Friday, April 29, 2011

Red Wings vs. Sharks/"Royals" Kate and William & Horses

Stanley Cup Playoff-Second round-My RED WINGS vs San Jose Sharks-tonight 7:00 PT-

OK-Wasn't going to get into "royal"wedding-cause we in the US no longer do 'royals'
However-I'm liking Kate more and more (she X d out 'obey') and always respected William-(he serves his country as a -RAF-rescue helicopter pilot-after all)...AND- this video has lots of beautiful HORSES!!!!h/t Gateway

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I No Longer "Encourage" "Higher Education"-This is Why--

the OVERT INDOCTRINATION of our young by Marxist-Communists>>>
University educators -totally far left-communist-socialists-
and the slow take over of our ed system started 100 + years ago with Dewey and his friends and was promoted by the likes of Wilson and FDR--coupled with the Eugene Debbs School of Labor...
MO professors-'US Flag is Racist'-HUH!!-and university ed is expensive -so why enroll?!! when your young get this?!!!
thanks JAWA

thanks Gateway Pundit-violent overthrow :

How about :
Self Study-
Starting One's Own Business using the talents that the Creator has given?
or ???

Monday, April 25, 2011


From a child -probably a computer 'genius' :-) who creates his/her own acronyms ..

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jesus the Christ Suffered for Me...

I have written a thesis as to the anatomical reasons that our Creator established the 'rules' of behavior-
Understand - the 'rules' were not established to 'keep us in line' as many atheists have told me--The 'rules' were established to keep the finely tuned Human (God's Image) body from becoming diseased- and I will write it here at another time ..
Just know that Jesus the Christ (God's Son) bore the torture as pictured in the video --for our Salvation...Watching it makes His sacrifice and suffering for me that much more heart rending...
Thank you Lord Jesus the Christ -for saving me -
and thank you _MK for the wonderful renditional reminder_….

Have a peace-filled celebration of our Lord’s grace – My Friends…
Happy Easter...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

US DoD -and Prominent Generals -Burn BIBLES of our BEST but Honor the Koran

My posts:as you can see-I have been on this since MAY- 2009 !!
and even before -
We were informed in 2002 by the 'powers that be' that Bibles were not to sent in the large - general - boxes that we sent to our Troops -- right after 9-11-!!!
WHY-because it would "OFFEND" those that our BEST were defending!!!
It made me angry then and it makes me angry NOW!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BIBLES BURNED By Our GVT!!-2009 posts and MY Comments for today--

I wasn't going to get into this- even when Gen Petraeus came out against US citizens exercising their First Amendment rights--
I remember a book _Alms for Jihad_ written by US citizens removed from book shelves because a Saudi billionaire threatened to sue Cambridge Press if they did not..seems like book burning to me!
I remember another book - _Funding Evil_ that was also attacked by the above S-billionaire-because it was published in the US --and even though there was a move to remove (burn) it _Funding Evil_ can still be purchased...

I have a long memory of the DoD and DoS coming against the Christian Bible:notice the date of my post 2009!!!
Notice - too- my 'gotcha' title' -Koran burned--I knew that the US gvt would not burn the Koran - they handle it w/'kid' gloves at Gitmo!!!
Horse Pic
General MacArthur's take-and Pentagon Bible burning

Right After 9-11--!!!!!
I also remember:
That we were told that we could NOT send Bibles in general troop boxes even if we sent them to known family members on our own 'dime'! $

We were informed that our female soldiers were NOT ALLOWED to DRIVE in Saudi Arabia-that we had to be "SENSITIVE" to their laws..

I also know that my CHRISTIAN brothers and sisters are being ANNIHILATED over there-by the followers of radical Islam and NO THING is being done about it...

There was NO OUT-RAGE on the part of Christians-not even for 9-11--Hmmmmm
I do wish that General Petraeus would also have spoken against the school in Colorado for NOT allowing a student to fly the US FLAG on his truck !!! h/t :Gateway

Whether I agree w/ the pastor or not- I don't believe a General- whom I admire- should be holding the PC line !! unless he also speaks to the usurpation of the rights of US citizens!!
There-I've stated it - in writing

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PTS-It Can Happen To Anyone-This Could Be My Own Statement

I could have written this-because it happened to me:
From Grim at Blackfive:
When I first started to ride horses, I would get up on them without any sense that it was a dangerous thing to do. We'd go running through the forest free and easy. The first time I was thrown wasn't enough to lose that sense; it took nearly being killed, not once but three times, before the reality of what I was doing set in. That shook me up, I am not afraid to tell you. There was a time, months, when I could hardly sit a horse at all -- and no matter what I did, no matter which horse, it would spook or bolt when I got on it.

