Friday, January 14, 2011

Republicans-Keep the Aisle Between You and the Dems---Don't Be Stupid - Again

For the State of the Union Address Jan 25 ->>>>
there is a move by the Dems and some Rs to have all Rs and Ds sit together instead of the normal-Rs on one side of the aisle -Ds on the other--NO_NO_NO
How are we going to SHOW that the Conservative side won?!!!
Little Lisa Murkowski the loser from Alaska (link) -is in on the proposal ---
The Republicans have always been known as the STUPID party (the Dems are the EVIL party)--if the Rs sit together with the Ds this month their stupidity will truly show!!!!!


Jg. for FatScribe said...

hadn't heard about this, Carol. wow. has this been done before? unreal. these people don't understand that VICTORY comes with SPOILS. and a true conservative should treat spoils as doing proper governance. small gobment. more freedom. bigger individual!!

Mark in Spokane said...

Yeah, that would be a major mistake. Of course, the best thing possible would be to go back to the Founders' practice of delivering the state of the Union by letter, rather than making a useless speech before both House of Congress + the Supreme Court.

christian soldier said...

FS-you are right- the Rs always want to be nice!!

MiS-I like that-SoU by mail--better!
then the RS will not be tempted to 'waffle'..