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Gen. Robert B. Abrams - Charges Bergdahl With Desertion -bho will try to oust him = and BTW =-Abrams is a West Point Grad...Pray For Him =My Patriot Friends

  General Robert B. Abrams 

Here is the Commanding General of US Army Forces Command. He is the man who decided today to charge Bowe Bergdahl with desertion. He did this knowing his career will probably be over because of his decision. I imagine that President Obama is tonight plotting to ruin his reputation for upsetting his attempt to whitewash what Bergdahl did so he had an excuse to free the 6 al Quida prisoners from Gitmo. Please share his picture with all the Patriots you know. Show General Abrams how much you support his courage. He reminds me of General Creighton Abrams former Army Chief of Staff and another American Hero.
His dad was Agawam, Mass. native 4 Star General Creighton Abrams.

Gen. Robert B. Abrams - Click to download high resolution copy

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

West Point Beats Navy

Brains over brawn--
I had to re-post this for my Navy - Marine - and AF friends--(-:
posted August 20,2014>>>

WEST POINT Wins Cyber War Game--AFA-Second-Coast Guard Academy-Third---Naval Academy- Last !!

So Awesome- viewed an hour of Cavuto - last night -showing the cadets & midshipmen of the Four Academies in competition  - against the best cyber hackers - USMA - West Point - won!!

Found a link- 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Islam-Immigration Prohibited- via --INA -June 27, 1952 -

Read a little at a time- as I did--We've been lied to - again- by our supposed " professionals"  -in our government--or- maybe they have not even studied the law - INA - esp. Chapter 2-Sect 212--

I N A == Immigration and Nationality Act --June 27, 1952

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Joe Miller - West Point- Veteran- and a True Follower of the Constituion - ENJOY (-:

Joe is West Point-a Veteran- and devoted husband and father-
He ran and was winning against a RINO R named lisa murkowski--
the RINO elites sent a 'crew' to Alaska- to form a write - in campaign for little Lisa murkowski  the RINO--and they 'won'--
Since that election -
I have been 'following' Joe Miller via his blog -
You will enjoy listening to a true Constitutionalist-it is worth 11 minutes of your time  ...

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Billionaire Who Wants the "Wealthy Middle Class" and Other People Dead - Is Now Dead->>Global Warming >>BTW-bho Cost Us in the US $2 Million for "Climate Change "conference >>

So you know how he thought--(kind of like Pres. bho - another climate changer) I give you a very telling  quote from the article-
In  his 2000 autobiography Where Are We Going? he projected that by 2031 two thirds of the world’s population might have been wiped out. This, he chillingly described as:
“A glimmer of hope for the future of our species and its potential for regeneration.”
 PLEASE read the entire article  - it will make your heart race--and that is good when going  into battle for FREEDOM from these morons--

and- bho cost us int the US $2 MILLION --Motorcade alone cost 4784,825_

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Something "Smells" About the Supposed Planned Parenthood Shooting--Seeing That the Shooting Started At a Bank--AND>>>

I do not trust the govt - so- have searched other sites--the comments at this site -Joe Miller's - show that I am not the only one who smells a 'rat' - which always leads to gun control--

Friday, November 27, 2015

Two Sites That My Partiot Friends Will Like-- FOR FREEDOM

I have  had Christian Mercenary on my scroll for some time-=-don't know why I have not visited him for some time!>>> Will be visiting him and free NC every day==

Friday, November 13, 2015


A compilation of this last August's Equine Shoot.
Posted by Michael Hamilton Photography on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thank You -Grandfather-DAD-Uncle-Husband--Brother -Nephews-VETERANS!!-and-Let Us Not Forget Bengahzi -And Those Who Went In --

 Grandfather- new immigrant from Denmark - volunteered US Army-WW1-Purple Heart-
DAD-US Army - 4 years in the Pacific -
Uncle - US Army/Air Corps  then US Air Force- P- 38 pilot WWII-& Col.
Husband- US Army- MI Vietnam War
Brother- Vietnam War 
Nephews- US Army-Bronze Star---US Marine-US Navy - 2-US Army

Veterans Day today-if you see one- thank him-/-her--You All Will Love This Tribute:
and-lest we forget- those who went in when all were told to STAND DOWN-thank you to them and to Micheal Bay - Producer- for telling the truth -

