Thursday, April 23, 2015

Christian Leader Runs Gun Class-At Church--!!

Read this :

and the Detroit Free Press Article--linked in the link from IBA--above-

The Priest is right on and brave- ...>>>his 'bosses' are not--

As the Priest stated- we are not in Mayberry any more!

Another take from one of my favorites-Joe Miller-

and Ted Cruz at the Gun Range after speech:

Monday, April 13, 2015

Christians Have Become Weak -= They Have Decided to Turn FOUR Other Checks - and COW TOW to islam-

My Friends - Our first war as a Nation was against Islam- Jefferson sent the new Marines to Tripoli- to stop the Barbary Pirates from taking US merchant ships and US citizens hostage - and- also stopping the muslim demand for 20% of the new US Nations's GDP --

Now we have a weak  - US - policy that is
bowing' to islam--and it did not start w/ the bho  regime-read my comment RE: the saudis and the bush clan--

I have had enough of the weak Christian leaders and the weak US policy!!!!!

This is my comment at another site:
and-speaking  of the Saudis-(islam)  --why are we in the US still 'bowing' to them>>>
we have our own oil-
we know they were involved in 9-11 terror attack-
we know that a saudi 'princess' was allowed to fly our of Texas -visiting the bush estate -
 you know--when no other aircraft were 'allowed' to fly on that day (9-11) nor for several days thereafter--
why was the saudi 'royal' allowed-
 and - now - a whitewash exposed-
was a  Pres. bush (R) - involved :

no difference in the parties- been stated same for years now-

Saudi Connection w/ Terror Attack on 9-11 -Whitewashed-

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Britain Is a CHRISTIAN Nation-- Said PM Cameron--While b Hussein obama Mocked the Resurrection

The Founders of this Republic were lead by the Black  Regiment-(Christian pastors)--
Now - I ask- where are our Christina leaders?--
Glad to see that Britain has a Christian leader who boldly stands for Christ --