Friday, December 10, 2010

LA Lutherans For Life Has Two Great Articles

The December article is a warning about the pink Susan B. Koman group and its support of the pro-death group Planned Parenthood-
The January article is a poignant message from Russia-where many unborn siblings have been killed due to abortion..
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I add this so I'll remember NOT to support Daniels for Pres.-pro-life-legislation-is-okay-as-long-as-it-doesnt-get-in-the-way/
Light posting-24 illustrations due by Wed-final- for my book - _Random Thoughts_


William Stout said...

All too often we are told that an abortion is nothing more than the simple removal of tissue. No more special than unwanted hair or nails clippings. Yet something deep within us tells us otherwise. Just as all of us are born with an innate knowledge that we are not alone, we also know that a fetus is a human life.

We tell ourselves beautiful lies and construct reasons why it is better to destroy the developing life within the womb, but it is all smoke and mirrors. The pain of a brother or sister who learned about a siblings death from abortion is testament to that fact, as is the pain of a mother who aborted her fetus to learn that the body was disposed of in the trash with other waste and taken to the dump as garbage.

More than thirty million children have been slaughtered in utero since Roe v. Wade and that number continues to grow daily. I have not checked on worldwide figures because I truly do not wish to know the number. I count the number of deaths due to abortion amongst man's greatest follies. One day, I believe that man will awaken to his self deception and realize the horrors he has wrought with abortion. On that day, I hope that we can forgive ourselves for our arrogance and hubris.

William Stout said...

As a personal aside, best of luck with your book Carol!

christian soldier said...

WS-thank you so much for both comments!!!--
God Speed with your finals as well...