Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We Will Not SHUT UP-

Sarah Palin says she will not and so does Klavan:

Sarah: “I’m not going to sit down!” “I’m not going to shut up!” For now I want to join others in peaceful dissent and discussion. thanks Gateway Pundit


William Stout said...

And once again, Klaven nails it. The left cannot present a more logical argument, a greater truth, or a better reason because they have none. As Klaven points out, all that they do have is, "shut up." Well, that and ad hominem attacks, lies, and falsified research. Oh yeah, and anger and hatred. Anything else? Hang on, thinking....nope, that about covers it.

It is terribly difficult to meet someone in the arena of ideas to do battle when you come unarmed, but that is the left for you.

christian soldier said...

WS we do have an advantage-we know that they -the 'they' cannot tell the truth-so we must demand 'proof' to all the lies they speak---they cannot give 'proof' :-)

MK said...

Exactly right Carol, they only want to shut us up, to drive us away from having any say at all.

And Klavan is 100% about Europe, thanks to leftism, it's been turned to just another socialist utopia that few believe in any more.

christian soldier said...

MK-that is why I am so hapy that ther is a blog world--to get our message out!