Friday, October 31, 2008

Davey Crockett's -Not Yours to Give and the Latin of- If You Want Peace Prepare for War..

and others on the same blog!!!
Needless to say-I'm adding it to my list of favorites!

I wrote an Easter poem with the words of knowledge -If you want peace ...prepare for War...

Democrats Continue to Promoted Slavery/Even As They Did During the Civil War...

and -Through Socialism-promote citizen slavery today.
Below is an excellent review with illustrations by Nast.
Amazingly-Democrat talk has not changed.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Singh for Congress (27th Dist. CA)....

Another to add to my list of Patriots who need our support...


Aerosmith Has Come Out of the Closet...

Joe Perry is a Patriot!!
I love it when talented artists -whether in music-sculpture-flat art (paintings etc) -or graphic-put their 'toe to the line' and come to the defense of this -the:

Naomi Judd has come out of retirement to stump for Sarah Palin.
I would love to get the song she sings at the Palin rallies...I'd love to sing it myself!

Exciting times :-)


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Russell Is Really Closing the Gap On Murtha! YE HA!!!

This brought a smile to my face -and I needed it -what with all of the BHO talk--
William "Bill" Russell is neck and neck with Murtha (Murtha the troop 'disser')!
I gave to Russell's campaign last fall-I give to worthy Patriots - nation-wide-because -when they make laws-we are all affected!

The others this Californian supports are:



Are the Sarah Hanging Hollywood Artists (?) Racists....

The Hollywood acceptance of a hanging Sarah Palin is an outrage to all women.
It is not art.
As a woman- I feel that the Hollywood haters of women should be charged with hate crimes.
If Sarah Palin were black--the MSM, HW City Council, and the Fed. would be all over this...

Wait a minute...B. Hussein Obama is half white....
HMMMMM.....Hollywood artists w/the hanging Sarah Palin-You are racist!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Art and Hidden Messages..

Artists have used hidden messages through out time...
The technique can be used for good - or...
it can be used by the 'Dark Side' in the case of the altered US Seal:


Monday, October 27, 2008

Facts About the Dark Side>>>

It's getting late so I'll just post the link---let me know what you think>>C-CS

Mandel Scewered By the 'Dark Side' For Serving His Country...

The 'Dark Side' forgets that our troops serve their country-they do not serve any particular elected official!
The leftists honestly believe that the citizens of the US ---serve them!
Josh Mandel got more accomplished - legislatively - even while in Iraq- than BHO did while here!


Let's start with the GOP-and its continued slippery - slide to the LEFT!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

PC Speech Takes Common Words and Turns Them Into 'Racist' Words...

The new 'favorite' common word_SOCIALIST_ is now a RACIST word...
Below is a very good explanation as to what is going on with free speech:

Good thing we have the 2nd Amendment to protect the 1st Amendment...
The 'DARK SIDE' is trying to take away the 2nd to render the lst inoperable.....


Women Hit the 'DARK SIDE' >>>

hard and with PASSION!!!
You "GO GIRLS"! ---I can say that w/o being called sexist because I am one :-)!!!


Exteme Measures

by Vince Flynn-a must read!

Exteme Measures

by Vince Flynn-a must read!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama-No Merci Beaucoup-Nada Para Ustedes..

and my Danish is getting better-too!!!!
Didn't B.HusseinO. say that we 'un-educated Americans' should be speaking 'European"?
No-absolutemente NO!!!
BTW-BHO and friends --go to the socialistic EU-but-remember- the 7th Army is no longer going to be there for you-so you are going to have to change your socialistic ways and pay $$$$$ for YOUR OWN DEFENCE!!!!!!!!!!
This is great music!:
According to BHO- this is from one un-educated-red neck! speaking>>>>>

Republican Women Hit Harder at the 'Dark Side"..

than the Republican men-and with such grace to boot!!
Jeri Thompson nicely puts AC in his place:

Keep going Women Warriors!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Anniverary of Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing-A Continuation of an Old War...

