Sunday, October 26, 2014

This Video says it All--and- I had a In Broad Daylight Break- in-- At My Home-

So-with Husband's  Cancer  and now- a major robbery- things have been "IFFY" - so - light posting for awhile-
Thank you IBA for this Says It All Video-Saturday Night Live

OK - thanks to Z- another Saturday Night Live ---WHITES-

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014


 old traitor-LBJ- 1954-un Constitutionally  used IRS to shut his critics  up- esp Pastors-
There ARE Some Christian leaders who have a 'spine'- YEH!!
Pulpit Freedom site _

HORSEback Protest-

Diane West Nails IT -Her Book _ American Betrayal_

 Diane West's book - American Betrayal -
 FDR-commies in his regime- but- you all know that--
 Well- the betrayal started way back --1734-media supported powerful governor -one man stood for truth - was arrested- >>>
and much much more -

Life Liberty PROPERTY - is confiscation of private land for ebola burials our next move !!
it is happening in liberia--

Create a Crisis - and trash the Constitution-- ebola is our new "crisis" -
Read my post below-RE: The Founders and Private Property-it is mixed w/ "king" harry reid--

Friday, October 10, 2014

Wealthy "Prince" Harry Reid- Body Slams a Reporter -Our Fovt Officials Do Believe They are Royalty /and-Let's Boycott US Airways -

 but-you say-it was his body guard--
No- I say-he  pays the guard-so- he did it vicariously-

Our Founding Fathers got rid of "Royalty" because - for one thing- they knew that "Royals" could come and take the PROPERTY of citizens w/o question-
therefore- the original Wording of the Declaration was

and they later wrote term limits into the law--which have been circumvented- so- the likes of Harry Reid have been taking our $$$ for a long time and thus- is now worth over 6 MILLION $$$$..

and-US Airways snubs decorated Army Ranger- 
My comment at Crusader Rabbit
Life Liberty PROPERTY
Original wording of the Declaration-
by giving the courts jurisdiction via eminent domain- decrees- to take property – “Royalty” has been re-established in our once great Republic–
Interesting-I just wrote about the usurpation today–

ART and Our Military Still Go Hand in Hand

and check my side roll for more military artists-

Monday, October 6, 2014

BRAD THOR Says It All - Everything I Have Been Saying-

I have read ALL of his wonderful books-he is an hero of mine--Thank You Brad Thor --

FOX and the Rest of the Media Suppress the Evil Actions of Islam-US beheadings-Ft Hood Murders-ET AL>>

 government and the media- including FOX- are suppressing - the evil actions of the followers of islam-and - thanks to Bill Whittle>>>
I need say no more->>> except - than you Mustang--

C I R >>>>>
Catholic Bishop -Christians must defend themselves-

Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 4- My Birthday-

and I want my Constitutional  Republic to be returned to me and to my family & friends-

and a Christian group  to be formed that has the clout of the likes of C A I R --Let's call it >>
C I R  >>>
Hugs and Love to my Family and Friends