Monday, September 30, 2013

Rafael CRUZ-Recognizes Tyranny Because He Lived in Tyrannous Cuba!!-Ted Cruz's Father Speaks!!!

And sees bho touting the same "program" as Castro---

POWERFUL - This Man LOVES the CONSTITUTION and the DECLARATION - and knows the HIStorical roots (BIBLE) from which they came!!!
He is a Christian (Baptist) >>>

My Take- when one has lived with and seen communist socialism- one recognizes the tyrannous doctrine coming from others--(bho and et al) >>>>>
GREAT VIDEO - embed blocked--

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Senator CRUZ - You Deserve a SALUTE!! Filibuster Over - Now the Liars Begin- Again- reid- mc cain- and et al-

I stayed up late ( or early in the morning) to listen to a true Patriot hold the floor of the Senate--and I saw the last hour live--Recorded the session from 12:30 AM on - and will be viewing it today !
Senator C  R  U  Z  - I salute you!!

up-date- WOW-Rush and Sen Cruz--a must visit!!
a titillateor-from the broadcast :
"...the American people rose up in enormous numbers, and so what I would say is, "Listen, at this stage in the fight, the fight is in the people's hands," and if we want to change Washington and get Republicans to listen, get Democrats to listen, what has to happen is I would urge every one of your listeners to go to to sign the national petition, number one.  Number two, to pick up the phone, call their senators and tell them, "Vote 'no' on cloture; stand strong on defunding Obamacare."
 A N D- Sen Cruz mentioned reading a speech by Rush's father- __The Americans Who Risked Everything_

Monday, September 23, 2013

Awesome Video-Topic--JOBS back to U S --

My take- ALSO--Vote out anti- US Politicians--
mc cain- bho-pelosie-boenher---well- the list is Loooooong!!
and BUY U S made products--

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Comments at Gateway Post of Muslim Attack at Mall (adding Navy Yard-Benghazi - like Cover up!!) are More Informative Than the Post!!

Read all of the comments --Most are based on History and some have video back up-
I am reminded of my  experience  after 9-11-2001- muslims were 'celebrating ' here in CA in many of the mid-Eastern establishments along Ventura Blvd--
That is when I fully realized that there were NO MODERATE muslims!!

BBC is giving better Information than our regime held media-  DC Swat Team ORDERED NOT TO NEUTRALIZE Navy Yard Shooter--HMMMMM--Sounds like BENGHAZI like COVER-UP!!!

and-US Military to Hijack AM- FM radio waves--

Friday, September 20, 2013

Movie of the Week--Artist or Lover of the Arts- Enjoy-

Time for me to search further into my Dutch roots-
If you love art or are an artist- you will enjoy this movie :

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Capt William Swenson to be Given Medal of Honor -Finally-original papers "lost" ! R I G H T - SARC

Capt William Swenson - MoH- Finally- His original papers were "lost" after he criticized brass-

Rep Duncan Hunter - former Marine- Came forth and got the ball "rolling" for Capt Swenson's MoH- Thank You Congressman Hunter-

Ceremony photos- 


Does Boehner = (Equal) Benghanzi ? Is He Hiding Something!?

This Article leads me to believe that Boehner is a TRAITOR!!
and-BTW- :
"...Christians in Syria fear the overthrow of the Assad regime."

 Is Boehner hiding Knowledge  of secret arms deals  w/ al quaeda ? He is part of the Gang Of Eight you know!!
from the article :
"Retired Major General Paul E. Vallely told this writer in an interview that he hopes that Boehner “hasn’t been compromised in some way” by the Obama administration because of his reported knowledge of arms transfers through Benghazi."

Monday, September 16, 2013

Our BEST Are Looking Out for us in the US--Chinook Over Colorado

While praying for a family who are in the midst of this Colorado situation- and their friend  - Matt - who has not been heard from --I 'accidentally' ran across this  site and video of our BEST performing  rescue missions -
It then occurred to me-
What if Matt were spotted by our BEST in a Chinook--This 'accidental' find would REALLY be God smiling-

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

9-11- 2013 -Million Biker Ride -Washington DC--/ Counters muslim march in DC!!-and something for your listening enjoyment-

Million Bikers in DC- were not given a non- stop permit-
Guess what-they are riding anyway--and will be obeying all stop signs--etc--
Take that you pointy headed bureaucrat-who would not issue the permit--hope you lose your job!!

As to the million muslim march on DC  for 9 -11 -2013 --they were given a permit-
You all do not want to get me started!! GRRRRR

and for your Patriotiic listening enjoyment-h/t Crusader Rabbit-our Aussie/NZ friend--

Screw You Kenyan-c/o/Crusader Rabbit-

Photos to illustrate why I will never forget nor forgive-

l. the terrorists were funded by Saudi $$- why did we not bomb Saudi Arabia?
2. the terrorists came out of a 'mosque' -'training camp' in Hamburg Germany- why is the Hamburg mosque still standing?
3. remember- Hitler used Islamist from Bosnia for the prototype of his SS-do some Germans still follow that trend?
4. a Saudi 'princess' was visiting  the Bush family complex on 9-11-2001 - her private  jet was the only aircraft 'allowed' to fly that day- why?

I won't get into a US mosque trained - Hassan- or Benghazi or/and et al today--

UP DATE_the remaining 12  search and rescue dogs  are pictured here-look at their eyes--Let us not forget them-or those other brave dogs who have now gone to heaven-
video of the hero dogs on 9-11

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hachiko- Loyalty & Honor-- Rare Attributes In Our World Today--

My thanks - again - to Jerry Beuterbaugh-he recommended my site as a "Site to See" and I - of course added his site to my roll --
This movie is a treasure and is from J B's site-a site that I now go  to everyday...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

For your reading enjoyment- or - not- & NO ON SYRIA !!

Found a new site:

and- these will probably make you mad-what can I say--

DoD -Washington was an extremist-
President George Washington stated as a warning to the new Republic of the US--
"Stay out of the affairs of Europe."  
My Take for these days--
he would have also stated  'Stay out of the affairs of the middle East.' 
We are NOT THE WORLD's police nor are we to "discipline" any other country-we are not their  MaMa or PaPa!!-hear that billy o'reilly!! 
BILLY's "DISCIPLINE" rant here:

Why are we still in the Mid East- Remember Benghazi-

My comment at Crusader Rabbit-
We are not nor should we ever have been the "world's" police!
quote from Pres. Washington from my most recent post--
President George Washington stated as a warning to the new Republic of the US--
"Stay out of the affairs of Europe." 
My Take for these days--
He would have also stated  'Stay out of the affairs of the middle East.'
We are NOT THE WORLD's police nor are we to "discipline" any other country-we are not their  MaMa or PaPa!!-hear that billy o'reilly!!  

We did do battle in the mid East against the Barbary Pirates who were demanding tribute of 20% of the US --GNP--Jefferson finally got fed up and sent the new Marines---"Shores of Tripoli"  anyone!!

That ACTION stopped muslims of Barbary--then we left -Madison had to send a reminder - but it was quick and decisive--We in the US did not stay --we did not have to --AND it was in our NATIONAL INTEREST--
syria and et al are NOT in our NATIONAL INTEREST!!
BRING THEM HOME - our BEST can manage our own borders- !!

Enough said!!!
Remember Benghazi-Sept 11-2001-Ft Hood- and et al--