Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vote For the Ronald Reagan Centennial Float-Rose Bowl Parade - Jan 1...

As many of you know Jelly Belly is sponsoring the Ronald Reagan Centennial Float in the 2011 Rose Parade. Tune in on January 1st from 8:00 am to 10:00 am to watch the parade live. ABC, NBC, Hallmark Channel, HGTV and Univision will all be broadcasting the parade.

The float is looking great!! We hope it will win some awards. Cast your vote to the People’s Choice Award on January 1st by going online to vote for the Ronald Reagan Centennial Float at You can also text your vote by texting the word “VOTE” followed by the float number (ours is 52) to 50649.

In addition, the January Candy Chronicle is now available on the intranet.

Thanks, and don’t forget to vote!

Jelly Belly Communications Department

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

US Ambassador to Denmark Called for The Danes to Supress Free Speech!

UPDATE:Thank you William Stout for the time line correction-
Cain was Ambassador to Denmark under Bush and contacted "Jayllands-Posten" on the First anniversary of the cartoons--according to Wiki-sometimes wiki-leaks is 'iffy'...
I will leave my original here because Sept 2010 was the 5th Anniversary of the cartoons...
and I do not know if the current US Ambassador- Fulton had contacted "Jayllands-Posten" or not...SO-
If anyone in the US is wondering why we are in the mess we are in - check this out-
Remember-US Ambassador Cain is following our administration's orders-thus- it would seem to me that our 'regime' wants to suppress our First Amendment -if they want to suppress Denmark's Free Speech--and Freedom of the Press...
The Danes - the Cartoons- and the the NO to Cain...
Being 1/2 Dane is making me prouder and prouder-I'm happy w/ their free speech stand..
Check the link because it has other very interesting links :-)
BTW-Remember this-Danish Crown Princess trains w/ Danish military-There are other accounts but- have to run...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

another "Royal"-Bush-Just What We Need!!

FL Rs (does that mean the the citizen Rs or the Rs in "power"?!!) want J. B . to run for Senate----
I do not want any more of the royal Bushes to run for anything!!!
Bush-Pres- " No New taxes !!( blink-blink)
remember Babs Bush ( Pres Bush's wife-GB and JB's mom) *'snobbing' Palin?
Remember members of the Saudi 'royal' family flying out of Texas after 9-11 when NO OTHER fights were allowed!!!!
Gosh-I have a Looooooong memory-and it is usually accurate!
*snobbing-Carol's new word...

My Aussie Friends-Green Police Cars Too Small to Hold Stuff...

How is the green movement working for you guys...
Police Cars Too Small a Telling Photo :-)

Michigan& Bankrupt Detroit/Hamtramck-Among the FIRST Socialist Systems -Now Nearly Bankrupt!-

How has 70 + years of Socialism worked for you - Michigan!!
Socialism -and -Welfare-State Mentality and Government control of same NEVER Work_
I remember stores in Detroit being vacant 30+ years ago - sadly- I recently heard that the Michigan State Fair is gone-I'll discuss that one later!! (the causes)-
Article from M Live-
Article -quote from NYT-may require log in:
"Hamtramck’s ability to pay its bills. Beyond that? The political leaders of this old working-class city almost surrounded by Detroit..."

Monday, December 27, 2010

RNC Chair Race- No on Maria Cino -NO! NO!

RNC Chair-Steele is having his troubles --aside from that--there is a candidate I will NOT support...she has pro-death connections according to this article:

My post on another candidate Ann Wagner

LA City Council Passes Sharia -while we were Celebrating the CHRISTmas Season......

We must be ever watchful-this one even got by me and I pay attention to the 'stuff' this liberal city and state do to us in CA..
Pamela's take with a link to the Daily News article...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fabulous Paintings-Master Works -ART&a ROF-LOL No PC Video As Well-Two for the Price of One :-)

Transfiguration:h/t threedonia

& --this one- SouthPark -from threedonia too--NO PC ON THE VIDEO!!!-couldn't get it to embed w/o the ad -I don't do ads so -you have to view it at threedonia - unless you are easily offended-then don't - ROF_LOL

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Love the Art -Daphne-For Unto Us --Excellent -human figure./Apollo 8-1968-In the Beginning-Bible Reading by our BEST--.

one of the images is an Irish Setter by the fire-side-reminded me of my lovely Irish -Daphne-
Maybe it is time for me to paint some peace filled paintings too..
I pray that your CHRISTmas was wonderful!!
than you-Al Salibiyyah:

and this has art excellence-notice the rendering of the human figure -(hands an feet -my goal this year)...
thank you AOW

h/t : Jawa-

Friday, December 24, 2010

CHRISTMAS Eve...Peace is Prayed For You..