Friday, November 6, 2015

Carson Lied About West Point "History" /and His Endorsement of a PRO DEATH (Choice) Candidate -- SO No Carson For Me --

I am VERY  familiar w/ the rigors of getting into West Point --so--I am very sad to learn that Ben Carson lied about his history w/ West Point--
as to "scholarships"  >>> My personal take>>>

I homeschooled because I knew - as a former public school teacher- that the system was deteriorating - 30+ years ago-- and the vision was that my homeschooler would be accepted at one of  the military academies --my homeschooler was accepted at USMA and AFA!!
Today- with all of the liberal 'changes' at the academies --I am not sure I would choose them a s goal --

As to West Point offering "scholarships"-after an initial fee  for uniforms etc-($3000) in 2002--all else is paid for with the understanding that the Cadet would serve as an officer for a specified number of years--

and- if one is truly pro life- one does not support a pro death candidate!
He endorsed a Pro Death (Choice anyone!!) Candidate doubles his down side for me-


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It Takes An ARTIST To Expose Tyranny-WAKE UP AMERICA

This video from a great artist of today--I need not add to his take--

Monday, October 26, 2015

Jefferson Knew What Would Happen When Education Is Dumbed Down--

“I think by far the most important bill in our whole code, is that for the diffusion of knowledge among people. No other sure foundation can be devised for the preservation of freedom and happiness… The tax which will be paid for this purpose is not more than the thousandth part of what will be paid to kings, priests and nobles who will rise up among us if we leave the people in ignorance.”
— Thomas Jefferson to George Wythe, 1786

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

B Hussein O-States That CHRISTIANS are a Threat to This Nation! & True Military Officer-Warriors Have Been Purged !

I'll let you decide - after reading and listening to the radio comments - if you believe that BHO is Christian or a _______!

I have written about the purge and the dangerous RoE (Rules of Engagement) on this blog many times!  

I have posted this video before--you who know me can see why it caught my eye some years ago--Black Horse-mounted by a true warrior-- protecting a lady in RED- (red-my favorite color!!)
Red -White and Blue- w/ a protecting 'angel' which is guised as a dragon--in other words - GREAT ART!! and the music is awesome!!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day- Read Angel's Post -

I can add nothing to it - it is well researched and RIGHT ON!!

and I'll add this- found it on my Son's FB page:

Monday, October 5, 2015

MR from IBA Introduced Me to Lindsy Sterling

and I went on after watching his offerings and found these--and- I heard and see a 'bit of Irish (-:

Thursday, October 1, 2015

SMILE-Our Youth - Classically Trained - William Tell Overture- Santa Monica H.S. Symphony Orchestra - There Is HOPE !!

you all know how I feel about offering our young - classical training in art and music-- it leads to excellence in all areas - reading-writing - arithmetic- engineering- architecture - and  et. al >>>
 you are going to smile when you hear and see this (-:
thank you MR- at IBA 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Get Rid of the Officers who Honor Their Oath- Which Does Not Include the Word PRESIDENT..and You Get This>>>

1383052923699In his last phone call home, Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley Jr. told his father what was troubling him: From his bunk in southern Afghanistan, he could hear Afghan police officers sexually abusing boys they had brought to the base. “At night we can hear them screaming, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it,” the Marine’s father, Gregory Buckley Sr., recalled his son telling him before he was shot to death at the base in 2012. He urged his son to tell his superiors. “My son said that his officers told him to look the other way because it’s their culture.”


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Solar Saystem to Scale-

This puts things into perspective for me--because- it seems that all is lost as far as our Nation and way of life- then - I viewed this video - it brought a amile to my heart--our system is bigger that the 'small' stuff' that we are facing--

Thank you D Martyr -

Isaiah 59-God Asked-"What Are You Doing About the Shedding of Innocent Blood... " and Put on the Full Armor

in other words- since the Hebrews were NOT  fighting for the innocent- God would--
Then God gave us the Full Armor:

In Ephesians 6- God gave us Christians the Full Armor of God--

If we do not start protecting innocent blood--and fellow Christians- God will- and I dread the day when that happens--

Also- God's full question -"What are you doing about the shedding of innocent blood and unjust judges?!" Is. 59--and put on the Full Armor--

The above are my takes with Biblical back-up>>

I give you a link to Joe Miller's site and his takes--

Planned Parenthood Horror
There is a very good video on Joe Miller's link:

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sons of Liberty International-Matthew Van Dyke -Trains CHRISTIANS to Fight ISIS

Americans helping CHRISTIANS to  Defend themselves against muslim terrorists- I have found a group that I will support!

