Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why 197 Military OFFICERS Purged By bho Regime ? Officer Oath Does NOT Include President>
The officer oath does NOT include the word – President-
The enlisted oath does include the word-President-
Thus – honorable officers who believe in their oath – must be drummed out by this tyrannous regime–
Be ready my friends–IT is coming!
I have written on this many times-here is just one>

A REAL OFFICER With HONOR:If you Read nothing else - Please Read about Gen Stubillebine!

Monday, October 28, 2013

JERICHO-Based on this Dog Fight scene- I will be looking for the entire series -Net Flix-

and-Remember Gen McAuliffe sending his message  "NUTS" when the Germans demanded his surrender?
 It was used in the series too! NUTS!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Living Piano-Le Piano Vivant--Classically Trained Singers- SMILE TIME

I love it when classically trained artists have fun!!- With Their ART Form...

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Paul Ryan-A Turn Coat- Is Co -Writing Bill to "legalize" ILLEGALS!! & Joe Miller is Running For Office-West Point Grad!!

 My comment at Joe Miller's post :
 Carol-Christian Soldier>>>
Hate to say I Told You So--
There is no difference between the Rs and the Ds--
Except for a few - a very few -
They Turn Their Coats when offered $$$ and power--
Benedict Arnold comes to mind-- his plaque at West Point -in the Old Chapel - was erased-not removed- ERASED!!!
Time to erase the R Party and est. A Constitution Party...
BTW- Joe Miller - will be posting your run -
Joe Miller-West Point Grad-Vet - and more:

Friday, October 25, 2013

WOW - Hollywood and Entrenched D s Say -STOP WATCHING US -Powerful Video --

When Conyers ( entrenched Mich.  Dem. Congressman  ) and Hollywood movers and shakers  come down on the regime- we know we are in trouble- if they see what we have been seeing enfold --We Were Right!

AND St.Crispin's Day:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

DRINKS AFTER WORK-Time to Chill-Toby Keith

I love Toby Keith - because he honors our BEST- so - decided to post this for you all--

OK K K K (-: :-)-AMERICAN SOLDIER>>>-I had to ADD!! this>>

FAKE FAINTS For bho and MARINE Stands Tall-Calls Mc Cain a Traitor- & Girly Hats for Marines

 My friends- I have found a new site--I know that most do not read via links-
These two are very telling and I encourage you to at least view the videos on these links--

BTW- the recent FAINTING scene -(woman in red dress) during bho's  speech is fake - and bho copied hillary clinton who had several audience fainting scenes herself-

 A BRAVE MARINE Stands Tall:

Bonus-SARC- Girly Hats for Marines:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ted CRUZ-Senator from Texas- got a 15 Minute Standing Ovation

The RINO Republican elites like mc cain- mc connell- grahmnestsy-(OK the list is long) --Must be shaking in their boots--
The elites tried to marginalize a true Constitution lover -- Cruz--they forgot - the blog world is now here to truth tell-

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Know Your Enemy - LUCIFER - bho fits the profile

You may want to know that I drew the illustration of bho (on scroll roll) in 2007--I saw what he was via a real time photo on a major blog's roll and quickly drew my version--Am I a Prophet or What!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Robert E. Lee- Oct 14 2013 - 134 rd Anniversary of His Death

My take-He was top of his class at West Point and Superintendent of West Point- Served the U S for many years - When the Civil War broke out--he chose to serve via his home state as commander of the Confederate Army--

this article from Canada Free Press is a must read-

first paragraph of the article:
The United States flag flew at half-mast when Robert E. Lee died!
Lee Chapel at Washington and Lee University is the site of annual programs paying tribute to Robert Edward Lee. On Monday, October 14, 2013, a program commemorating the Washington College presidency of Robert E. Lee on the 143rd anniversary of his death will feature War Between the States historian, Frank O’Reilly. The lecture entitled “Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome: Robert E. Lee’s Greatest Victory at Chancellorsville” will begin at 12:15 p.m.

ASIDE- after studying HIStory - such as -- Lincoln's un- Constitutional  actions- state's rights over Fed.--the fact that slavery was in the Northern states as well as Southern--
and the over bearing Federal Government of many regimes even before  bho's--
I think I would have joined the Confederacy--because - I believe Now- that the Civil War was not just about slavery but about $$$ and Power--and an over bearing Central government.

Off thread but pertinent to my takes -
I left this comment at another site--

As you know - I had thought of giving up on my blog- then decided to go back to my original intent which is -art- music- horses - poetry and our BEST -
and intermingle those w/ the crap going on in this Republic--
I do not have a lot of commenters-
I am told that most people do not follow my thought pattern - nor my brevity-
Oh Well-
I do not suffer fools gladly- so- I don't care --
and the blog helps me relieve the roil--

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Folds of Honor-Patriot Golf Day (Labor Day Weekend)

Last year my Club members did not know what the Folds meant - so- I did a rough draft explaining the Folds- and my friend turned it into a beautiful bulletin- We added the photo of a child accepting the Folds from his Father's casket--that did it!!
As Soon As the Members knew what Patriot Golf Day and the Folds meant- they gave- in just 3 days- $1200 ..
This year- $3100!!
FOLDS OF HONOR FOUNDATION -Site - Read the incident that prompted  Maj Rooney (F-16 Pilot) to start the Folds of Honor to honor our fallen and give aide to the children of our fallen...
This video is also from the FoH site... - the Boy Behind the Iconic Photo-that I used to illustrate to my friends what the Folds Of Honor foundation means to the children of our fallen--

Just found this older  post from Black Five-

Friday, October 4, 2013

TRUE ARTIST-Jon McNaughton-He Boldly Stands for Christ and For This Republic

 I have followed his art for quite some time- as a classically trained artist myself-it is a joy to 'know' him.-
As with the great artists 'of old' - Goya- Michelangelo-and et al- he uses his God given talent to reveal the TRUTH and the Light and to shed LIGHT on the Dark Side--
Tell me what you think of his artful Truth Telling>>>

Go to his site- it will bring a smile :
I Thank "DARIN" whose comment at Crusader Rabbit's site  "reminded" me of  McNaughton-

Will You Stand For Christ when all others remain silent?

From his site-One Nation Under Socialism-

BTW-today Oct 4 - is my Birthday--this post is a Birthday Present to myself (-:

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Levin - WWII Memorial Challenge- and the WW I Vet betrayal-By Officers --Who Did Not Adhere To Their Oath-BONUS ARMY -

 This Post is in two parts- LEVIN Challenge AND- BETRAYAL OF WW I by Pres hoover --
Army Officers trained at West Point - betrayed the WW I veterans- and fired upon them--\
AGAIN- the Officer's Oath Does NOT include the word President--and- Firing upon citizens - esp Veterans of WW I --
Well- learning this has made me lose the esteem I had for the three-"officers"-mac arthur-eisenhower-patton--

THANK YOU for the link explaining the Bonus Army-

My Comment At Crusader Rabbit-
Looks like the officers mac arthur -eisenhower -patton did not take their oath seriously- officer oath does NOT include the word President!!
My esteem for the three is no longer!!
Why Do I have to go to my Aussie-NZ sites to get Truth?

Thank you - too- Rabbit - for the Levin link!! He is the only one in the media whom I really trust!!
BONUS ARMY-comment at the above-

I' ll clarify this post at a later time- right now - I have to sort the betrayals-