Have a Grand Christmas - my friends-I know you will enjoy the art and music...
Jesus is LORD!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh-For Christian Leaders Like This -Before the 501-C-3/Chaplain at Bastogne

This Chaplain (Lutheran) was not PC-d - the Battle of Bastogne (WWII) was fought and this movie was made BEFORE Senator L Johnson's 501 C3 speech suppression legislation was passed! CHRISTIAN Leaders-Stand Up...and to my Jewish friends-ask your leaders to stand up!-
h/t to the movie MR at IBA

BTW-MR has a great post on Bastogne and General Mc Auliffe's answer to the Germans as to American surrender-NUTS!!
General McAuliffe was a West Point grad - just to add...
On Christ's Command to Occupy!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TRON-Saw It Today!!

I had a bit of a problem following some of it--
I did see/hear- 'hidden' messages- but- you know- the artist in me was looking for them--My off-spring saw none )-:
The words-"He's the Maker's Son" - hint hint ?!?
It also had a quick reference to global warming-so-that would be typical hollywierd-Otherwise-:-) (-: if you see it - let me know what you think!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Facebook of Christ's Birth !!! I Love It!

I Love It -Whatever it is - is it Facebook? Yes It is-just got the 'skinny' from my off-spring!
h/t jawa

Laugh Time-

Brand new-only 13 views - so far :-) ROF-LOL-at least I did!

h/t three beers later

RED States Gain Population from Blue-Still-Be Watchful

http://gatewaypundit-via commoncents
My comment on the thread-at Gateway:

C-Christian Soldier commented:

Be watchful-my friends-We’ve seen the regime arbitrarily change Constitutional inscriptions before-
What is to stop #them from changing the voting mandates of the Constitution to satisfy their own power structure?
and–don’t rely on the Republicans-OK?!!

#them - the DARK Side---Lucifer's Kids-Alinsky trained - Alinsky gives honor to Lucifer in his book-Rules for Radicals

Must run-getting ready for CHRISTmas and working on MY BOOK :-)

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Sometimes I get caught up on the 'issues' of the day-and my mind get in a 'roil' --
That is when I must bring back my focus on who the REAL ENEMY is-the DARK SIDE _Lucifer_
The Dark Side's Kids are good at organizing-they:
they WRITE their intent (ex Alinsky-Rules for Radicals-wrote the outline for take over-and overtly gave credit to Lucifer in that book!) they are not afraid because they know there are others 'watching their backs'..

they VOICE their intent aloud-why aren't THEY afraid?!!! like so many Christian leaders in the US are - today!!!...

they FOLLOW THROUGH with their written - voiced intents and have a long term outlook-(they know each individual may not live to see the results!
and they don't believe in an here-after!)-
Why don't Christians have the same tenacity-we believe in an after-life-!

CHRIST gave us a command!


Seeing that it is a military term-and since the WORD uses warfare & agriculture- primarily - in illustrative parables-(horses too :-)-
We believers must be overtly involved with all aspects of our life here on earth - military-warfare-agriculture-science-education-arts-POLITICS>>>
there are more-I'm sure you all can think of some...
It is time to get rid of the Lyndon Johnson-critic stifling legislation - the 501 C3-that is a post for another time though...
DURER 's Four Horsemen seems to fit here...
The Revelation of St John: 4. The Four Riders of the Apocalypse

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Small Town Bank Fights Back-Honoring Christ's Birth OK Now...

I knew about the Feds coming in and forcing a small bank in OK to remove all CHRISTIAN symbols- I did not know that the bank fought back and won!
It will be up to the Christians in that community to make it stick next year and to see to it that no bank employees are 'let go' for speaking up...
Bank told to remove Christian symbols-Fights back
h/t Crusader Rabbit commentor...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Digital Story of the Birth of CHRIST

you know-I've never been interested in getting one these 'new-fangled gadgets' until now :-)-hope this brings a smile to you as it did to me...
h/t Flopping Aces

bho Strikes the Second Amendment -Rifle Ban

Crusader Rabbit has a link to the site explaining the bho ban on one million military rifles found in Korea + there is a petition ...

Boy to Marine-Are You Santa Claus-Toys for Tots

I posted this video Nov 2009-thanks to my friend -Mustang- I post it again- when you view it you will see why-tear time...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jingle Bombs...Laugh Time

We need a laugh - at least I do-and you all know how much I like it when artists use their talents to get the message out...

h/t Three Bears


no more $$$$$ to the red cross (lcop)
if anyone is surprised at the number of businesses and groups afraid to use the words CHRISTmas-then-I am surprised--it has been a slow slide for years-we were just not awake...
please don't try to inform me that this is just occurring in GB-the tone has been ear-deafening in the US for a long time-
CHRIST MAS--CHRIST mas - CHRIST mas-there-I wrote the nasty word three times in a row!
lcop=lower case on purpose

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

an AD for Coke-No PC Here!! CHRISTmas!!

the word CHRISTMAS!!!! - the ACLU is going to go bonkers-
and the words-'Home for CHRISTMAS too--I'm going back to COKE!!