Pres Jefferson-to Barbary Pirates (Islam)-he sent the new US navy and Marines to rescue US citizens from Barbary slavery;
Pres Madison sent them again with the quote ---(Check my August 18, 2008 postings..)..

Hostages in late 70s-
Marine barracks - 1983 :no reprisals
the first WTC bombings-no reprisals
the Cole-no reprisals
troops dragged through the streets of Somalia-no reprisals
9/11-reprisal after a looooong time...

If you read the quotes of Madison and Kipling mentioned above-you will be concerned that GoV has reported that the US paid tribute (ransom) to pirates this year...
If so--'the nation that pays them is lost...' Kipling....
We're lost....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Detroit-Warren..Michigan -MSM- Report on Theft of McCain Signs for Free Pizza...

and give free advertising to the pizzaria...
If I didn't know Detroit and Michigan as well I do -I would have thought the reporters were part of the spoofs provided by Onions Media:

Here's the actual vid on the coverage:

Vandalism and Theft-aren't both offenses against the law?!!!!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Honorable Candidates-Nationwide-

If we support honorable people -whether they are in our state or not- it's a wise move-their VOTES while in office affect us all!!! :::::

gatewaypundit has update on murtha and RUSSELL:


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Black Conservatives Endorsing Palin/McCain --Where are They...

Allan Keyes Where are you!!!!!
Silence!!!!! Waiting 3-2-1- 0000000000000000
Powell endorses the 1/2 black B.H.O...

Gateway has an good post:

Awesome Sculpture...

Luke 19:13-- -OCCUPY TIL I COME ..

OCCUPY --a MILITARY term and a COMMAND to us directly from the mouth of our Lord-Jesus Christ!!!
Have We Christians been acting on the command - I say NO...
Christ won the 'high ground' we have let it fall into enemy hands...
Our Schools
Our Christian Universities like Harvard
Our USA which was founded on Christian principals and which had the battle motto>>>NO KING BUT KING JESUS...
Our Republic which we have allowed to slide into socialism ...
Luke 19:13 KJV

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pro-Choicers.IF YOUR Mother Made Another CHOICE....Where Would YOU Be...

... Let's Say That YOUR mother made the CHOICE of ABORTING YOU before YOU were BORN!!!!! Just Where WOULD YOU BE!!!!!


Hollywood and Unborn Babies...

House the series-Friday October 17, 2008-used photo of unborn child grasping the finger of surgeon through open womb as a benchmark:
My prayers have been answered---Hollywood is starting to see the LIGHT!

Check my post for Friday October 17-for the juxtaposition of Sarah Palin and vid of the unborn LIVING child in the womb.

As to the cross vandals as described by Gatewaypundit-they are the reason we must take our universities back!! Those young people are valuable too:

PS: question for those who stump for the pro-death side>>>Where would YOU be if YOUR mother made the CHOICE of death for YOU before YOU were BORN?!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Our Troops Tried Under Iraqi Law>>>

Please tell me that this is false information...This new pact for the 'privilege' of 'staying' and helping the citizens of Iraq stay free...

If our officials are going to subscribe to this travesty>>> I want is some Iraqi OIL as payment for our sacrifice....our Best of the Best!!!! That move will squelch this nonsense!

Sarah's Comments Juxtaposed to A Baby in the Womb -Awesome Site...LALFL...



Average American Joe Defense Fund

Socialism Does Not Work!!! Well said -Joe the Plumber!
He's so right! The Federal Government's ONLY business is funding the:
Securing the Borders
Securing the Ports (borders too)
Upkeep on the major Infra -Structure
Joe's right-Alan Keyes is great - I remember when he started his political outreach.
The GOP acted then as it is acting now - "Stay away from a true Constitutionalist-they're dangerous -the 'moderates' will never go for him...etc.etc.etc." ...The GOP kept giving us the L_O_T_E s --and we are where we are now!!!
Lesser of Two Evils =LOTE...

