Friday, January 7, 2011

The Thayer Hotel at West Point Announces the Return of the Iranian Hostages

If you are in New York-and have a chance to go-
Well-all I can say-is- I wish I could be at the wonderful Thayer Hotel this month...January 20, 2011--
h/t Micheal Yon-Hostages Press Release
West Point, New York - The Thayer Hotel at West Point is honored to announce that it
will welcome back several of the former American hostages held in Iran to celebrate the
30th anniversary of their release from captivity January 20, 1981. Thirty years ago
America was held hostage by radical Islamic terrorists as 66 of its diplomats were taken by
force by radical protesters and then the Iranian government after the siege of the US
Embassy in Iran.

Read the rest at the link---1981-2011!!--30 years ago!!!


MK said...

Strange how not much has changed in those 30 years, if anything things are worse now.

christian soldier said...

Reagan's election percipitated the release-they knew he would not have a 'bower'-in the WH---