Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh-For Christian Leaders Like This -Before the 501-C-3/Chaplain at Bastogne

This Chaplain (Lutheran) was not PC-d - the Battle of Bastogne (WWII) was fought and this movie was made BEFORE Senator L Johnson's 501 C3 speech suppression legislation was passed! CHRISTIAN Leaders-Stand Up...and to my Jewish friends-ask your leaders to stand up!-
h/t to the movie MR at IBA

BTW-MR has a great post on Bastogne and General Mc Auliffe's answer to the Germans as to American surrender-NUTS!!
General McAuliffe was a West Point grad - just to add...
On Christ's Command to Occupy!


Kid said...

Great movie.

WomanHonorThyself said...

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William Stout said...

Political correctness stifles free speech and the free exchange of ideas. It is a poison that contaminates genuine communication between people. The minister in the clip did not suffer from that particular ill. Nor did he suffer from a lack of testosterone.

America has been feminized and testosterone is so deplored that it is difficult to find a man in the herd of metrosexuals that we have today. World War II saw 15 million American men don the uniform to take the fight to our enemies overseas. That's about 11.25 percent of the American population in 1941. The minister speaks of using force to stop the evil of the fascist and it being justified and necessary to do so, but let us not forget that it was the left that gave birth to fascism and constructed the death camps.

Man's bane is that his memory is short and his doom resides in forgetfulness. Thus do we never learn from our mistakes. It is not that we do not have sentinels to warn us of our folly, but that such warnings fall upon deaf ears. Hence, we trod the same path repeatedly assuming it to be a new one and oblivious to the danger.

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Nice clip.

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