Let's take the $$$ out of the hands of the socialist elite (our 'elected' officials) and put it into private charities and funds...Where it belongs!!!

Let's start with an Average American Joe Defense Fund...

My poetic thought from March 2008:

Lukewarm Republicans Say:

It's alright - Froggy - Pay attention to me.
That REALLY isn't heat You're feeling
You know - In that water
That you're in.
Just wait awhile--- Suck it up.
Don't forget to hold your nose.
Remember: It's the LESSER OF TWO EVILS!
As we've told you-times before....A DEMOCRAT could get in!

"The water's really getting hot!" Froggy say.

"Of that no interest You should pay." The experts say.

"But," Froggy says "I do pay more taxes
Than I did before. And the PORK
Keeps getting Larger than before."

Is what we offer you. Hold your nose
Just don't choke. This is no joke.
Take it or leave it!" The experts say.

Froggy say......................."I'll LEAVE IT!
Thanks anyway!"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sarah -Sarah-PALIN-PALIN

She really brings them in-less a week notice--THOUSANDS come!!!!
Lib college students 'backed-off' by truthful sign.... :-)

PALIN/McCain (switched on purpose!)


Average Joe-

(the Plumber) is now on my drawing board--
Truth-Justice-and the American Way...
It takes me longer than Micheal Ramirez to focus-so-I'll let you all know when it is on this board...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Democrat Volunteers Where 'Taken To The Cleaners' by Obama -ites...

Shoprat has vids of the Texas Democrats who found lots of cheating going on...

Gosh-this is getting more and more scary-
The 1st Amendment -Free speech- threatened..
The 2nd Amendment- 'under the gun'...

Voter fraud ...even on the Democrat side of the aisle!...


Gloves Off-Care Of Micheal Ramirez.....


Mc-you are not going to get the 'moderate' or 'undecided' Democrat vote so..take the gloves off !!!

And please remove Gov. Palin's- Bush handlers....she will help win this race as she is - THEY do not help!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Excellent Summary of Reasons for the Decline of This Great Nation...

From welfare-immigration-bailout-and most important-EDUCATION--:


A Must View and Read....

I have been telling my friends-for years-that the enemy ALWAYS writes ITS intentions and WE do not pay ATTENTION---this post link sums it >>>>>


Thank you-shoprat-for the heads up!

Travolta and Others Of The Hollywood 'Elite' Try to Make A Film In Paris/Get Burned Out -Literally!

Muslims Burn Production Cars and Threaten Production Crew/Travolta Had to Change Plans-Too Dangerous in Planned Area!
:-) The chickens have come home to roost on Hollywood types.....


NY - Muslim Day Parade Juxtaposed to the 8th Anniversary of the Muslim Bombing of the Cole.....

Fantastic photos:


Stern Reveals Obama Voters' 'Civic Knowledge'...

Howard Stern's associate poses Obama voters with questions taken from the Palin/McCain play-book....

PS: I did mean PALIN/McCain-it is not a typo for me!.....

I believe that Mc the L_O_T_E_ wants to lose this election!...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wisconsin Schools 'Preach' B.Hussein O.--

Ah- the state in which the Eugene Debbs' School of Labor got its start---now has BHO in its textbooks for 8th grade!
Home educators-keep standing strong!!

Now we need to start our own universites so our off-spring do not have to 'suffer' an Ayers type!


Ministers - the Black Regiment- Founders-Where are the Leaders for the Here and Now...

Lutheran leaders who were involved in the founding of this great country-Are there ANY who will stand today?! I name two- OK---four!!!

The Muhlenbergs:

Frederick Augustus Conrad Muhlenberg:
Peter Muhlenberg:

Christian leaders--Stop worrying about the 501c3 and get at it---!!!!!

Gert Wilders-A Brave Man..

