Monday, December 20, 2010

RED States Gain Population from Blue-Still-Be Watchful

http://gatewaypundit-via commoncents
My comment on the thread-at Gateway:

C-Christian Soldier commented:

Be watchful-my friends-We’ve seen the regime arbitrarily change Constitutional inscriptions before-
What is to stop #them from changing the voting mandates of the Constitution to satisfy their own power structure?
and–don’t rely on the Republicans-OK?!!

#them - the DARK Side---Lucifer's Kids-Alinsky trained - Alinsky gives honor to Lucifer in his book-Rules for Radicals

Must run-getting ready for CHRISTmas and working on MY BOOK :-)


Always On Watch said...

Hmmmm....Watch for gerrymandering.

christian soldier said...

A-indeed - be watchful- they----are capable of anything-because we have few battlers on our side...

MathewK said...

If liberals had any brains or honesty they'd ask why is it that we're losing people to the hated conservative states, all while we insist that Conservatives are stupid, racist and all that.

But liberals have neither honesty or integrity, hence they won't and they'll continue to head down the toilet.