Monday, December 13, 2010

The Enemy is Lucifer-

not bho---I have stated many times that Lucifer is our enemy --
We have lost our Education system-we have lost our Foundation built on the Bible- we must gather together and state our intent (plan)-voice our intent aloud and follow through--no matter how long it takes...
Interestingly- the Dark Side (Lucifer's Kids) do the three steps better than we -and they don't believe in an here after!!- like most of us do---we should be better at long term planning--- the Founders of this great Nation were---and some knew that they would not see the end result!!-I will write more on this soon-
This video- taken on Black Friday- shows the deterioration in attitude of the people of our present day Republic:the USA!

h/t Right Site
Another great site -2nd Amendment- I love the shirts!!


TS/WS said...

The Media is the best outlet for unleashing the most powerful tactic for taking over a people.
The Power Of Suggestion.
The master of deception has trained these picked, for thousands of years of practice- all most have it down -allmost. Not Yet. Not yet here; but most countries have been under too long, and have a harder time of pushing back.
This country was founded on a people and a system that helps to push back at the beginning of the scam. Just need to expose the suggestion coming from all angles.
Dumb-ing down the last two generations makes it more a challenge of exposing in the right description.

christian soldier said...

TSWS-as always - you have 'hit the nail on the head' and succinctly too!!
The Founders coalesced - and wrote and followed through and they knew history and figured how not to make the mistakes of those in other times-
Ben Franklin answered a woman's question by saying "A Republic -if you can keep it."
I say- we focus on keeping it !

Anonymous said...

I thought you might be interested in this posting about the dim projections for Christianity.

Anonymous said...


christian soldier said...

NG-checked out the link-Thank you..

it is sad that Christians-over-all- have lost the true link-the Bible -

I may just join the barna group-
I think I attended cursory meetings of a coalition that later formed the group or a group like it-we met in Ventura-....lost track of my contacts -got busy w/ homeschooling-LALFL-politics -business--etc.etc.etc.