"Matthew VanDyke is sickened by the lack of support, both at home and abroad, in the fight to defeat ISIS in Iraq."

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Watch This Video - You Tell Me - Can Iran Be Trusted to Keep Its Promises-

Iran 'promised' not to torture- now Iran promises not to build the nuclear bomb--
from Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran-
this young man was tortured and a captive in Iran - watch the video  before it is pulled :

Sunday, August 9, 2015

WOW- These Women Nail megyn kelly -Thank you Ladies -
Theses Women Are Stating What Was I  Going to State - about the FOXY megyn kelly -
and- before I post the video - let me state - I am  about through w/ FOX except for --Hannity - Cavuto - Payne--
megyn  kelly - can we we make her go away!@!!! and take her 'make women VICTIMS ' mantra w/ her!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

HORSES-You Have Got to LOVE Them-

Thank you - 'Mustang' - for sending this to me- It continues to bring a smile-

Sunday, August 2, 2015

PRO -DEATH -jeb bush-- He Was Director of "Philanthropy" That Gave MILLIONS of $$$ to planned parenthood-AND-TSA -DHS Allowing "undocumented" to Board US Planes W/O Photo ID--

I told you all NOT to trust the BUSH-IES--

and- the Bush-ies and the other pro illegals together w/ the TSA and DoHS -are allowing the  "un-documented" (illegal) to board planes with out  photo ID--YOU- My Patriot Friends -must have photo ID -

Monday, July 27, 2015

Restoring the American Republic

Somehow - I lost sight of this site - and it has been on my roll for quite sometime- -I will - now- frequent it - OFTEN!
You all- will enjoy reading his takes-the main link and two others - there are more at the site-ENJOY!!  Restoring the American Republic 
"As a people, we have allowed government to operate far outside its proper role and become our master instead of our servant..."

Thursday, July 23, 2015

TEAR TIME - Up Lifting Choral Moment - for Those Going Through or Have Supported a Loved One -With Cancer-

Here's an excellent example of a community coming together to support someone in need. Adriana Lopez, a teacher at PS22 in Staten Island, New York, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She has obviously been putting up one heck of a fight, because she inspired students in the chorus to dedicate the last song of their final practice of the school year to her. Their rendition of Martina McBride's "I'm Gonna Love You Through It" which was chosen as one of the anthems of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, left her in tears.
Thank you Commoncents

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sound Familiar-

a Dane speaks in Sweden about the potential necessity to close the borders between Denmark and Sweden --guess why-

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

This Piano Piece Brought a Smile

and encouragement for me to start playing again!
thank you always on watch-

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Da Vinci's Brilliance-From Helicopters to Babies in the Womb- Was Da Vinci Pro Life- - My Guess -YES!-Read My Post Below This for His Take on Flight- He Was a Visionary Genius

thank you LA Lutherans for Life

 All the world celebrates Leonardo Da Vinci and his joyous ingenuity – proto helicopters, solar power, poetry and so much more. Fewer know of his years hacking up and sketching cadavers, gifts to medicine from the dead. But almost no one has paid much attention to one of his most remarkable contributions, as the world’s original gestational scientist.
Da Vinci’s studies of the embryonic child and expectant mother (1509-1512) were hard won and the first drawings of a child in the womb as far as we know. With help from a surgeon he pioneered dissection and medical illustration as we know them now. Sort of.
Da Vinci’s notes and observations of embryology were meticulously detailed and illustrated. His revelation on some aspects of fetal development were so highly advanced, it’s taken 500 years and the advent of CT and MRI scans for them to be verified. A sense of the beauty and mystery of life pervade his work, although it is done to advance sciences. This is something we have almost lost in a time of famished spirituality.More Here.

