Monday, March 23, 2015

DETROIT -ISIS Flag on Truck -- But- No Worries-Just Move Along -You Citizens--

Detroit - that once "Parlor City"-wealthiest -per capita - in the country- overtaken by Dem commie/progressives- it took 50 years - but now - Detroit is a 'dump'-

I regarded Detroit as my city- museums- family business- family members  working for the auto companies- et al...

and there is  near-by Dearborn- the city that is now muslim- and the first city in the US to allow loud-speakered prayers to allah--ISIS flags there too?--my guess is yes--

Read the comments that go along w/ the article--the commentors are right on!!>>>

Thursday, March 12, 2015

lindsey graham-ISTY says he would use military against Congress if he were president-
h/t Joe Miller

some say it was to create humor that grahamISTY said the above--I say- he meant it and thus- he is a traitor to the US Constitution...
What say you?--

Saturday, March 7, 2015

PROPHETIC Movie-Rules of Engagement- Tells a True Story of the Corruption of the DoS and Complicity By Those in Power-Produced -2000

Corruption -lies-cover-ups in the State Department --
Reminds me of the Benghazi lies and cover-ups--
We know that the RoEs are getting our BEST murdered--and we know that there are those in govt who are traitors and who betray our BEST--well- the movie Rules of Engagement gives a true account  of such actions- and even - near the beginning- gives reference to the first encounter by our Marines -against the followers of islam - in Tripoli--look for a display box with the Marine Sword-
Could not find the entire movie on you tube - did watch it via Net Flix -
Rules of Engagement - w/ Tommy Lee Jones --Samuel L. Jackson --

A must see movie-this link has more information:

Movies That Told the Truth-Cast a Giant Shadow-(about the new Nation of Israel)- and Flame of the Barbary Coast

Cast a Giant Shadow-about the support of the US for the "new" Israel"-John Wayne

and- Barbary -(remember- our first war as a new Nation was against the Barbary Pirates (MUSLIMS) --who demanded 20% of the new US's GDP to refrain from taking our ships and citizens as hostages - back then it was called tribute-Jefferson got fed up and sent the new Marines-Shores of Tripoli - anyone!)
just for fun - I am going to watch it-Flame of the Barbary Coast - John Wayne-