Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RNC Chair-Ann Wagner-What Do You Think?

What do you think?!
the photo of Eldest son-senior at West Point-made me listen to the video-and the fact that it seems that it will be the women (Palin-Brewer-Bachmann -and many more) ) - coalescing -who will bring this country POST on Don't Mess w/Mamas
h/t Gateway Pundit

The Kid gave me an h/t and I link back because I like his take

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christian soldier said...

the Kid gave me an h/t on this and some of his commentors have stated good points as did he...I even posta a comment
christian soldier said...

Great takes on Wagner - Kid-

as to Sarah-I want her to stay - overtly- in the 'light shining' loop...
RNC Chairs seem to work behind the scenes-(wonder if Steele had any play in the NRSC's help of little lisa m...?) just an aside...

thank you for the h/t my Patriot friend!!!