CHRISTMAS from COKE -again!!- TRAIN--I will be googling TRAIN-never heard of the group..

From Our BEST-

h/t Blackfive

I noticed that a few wished us a "Merry Christmas" -
If you send to any of our BEST-now is the time to get the cards and packages in the mail...They are so happy to receive any remembrance from us...

RNC Chair-Ann Wagner-What Do You Think?

What do you think?!
the photo of Eldest son-senior at West Point-made me listen to the video-and the fact that it seems that it will be the women (Palin-Brewer-Bachmann -and many more) ) - coalescing -who will bring this country POST on Don't Mess w/Mamas
h/t Gateway Pundit

The Kid gave me an h/t and I link back because I like his take

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our BEST are There -Because Why!

We are "fighting" (RoEs hamper our BEST) an un declared thus un-Constitutional "war" -under the 'auspice ' of NATO and the UN (don't get me started on the $$$ we in the US give that garbage hole - and then hear anti-US crap from the leaders of the world via the UN)
These are our BEST-training Afghanistan ies - who are on home-grown drugs and - if you remember- some of them killed our BEST after 'training'... two/three weeks ago --and this!
h/t/Right Site-and this !

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Enemy is Lucifer-

not bho---I have stated many times that Lucifer is our enemy --
We have lost our Education system-we have lost our Foundation built on the Bible- we must gather together and state our intent (plan)-voice our intent aloud and follow through--no matter how long it takes...
Interestingly- the Dark Side (Lucifer's Kids) do the three steps better than we -and they don't believe in an here after!!- like most of us do---we should be better at long term planning--- the Founders of this great Nation were---and some knew that they would not see the end result!!-I will write more on this soon-
This video- taken on Black Friday- shows the deterioration in attitude of the people of our present day Republic:the USA!

h/t Right Site
Another great site -2nd Amendment- I love the shirts!!

the Art is Worth the Posting-the message is a Gauntlet Cast...

this deserves its own post-I linked it to the one below-the art - alone- is worth it- and the message is clear-gauntlet has been cast in Britain-remember- their BEST were spit upon when they came back from Iraq and Afghanistan...remind you of similar occurrences here in the US in the late 60s-early 70s?? our BEST-- spit upon --No More!!
Remember - the Brits gave up their guns so-they only 'may' carry knives ...US-beware of the usurpation of the Second Amendment!

BTW-wondered how long it would take for the EDL to become the chosen 'terrorist' organization while the religion of peace holds 'quiet' demonstrations...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Notice the Horse and Flag-EDL - We're Coming...

my comment at Crusader Rabbit - I do notice horses and my flag--:-)
Carol-Christian Soldier says:

US flag right after the horse and rider -:-) then noticed it again at the end–
you know that I will watch anything that has a horse-
and a stand for freedom!

We in the US must be aware that our friends in England bought into GUN/Weapon CONTROL-and we must not buy into it..A Toast To the SECOND Amendment!
Watch this EDL video-it has fabulous art and a truly great message-

Friday, December 10, 2010

LA Lutherans For Life Has Two Great Articles

The December article is a warning about the pink Susan B. Koman group and its support of the pro-death group Planned Parenthood-
The January article is a poignant message from Russia-where many unborn siblings have been killed due to abortion..
site Home link:
I add this so I'll remember NOT to support Daniels for Pres.-pro-life-legislation-is-okay-as-long-as-it-doesnt-get-in-the-way/
Light posting-24 illustrations due by Wed-final- for my book - _Random Thoughts_

Thursday, December 9, 2010

PILSEN-Czech Republic-Loves the US and Our BEST

h/t Z,CR.htm

I knew that the Danes honored the US on the 4th of July-I did not know about Pilsen!
and they developed a great beer too!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Trash Police-Beware US-as NY/CA Go - So Go the Rest of the Nation

Elderly Woman given a $100 ticket for throwing a newspaper in a NY City trash basket...
LITTER OF THE LAW: Delia Gluckin, 80, got a $100 trash ticket when she threw a newspaper away.
Matthew McDermott
LITTER OF THE LAW: Delia Gluckin, 80, got a $100 trash ticket when she threw newspaper away.
Read more:

BTW-CA is broke from giving taxpayer $$$ to illegals for ed/health care/ housing subsidies-so-beware of CAs policies too...OK-
As My title states-to the rest of the States-As CA/NY Go-So Go the Rest of the Nation...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We are Told to Remember Pearl Harbor-We Should! We Are Told to Forget 911-We Should not Forget 9 11

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day:
I must confess-since I do not trust Roosevelt and his many Communist 'advisers' -I often think that he knew about the Jap plans and covered up that knowledge-because a war would 'bail him out of the depression' problems-what think you?..
I trust no 'elitist' human in bad!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Merry Christmas- and Thank You - Our BEST-

This may seem a bit early- If you send to our BEST - now is the time to get the cards and gifts in the mail so they will be received by Christmas..

