Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We are Told to Remember Pearl Harbor-We Should! We Are Told to Forget 911-We Should not Forget 9 11

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day:
I must confess-since I do not trust Roosevelt and his many Communist 'advisers' -I often think that he knew about the Jap plans and covered up that knowledge-because a war would 'bail him out of the depression' problems-what think you?..
I trust no 'elitist' human in power...my bad!


WomanHonorThyself said...

great post title..God bless ya Carol!

TS/WS said...

Spot on. If not for Jesse Jones stopping Henry Wallace and FDR; we would be total communist by now. And If Not For The Supreme Court turning back his (FDR's) programs (when we had a real Supreme Court) we would have been broke in the '50's. Oh and Wallace started Food Stamps, and Set Up Social Security as a back door for the Commies to brake us. But Reagan pushed to fast and broke Russia first. That is what made the Libs HATE Reagan the most.

DMartyr said...

True story - I'm at work yesterday chatting with a younger co-worker. I mentioned it was December 7th, and she didn't know the significance of that.

I reminded her it was "Pearl Harbor day". She still didn't understand.

I was incredulous now, so I said, "The day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor!" She STILL didn't understand. She replied, "So? What is Pearl Harbor?"

I said, "Are you kidding me? That attack drew America into World War 2!"

Her indifferent reply was that she really wasn't that interested in history.

I was shocked. She is 20-something and apparently never learned about WW2 in school! But I know she is a smart girl, as she often teaches me about cultural practices from all over the world. Not to mention she was a business major in college!

But she knew nothing about American history.

Unbelievable. We may be told to "remember Pearl Harbor", but our educational system isn't teaching students why it should be remembered.

Just thought I'd throw that in.

Great post, Carol!

christian soldier said...

DM- thank you for the sharing your experience ---see why I homeschooled my off-spring!-I knew that reading-writing and arithmetic were not being taught-when I met Marshall Foster (Mayflower/World History Institute) at my first HS Convention-early 80s- I was forced to realize that I had been 'lied' to about American History via my education which was considered superior at the time!
Sad that we have allowed our ed system to be overtaken -slowly-covertly -overtaken...

TSWS-thank you for the new names - to me- regarding FDR -will look up Jesse Jones and Henry Wallace - for further study...

WHT-thank you - my friend

Kid said...

It's awfully hard Not to think FDR knew about it.

FDR sided with Stalin in WWII over Churchill btw. Churchill wanted to go to Germany through the soft underbelly which is now all the Dirkastans and Stalin get FDR to sacrifice many of our guys at Normandy instead.

FDR was pathetic at best.

TS/WS said...

Yea, FDR is quoted as to claim Mussolini was his mentor!
I forgot to say the Congress was turned over like this 11/10, and repealed a lot of FDR's New Deal Programs.
Henry A. Wallace=Sec.Dept.Agg. 1st and 2nd terms; Vice Pres.(FDR in '41 said he would not run if he could not have Wallace for VP)3rd term. Sec.Dept. Commerce 4th term; after talking FDR into running off Jesse H. Jones. Jones then 3rd term was Sec. Dept Commerce.
Henry C. Wallace (the Dad of Henry A.). Henry C.Wallace=Sec.Dept.Agg. in the Admin. of Teddy Roosevelt.
Henry C. wrote the Agg. ACT. Henry A. wrote the Agg. Adjustment ACT.
Took over the Price of Wheat (grain) and bankrupt most of the farmers. A lot of black farmers were bankrupt, and moved them into public housing. Gave them a check for the difference for the price control and what the farmers could have received. Walah- turned into the FOOD STAMP Program.
Just enough to get you started. A lot of good facts will turn up when you dig into the scams of FDR. I use the World Book Encyclopedia, and went to the Library for more punishment. No World Wide Web then 1980's-90's. The Internet yea, but not like today.
One more fact. Wallace was outed as a commie and the people would not let Henry A. on the 4th term ticket. Illegal Campaign Contributions from Russia got a lot of the Dems plagued and the only one came out without baggage was Truman; and was allowed to run on FDR's 4th term ticket as VP.

MathewK said...

Yeah the japs could only dream of the special treatment muslims get.

Can you imagine if the sort of liberal retards were running things back then. Good grief we'd be speaking japanese and you folks in America would still be fighting in overseas contingency what not.