Go to Black five:
Horses and Heroes
Montana Horse Drive
You all know how much I love HORSES!!

WAR MOVES-from War Training to Art Form--
Don't Mess With Horsemen or Horse Women

Criminals Treated as They Should be Treated-NOT With Kid Gloves -and- Your Chance to Vote!!!

Nearly two thousand convicted men and women now serve their sentences in the temporary canvas city, sweltering in the unrelenting heat.

During the summer of 2003, when outside temperatures exceeded 43 °C, Arpaio famously said to complaining inmates, 'It's 120 degrees in Iraq and the soldiers are living in tents, have to wear full body armor, and they didn't commit any crimes, so shut your mouths.'

Read more:
"America's Toughest Sheriff"- Arpaio- Vote for you Favorite Mug Shot

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

America-You Americans Just Don't Know How BLESSED You Are

h/t Avenging Apostate--
Those who fight to come here LOVE the US!
Igor works hard and tells the "undercover boss" how and why he stays motivated-about 4:00 into the video:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Passover and Memories of Three of My Dearest Friends

My Dear Jewish Friends-
Enjoy Passover Seder with your families---

Memories of Passover Seder gatherings come joyfully to mind--as do thoughts of three of my dearest friends-friends who truly love(d) me and who I love in return---Two are in their 80's and going strong---one - most dear- is gone from this earth -I remember her everyday!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

HOCKEY-Fight Like a Girl (Hockey Player) - Palin

Well-my Red Wings Hockey Team won today-2 out of 2 -
You know I am an hockey fan - so-I liked Sarah Palin right away-when McCain chose her as his running mate..and----her son wore #9 Gordie Howe's retired Red Wing number!!!:-)

Sarah knows how to give a speech and tells it like it is!!!
Notice that she mentions a woman's hockey team and ends the thought with-"...fight like a girl!"
h/t commoncts.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Be Encouraged-Patriots in the "Business" --Hollywood

It was a pleasure to listen to Deborah Flora at my Republican Woman's meeting-
She and her husband produce films and documentaries that have a conservative - Patriot focus---
"Lt Dan Band: For the Common Good" being one of their latest!
You all remember Gary Sinise as Lt Dan-
You all probably know that Mr. Sinise has traveled to our troops with his band- in the "business"!

ht JAWA- Sinise speaking about our BEST and their growing battle w/ suicide has become more and more of an issue the longer these non declared 'wars' go on and the fact that our BEST feel and know that they are out of touch with the general populous of the US..

Be encouraged - my friends--
As I have stated here before- the Christian "leaders'" left the field of "battle" in 1966-
Before then- all films has to pass 'muster' for family orientation-
Now-we know what happened to the film industry after the Christians stopped monitoring we have 'porn' on a regular basis-called "art"!

Yeh for the brave Flora family and for those like Sinise-

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thank You - My Friends - for Your Caring Concern-

My fight with pneumonia is over!!!
So-with more energy -
I will be able to post !!!


Just found this!!-as a Mother who Home Schooled-this caught my eye-
__SWAT sent to arrest an Home School Mom__-
-Let me know your take on this over bearing governmental action....
I did not allow my off-spring to have the pertussis vaccine-because I studied all of the ramifications of ALL of the vaccines and found that pertussis was too dangerous for young children-turned out I was right-a nephew had had a severe reaction to it and no one in the family knew it - until I refused it!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm Getting Better-

I came down with pneumonia - which showed it's ugly face shortly after I made my first post upon retuning home!

I am slowly getting better-My family keeps reminding me to -
"Take it easy-don't try to do everything you think needs to be done-until you are sure you are completely recovered!"

I do miss interacting w/ you my friends and fellow Freedom Lovers-and will be able to do so - very soon!