Thursday, July 9, 2015



Hidden Order


Aerion’s SBJ concept figures prominently in HIDDEN ORDER. The supersonic jet company is now developing the AS2, “the world’s fastest global business jet.”
The AS2 is capable of travel at a maximum speed of Mach 1.6. When the AS2 takes flight, it is estimated passengers will be able to fly from New York to London in 3 hours and from L.A. to Tokyo in 6 hours!
Several of my other favorite flying machines from GulfstreamCessnaHawker,BombardierDassault, and Embraer are included in many of my thrillers.
If anyone walks the Golf Course or anywhere - with me - they notice that - whenever a jet-plane - or helicopter flies over- I look up -Leonardo is right - and- we artists - are considered a little 'strange' to the rest of the world - None of my golf buddies look up when a flying vehicle shows up over head--(:

For Fun-Scorpion Bowl -Found at Brad Thor's Site

Scorpion Bowl
  • 2 OZ GIN
  • 2 OZ VODKA
Combine ingredients in a pitcher. Serves 4, scale up for a punch bowl.
For fun: The Chinese toast for “Cheers!” or “Bottoms up!” is pronounced GUN-BAY and means, “dry glass.”

JAWA Has Quite a Post Featuring Bold Patriots Protecting the US Flag and Confronting Leftist 'Victims'

Monday, July 6, 2015

Confederate Flag-

As I have stated - the "Confederate" flag was NOT a flag of slavery - -- and that there was as much 'slavery' in the North as in the South--
and- to follow through w/ my 'mantra' - that we must retrieve our once excellent Ed System -and get our True HISTORY back--

Read this true Historical take-thank you JAWA-

Here is a small piece from the above:
The charges of being pro-slavery and for white supremacy could be a charge just as easily leveled at the State of Illinois and any number of Northern states. Yes our textbooks and many of the articles being written are wrong in that they portray that the North was fighting against White Supremacy and for the equal rights of blacks. Blacks in Illinois didn't get the vote until five years after the end of the civil war and segregation didn't end there until 1874. Prior to the civil war Slaves worked the fields of free state of Illinois and even Abraham Lincoln represented Slave Owners in attempts to recover fugitive slaves

BTW- Lincoln is mentioned in the above--and--
Lincoln has never been  one  my 'favorite' Presidents--
Because-you know- I believe elected officials -past and present - should honor the Constitution..

Sunday, July 5, 2015

An Australian Loves the US and States Why the US is Great

"In  5,000 years of recorded human history, there has been no nation even resembling the United States. The American model has offered, and continues to offer, a greater chance for dignity, hope and happiness for more people than any other system.
As Margaret Thatcher, the British prime minister, put it: “Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy.”

thank you -CR

Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Political System Has Become Totally Corrupt -

Welcome to the age of vanity politics and campaigns-for-hire. What would our founders make of this nightmare

Looks like my system will not let me highlight a link in RED type--so -click on the bold print ..
Read the article - it states what I have been warning about for years-- 
Thus- we need candidates who will not and cannot be 'bought' by the system--
RE: Gary Hart- a lib-sometimes even libs can see the truth---and- the article has a bit of a 'disclaimer' by the editors - so- since it is the truth- as I see the truth- I will respect the article...

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

TRUMP for Pres--Why - You Ask--

Because - he stands for something other than mediocrity-

He is for:
getting rid of Common Core-
closing the southern border-
making the 'tax code' more Constitutional-
making money-
and allowing all US citizens to make money if they WORK and not take govt . hand outs-
ending the 'bowing'  to other countries like China-Saudi Arabia- Mexico-et al--
not apologizing for being successful-

more later---

Friday, June 5, 2015

Jeb Bush-Common Core- Big $$$ -and Other RINOS

Have any of you studied  the Common Core ? Read any of the "lessons"-
In my opinion- CC is the final 'plan' for the dumbing down of this once great Republic-
and here are some of the RINOS who subtlety support it and other "stuff"...

and while I am at it

BTW-I am the author of RINO-1993--

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mc Naughton - ARTIST - BOLD- A Patriot- and Lover of Christ-

We artists must be bold - Mc Naughton is bold and talented -

powerful and thought provoking-

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Keep the A 10 Warthog - get rid of the officers who do not honor their OATH -

and-while we are at it- get rid of the bowing military officers who would rather keep their jobs than watch out for our troops and the USA!
I know that many officers who honor their OATH - (which does NOT include the word President)  - have been 'drummed' out- and those officers who bow to the regime are
allowed to stay-
We in the US are in real trouble -

notice the link to an officer who intimidated his pilots - it is in the main article about the A 10 
At What Point Does The USAF's War Against The A-10 Become Sabotage?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bosch Fawstin's ( Winning(Cartoonist) Interviews and His Site

