Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WOW-Had a Great Trip- Art-Music-the Atlantic Ocean and Passports (Identitifaction) to be Carried at all times---

I Loved being in Spain-Portugal-and Italy--
Paying for going to the bathroom was a little 'weird' -
I will have photos up ASA ad I sort through the hundreds of them and find the best--
I am sure that my son will assist me in posting them for you all to see-
I did learn some very interesting info about two artists that I had never 'met' -
One being the creator of a sculpture from which the inspiration for Steven Spielberg's E T came...

and an architect-Guadi -who was considered to be either a genius or 'nut'...
A Genius with a Tesla -like my take...more on Guadi later..

I also learned that Michelangelo was influenced by the Reformation and that there is one-glaring-'hidden message' in one of the panels of the Sistine Chapel that I will share later this week-it brought a smile..

I will also share my thoughts on bringing our BEST home from the various EU countries...the Whys and Wherefores...

and-seeing as I just got back from countries that demand proof of citizenship--I will share this video from a professor who is well though of by his students. ..and who knows his Constitution---unlike b Hussein obama- (bho is suing the people of his own country - unheard of and - if I may say-EVIL)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Three Weeks

I will be headed for adventure and will attempt to post at least once a week -I believe there will be a computer available to me at least once a week-if so- I'll post..and let you all know how much fun I am having!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Family of Honor-Hidalgo

Daren Hidalgo-the article will bring extended clarification and a new insight-
His father-a West Point grad- was an immigrant of the Dominican Republic--all three sons are/were serving -the US - in the military..Two - West point grads and one a Marine...

Hidalgo family photo

(BACK ROW) Dad Jorge, mom Andrea, Daren who was killed in Action February 20, 2011, in Afghanistan. (FRONT ROW) Jared (Marines), Carmen, Miles (West Point grad who escorted his brotherÕs body home). This photo from the fall of 2007 was the last time the entire Hidalgo family was together due to deployments. ÊMiles has had four deployments. ÊJared two with the Marines. Daren was on his first deployment when he was killed in Afghanistan.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ted Gundy WW II -Sniper-Bastogne- the Bulge-Hero

He lost a leg from German artillery shell-
The Army shows its honor to an honorable man-and--at 84 years of age-He Can Still SHOOT!!
I still have tears of awe and admiration after seeing this hero being honored by some of our BEST--the Best honoring the BEST!!
Thank you Mr Gundy --
h/t Blackfive