Saturday, October 26, 2013

Paul Ryan-A Turn Coat- Is Co -Writing Bill to "legalize" ILLEGALS!! & Joe Miller is Running For Office-West Point Grad!!

 My comment at Joe Miller's post :
 Carol-Christian Soldier>>>
Hate to say I Told You So--
There is no difference between the Rs and the Ds--
Except for a few - a very few -
They Turn Their Coats when offered $$$ and power--
Benedict Arnold comes to mind-- his plaque at West Point -in the Old Chapel - was erased-not removed- ERASED!!!
Time to erase the R Party and est. A Constitution Party...
BTW- Joe Miller - will be posting your run -
Joe Miller-West Point Grad-Vet - and more:


Kid said...

When will folks realize repubblekins are Not the answer.

christian soldier said...

K- we keep getting the adage-
vote for any R becasue the Ds are worse-
or Lesser of Two Evils--
I'm not buying it and I know you aren't either!

Kid said...

Not since 2012 for sure Carol.