics is vicious on people, especially Conservatives and a lot of that is unfair. It is also the same for liberals, though not as bad and largely because of their own incompetence and stupidity.