I thank him for using his artistic talents to reveal the truth ---
I found this video of a speech he gave here in LA--in it- he mentions that Muslims loved Hitler- -which reminded me of a point I have been stating - that Hitler went to the Bosnian Muslims to set up his prototype for his SS-
and to the Danish cartoons-
as one of Danish heritage -I  know that - during WWII - the  Danish king- King Christian - subtley   stood against Hitler's demand that the Danes turn over their Jewish neighbors - by forcing them to wear the arm band w/ the Star  of David--
the Danish king stood before his citizens and told them that he would be wearing the band for the rest of the war- thus-the Danes -got the message  and all wore the band- and the Nazis could not tell who was a Jew and who was not -(-:
and-he mentions that on 9-11-2001- there were celebrations by Muslims all over the world--
I can attest that there were celebrations here in LA - in various venues - even in my neighborhood -along Ventura Blvd-

Friday, May 1, 2015

Freedom Loving New Nations are Popping Up Everywhere!!--Liberland Being One

I have often thought that it is time for US folks - to establish another -Free from big government  Constitutional type  Nation -
Well- there are others who think and have done it!!
Read the link - some of you will like knowing about tiny - free nations-that have recently sprung up!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Christian Leader Runs Gun Class-At Church--!!

Read this :

and the Detroit Free Press Article--linked in the link from IBA--above-

The Priest is right on and brave- ...>>>his 'bosses' are not--

As the Priest stated- we are not in Mayberry any more!

Another take from one of my favorites-Joe Miller-

and Ted Cruz at the Gun Range after speech:

Monday, April 13, 2015

Christians Have Become Weak -= They Have Decided to Turn FOUR Other Checks - and COW TOW to islam-

My Friends - Our first war as a Nation was against Islam- Jefferson sent the new Marines to Tripoli- to stop the Barbary Pirates from taking US merchant ships and US citizens hostage - and- also stopping the muslim demand for 20% of the new US Nations's GDP --

Now we have a weak  - US - policy that is
bowing' to islam--and it did not start w/ the bho  regime-read my comment RE: the saudis and the bush clan--

I have had enough of the weak Christian leaders and the weak US policy!!!!!

This is my comment at another site:
and-speaking  of the Saudis-(islam)  --why are we in the US still 'bowing' to them>>>
we have our own oil-
we know they were involved in 9-11 terror attack-
we know that a saudi 'princess' was allowed to fly our of Texas -visiting the bush estate -
 you know--when no other aircraft were 'allowed' to fly on that day (9-11) nor for several days thereafter--
why was the saudi 'royal' allowed-
 and - now - a whitewash exposed-
was a  Pres. bush (R) - involved :

no difference in the parties- been stated same for years now-

Saudi Connection w/ Terror Attack on 9-11 -Whitewashed-

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Britain Is a CHRISTIAN Nation-- Said PM Cameron--While b Hussein obama Mocked the Resurrection

The Founders of this Republic were lead by the Black  Regiment-(Christian pastors)--
Now - I ask- where are our Christina leaders?--
Glad to see that Britain has a Christian leader who boldly stands for Christ --

Monday, March 23, 2015

DETROIT -ISIS Flag on Truck -- But- No Worries-Just Move Along -You Citizens--

Detroit - that once "Parlor City"-wealthiest -per capita - in the country- overtaken by Dem commie/progressives- it took 50 years - but now - Detroit is a 'dump'-

I regarded Detroit as my city- museums- family business- family members  working for the auto companies- et al...

and there is  near-by Dearborn- the city that is now muslim- and the first city in the US to allow loud-speakered prayers to allah--ISIS flags there too?--my guess is yes--

Read the comments that go along w/ the article--the commentors are right on!!>>>

Thursday, March 12, 2015

lindsey graham-ISTY says he would use military against Congress if he were president-
h/t Joe Miller

some say it was to create humor that grahamISTY said the above--I say- he meant it and thus- he is a traitor to the US Constitution...
What say you?--

Saturday, March 7, 2015

PROPHETIC Movie-Rules of Engagement- Tells a True Story of the Corruption of the DoS and Complicity By Those in Power-Produced -2000

