Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Aussie Friends-We in the US Stand W/You

and pray during this awful time of violent floods...Caroline Has Posts and Photos ...
and thank you for the Diggers (BEST) who fight with our BEST:
BTW--I thought I recognized the song-I posted it with the artist singing it--several months ago! -Geeez :-)
this video is from JAWA-thank you for reminding me!

and this:my post--too-I do appreciate the Aussies :-)
Thursday, August 12, 2010
Aussie Firefighters-U.S RUN- Coast to Coast to Remind of 9/11
As I have stated before-our Australian cousins-love the U.S.!!


MK said...

Thanks for the tribute Carol, much appreciated. And we're not affected by the floods thankfully, it's way up north that the poor people are suffering.

Caroline said...

Hi Carol, Thanks for dropping in at my blog & thanks for the Aussie Diggers tribute. "United we Stand"

christian soldier said...

MK- so glad that you are all safe--praying for those in N. Australia-

C-so enjoy your site--

KG said...

Many thanks, Carol. Hopefully we'll always stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our American cousins. :)

Oswald Bastable said...

Good onya!