The creator of the movie - FITNA- :

A hero who simply wants the world to know the truth about Islam...


Lt.Col Allen West's take on the Security Check and BHO's In Hand Copy of Anti-American Book...

Lt Col West's comments are first then ...scroll for B.Hussein Obama holding Kakaria's book _The Post American Word_...!!!

Please consider supporting West-even if he is not in your state-He will still represent all Patriots when in office:

Go Allen!


Sunday, October 12, 2008


Further proof that B.H.O. could NOT pass a security check for any sensitive 'America protecting' position -military-police-FBI- or et al and yet he is being allowed to run for the presidency..!!!!

Statements from a DEMOCRAT attorney-demanding a 'look see' at Obama's birth certificate!!!
A great vid ----enjoy----


Friday, October 10, 2008

Foreign Election Monitors Invited by U.S. State Department!

I have said it before-I'll say it again-our DoS is not on our side.....
Julie Finley, U.S. ambassador to the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe)
invited that organization to monitor our elections to " demonstrate...the United States' dedication to fulfilling its OSCE commitments."
Human Events /T.P Kilgannon/Sept. 1, 2008

When are we going to wake up?
George Washington had something to say about foreign entanglements....and I'm not talking about our war on terror.....

Babies vs B.HusseinO....

B.Hussein O. is PRO-DEATH>>>Period!!!!

This is a must view for those in the pro-life movement:


AGAIN-Barbary Pirates and Jefferson and Madison...On Paying Tribute...

Jefferson sent the new US Navy and Marines to quell the Barbary pirates-Madison sent them again-1815-
"It is a settled policy of America,that as peace is better than war,war is better than tribute. The United States, while they wish for war with no nation,will buy peace with none."
"We never pay any on Dane-geld,
No matter how trifling the cost.
For the end of the game is
oppression and shame,
And the nation that pays it
is lost."

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Iraqis are GRATEFUL ...

to our troops.
This from a French producer:
The French are rising in my estimation!:



Author critical of B. Hussein Obama "detained" in Kenya-
Read the 'relative' connections...

I'm talking actual relatives....of BHO...

Christians-time to put on the Full Armor of God Is: 59 and Ephesians 6..

Thank GOD for Sarah PALIN...She's making J. McCain 'step up to the plate' ....

This is NO TIME TO BE NICE- John.....


Monday, October 6, 2008

Troops Vote

But-will their absentee ballots be counted!?
Remember - a certain state (Florida) refused to count the votes of our troops in another close election!
Which state will disenfranchise our troops this time?!
Let's be watchful!


Power Over Others-Betrayal of Americans

BAILOUT has given those who have plenty of $$$ because (our representatives-House and Senate) they -over time- voted themselves perks and dollars+they willingly took dishonest money....

When the common (our congressmen and senators) human has plenty of money-he/she seeks POWER over others....

That is what happened Friday October 3, 2008.....Our elected officials grabbed us by the neck and will choke us until we are totally submissive...

I now link a telling commentary:


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bailout roll..that tells it like it is...

My thanks to U-Space for directing me to it...

The cartoon to the right is mine-concept 'borrowed' from Goya...
It was a quick sketch done in early 2008 - before the major bailout was in the picture.


I'm Voting Democrat-Great Vid...

I'm voting Democrat because....

:-) (-:

Music and Art for Children-Revisited..

When I say that the wrong side has given children the opportunity to express their creativity-I mean it...below is a 'shopped' vid demonstrating just what the Obama children's chorus really is:

check out my post-Art and Music...


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Candidates WORTHY of Our Vote:

Tom McClintock (CA)
William Russell
are on my origional list
Allen West (FL) is on mine but not on the one via Gateway...

We can support them all with our $$$$


Creativity VIA the Computer Age...

My son's creative mind put this Wof WC vid together:

The God given creative mind works quickly and expands to new invention...if given the freedom to do so..