Corruption -lies-cover-ups in the State Department --
Reminds me of the Benghazi lies and cover-ups--
We know that the RoEs are getting our BEST murdered--and we know that there are those in govt who are traitors and who betray our BEST--well- the movie Rules of Engagement gives a true account  of such actions- and even - near the beginning- gives reference to the first encounter by our Marines -against the followers of islam - in Tripoli--look for a display box with the Marine Sword-
Could not find the entire movie on you tube - did watch it via Net Flix -
Rules of Engagement - w/ Tommy Lee Jones --Samuel L. Jackson --

A must see movie-this link has more information:

Movies That Told the Truth-Cast a Giant Shadow-(about the new Nation of Israel)- and Flame of the Barbary Coast

Cast a Giant Shadow-about the support of the US for the "new" Israel"-John Wayne

and- Barbary -(remember- our first war as a new Nation was against the Barbary Pirates (MUSLIMS) --who demanded 20% of the new US's GDP to refrain from taking our ships and citizens as hostages - back then it was called tribute-Jefferson got fed up and sent the new Marines-Shores of Tripoli - anyone!)
just for fun - I am going to watch it-Flame of the Barbary Coast - John Wayne-

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Smile -&- Why Weren't the Danish police / military Ready for the terrorist hit-

Go to Angel's Site for a REAL Valentine's Day smile (-:

as to the terrorist hit in Denmark-
and – the Danes need guns-big guns- to protect their free speech rights against the islamist terrorists-
this Danish / American- approves this message-

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Darn Dane Does It Again-

Lars Andersen - brings back battle ready archery - You all will love this--and- looks like many others from my ancestry (DANISH)-were involved - check out the  last names in the credit scroll- Jensen Hansen-etc
After Reading my title for this post- looks like I should write a poem--starting w/
The Darn Dane Does It  Again  (note---again--  as pronounced by many Danes with a long A sound)

Thanks common cents--

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Woman -West Point -Valedictorian- Wants to Go to Ranger Training
Erin wants to go to Ranger School:this photo is courtesy of Erin Mauldin:
What are your thoughts on a 120 ish lb. woman carrying a soldier's load of 80+ lbs over many miles-to do battle? - Understand- I believe that women are equal to men- but- I also believe that she would wear out sooner than her male counterparts- would they have to carry their own gear an part of hers?

Then-cadet Erin Mauldin trains on the Anzio Obstacle Course at West Point's Camp Buckner.(Photo: Court

Monday, January 12, 2015

Taking a Break-

Hubby is doing well w/ the chemo and et al--
Time for me to concentrate on getting my house in order--

I will be coming to your sites- as always-

In fact- here is a post from Mustang- on Cali-Jerry Brown- big government boondoggle- abusing  my tax dollars- AGAIN-- 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Wounded Warrior Project- No More $$ For That Fraudulent Group-

Read on - my Patriot friends --

52 % of your dollars go to high paid 'executives"

It does NOT  honor the SECOND Amendment- in other words- they are anti - guns...

Christians are not well received either -read toward the end of the article for that!!

Not more Wounded Warrior Project donations from me--

Saturday, January 3, 2015

This American of Danish Decent- Likes This Dane's (Sennel) Take On the "Victim" Muslims

VICTIMS- the most dangerous humans on earth-(MY TAKE) - I have noticed - through out my years - that VICTIMS cause more trouble than any other group- be they blacks- 'oppressed' women'- oppressed men- and et al--
The Danish physiologist--Nicolai Sennels - boldly spoke on the threat of muslims to Denmark--and was asked to leave his employ-

Instead of keeping my mouth shut, I decided to write a book about my experiences with Muslims based on hundreds of therapy sessions. The whole circus that had happened concerning my case had already shown the necessity of breaking the taboos around criminal Muslims. Further, a serious discussion about the relationship between the Muslim culture and criminal, antisocial behavior is, indeed, very much needed. I managed to negotiate a deal that gave me four months severance pay. I am probably the first psychologist in Copenhagen who was offered $20,000 dollars for quitting his job voluntarily. I guess they just wanted to get rid of me, ASAP. I found a well-paying job as a Military psychologist doing psychological screening of soldiers returning from the war in Afghanistan. I also started writing my book, in which I describe a psychological profile of the Muslim culture. The title of the book is Among Criminal Muslims: A Psychologist's Experiences from the Copenhagen Municipality."

Read this and weep - Denmark is going down the wrong path- (My Take)