Thursday, December 16, 2010


no more $$$$$ to the red cross (lcop)
if anyone is surprised at the number of businesses and groups afraid to use the words CHRISTmas-then-I am surprised--it has been a slow slide for years-we were just not awake...
please don't try to inform me that this is just occurring in GB-the tone has been ear-deafening in the US for a long time-
CHRIST MAS--CHRIST mas - CHRIST mas-there-I wrote the nasty word three times in a row!
lcop=lower case on purpose


MathewK said...

i gave them the flick back when they started training the taliban and helping them.

This anti Christianity is the next step i suppose, before long they'll be protesting against Israel and joining some aid flotilla to resupply palestinian savages.

Screw the red cross.

christian soldier said...

MK-agreed -