WOW-Play Station technology is now being used by the DoD

I don't understand too much of this but- I know that those 'born w/a 'chip' (after 1980) will 'get it'! a SUPERCOMPUTER! Condor System...
h/t Crusader Rabbit

Liam Neeson Just Lost Me as A Fan--Says Aslan Represents Mohammed AWA Christ!!

My Friends - do you understand why I never put my full "faith" in humans! esp humans in the entertainment business/politics/or even the leaders of the Church of Christ!!

The entire article can be read via the link:

The much-loved children’s stories have an unapologetic Christian message.

C. S. Lewis was clear that the character of Aslan in his Chronicles of Narnia is based on Christ.

But actor Liam Neeson, who voices the lion in the latest Narnia film, has prompted a row after claiming his character is also based on other religious leaders such as Mohammed and Buddha.

Symbol of Christ: The Character of Aslan, voiced by Neeson, was stated by its author C.S. Lewis as Christian

Symbol of Christ: The Character of Aslan, voiced by Neeson, was stated by its author C.S. Lewis as Christian

Dems =Slavery--Rs=Freedom-History Lesson We Need --

This man has his history together !!!!-
Why have Blacks allowed themselves to be lied to and used...why do we in the US allow history to be re-written by the 'progressives'?
BTW-I didn't know this- the John Kennedy stalled civil rights legislation put forth by Eisenhower!
h/t threedonia

Saturday, December 4, 2010

US Soldier Gives Iraqi Police a Set Down for Lying About Divided Loyalties

We train them-they betray us -our BEST!!
This soldier is NOT PC either!--I hope the DoD backs him - because the DoD should back him!!!
He speaks the truth and protects his fellow soldiers....
h/t Thank you for this-mother of a soldier....

We train them they betray US

Friday, December 3, 2010

Austrian MP Gives the Islamist a Set Down For Murdering Christians- Christian Leaders - Take this as an example

Christian Leaders- Our brothers and sisters are being murdered and tortured by the "religion of peace" and - as I have been saying for years now- you are weak and PC - and do NO THING about it!!-
TAKE AN EXAMPLE FROM THIS Austrian MP-Stadler-and stiffen Your collective spines!

Thank you-Crusader Rabbit
and speaking of Christians being tortured in Vietnam-this is why our government during the Vietnam erra should have let our BEST FIGHT TO WIN-instead of fighting-then dropping the ball-Canada Free Press-Because - Without America - There is No Free World

The Blood of Our BEST is on the Hands of Those in the Dark City...

I have a new favorite blog -Let Them Fight or Bring Them Home
Dark City is John Bernard's name for Washington DC-
6 of our BEST were recently murdered by a "student" trained by our military in Afghanistan-
From John's site:
"The blood of the these latest Soldiers is on the hands of the civilian and upper echelon military leadership of this country. Willful ignorance of an obvious threat is not only not a defense, it is in fact a knot in the hangman's noose."
John is USMC (27 years) who lost his own son to that battle 'over there'...I encourage you to read his entire article and his other posts...
Let Them Fight or Bring Them Home

Marines and Army to Testify- DADT

I remember when this came down the last time - and the 'compromise' of DADT came about-the Marine Corps stated that they would be willing to give up their commission-ie: dissolve the Marine Corps- if the homosexual agenda 'won the day'-
I wondered - at the time- if that could happen...Could it?- and would we want that to happen?!!! No more Marines?:
_"If the law is changed, successfully implementing repeal and assimilating openly homosexual Marines into the tightly woven fabric of our combat units has strong potential for disruption at the small unit level, as it will no doubt divert leadership attention away from an almost singular focus of preparing units for combat," the Marine commandant, Gen. James Amos, said in remarks prepared for delivery to the Senate Armed Services Committee_

Dancing Boys of Afghanistan - Pederasty-if you don't want to know the truth-don't watch the videos ---

Thursday, December 2, 2010

For Our BEST-

and for those "warriors" on the home-front- you know who you are!
Thank You - Zionist-
This video has my C 130 (Angel Fire-link)- and General Patton- it is a tribute to our BEST!
Remind me to tell you where Patton's USMA uniform was found...:-)

OK-I was reminded of another C 130 post Angel of Death-

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Hanukkah-My Dear Jewish Friends!

Just got on -so this is a bit late-but- You who know me - know how much I love my Jewish friends-both here-in the blog world and in my personal life.