Thursday, June 26, 2014

McNaughton ARTIST- Uses His Great Talent to Get the Truth Out! Patriot-BOLD-

McNaughton is one of the few True Artist of our time-his technique is of the "old type" --
(Remember- Michelangelo inserted political truth into his art- look carefully at the ceiling in the Vatican-the Sistine Chapel -(-:)

Go to his site-and- if nothing else- read all of the moving scrolls that he - in his own words- explains why he mixes art and politics--and how he wants to be remembered- God-Family-Country--

It is time for me to make the choice to use the gifts that the Creator has given me -I must find a quiet place away from my house- --and-perhaps- withdraw from the blog world--I have not produced a piece for over two years-
Many of my pieces are political and religious- the Full Armor of God sculpture is taken from Bible verses- Is 59- God put on the Full Armor-Lk-19 Jesus gave the command to "Occupy (military term meaning - hold the ground won) til I come:-He won-we hold the ground ! and Eph. 6 - god gave us the Full Armor that He wore in Is 59--
The soldier has the sword of the spirit- breastplate of righteousness - feet 'shod' w/ the preparation of peace-helmet of salvation -  and- instead of an  actual shield (of Faith) he is carrying the Bible --

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

TYRANT & Aisha and Muhammad-The Truth Will Get Out--

 I viewed the first in the TV series TYRANT - last night- I was heartened to find that it bared  no punches as to the treatment of women by islam and esp- the treatment of women and others by the "royal families " who practice  islam :

and This movie - Aisha and Muhammad- boldly formed-
as an aside - I wonder if the Jensen (one of the producers ) is a relative--The Danes - Swedes- Norweigens- Dutch - are boldly speaking out - I pray for their safety-
Thanks for this Always O W -

Friday, June 20, 2014

An America Loving Aussie -Nick Adams-The American Boomerang-Want to Be Encouraged-Watch the Video

 I have an Aussie "friend" who gave up his blog because he felt that if America goes so will the rest of the Freedom loving world-and-soon  after bho was elected  again-he stopped posting--

The Aussies love the US-THIS IS A MUST READ AND VIEW -  you will smile and be encouraged--We Must Fight On for This Great Republic-

Remember the Aussie Firefighters who ran coast to coast in remembrance of 9-11?>>

The last post of my Aussie friend --MK-

Thursday, June 19, 2014

FOX-Murdoch- Is For Immigration "Reform" - Seems to Be Neutral on PRO LIFE -

and-read why PRO -LIFE advocate -  Drudge - left FOX-:

and Beck left and started his own -The Blaze-

I have had "iffy" feelings about FOX for awhile-
 after reading the HISTORY (truthful history is a necessity for any discernment)  -
I will no longer trust FOX-

 OH- and let's not forget that a Saudi prince -Alwaleed bin Talal- is number 2 owner of FOX -read how the good prince feels about America:

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bridgitte Gabriel-ACT for America-Benghazi-NAILS the "peaceful" Muslim PC Crap

 Peaceful Germans during Hitler - Peaceful Muslims during 9-11-2001-
MY TAKE -We must be focused on the evil - debauched humans and stop being NICE!!!
 You will love Bridgette Gabriel's stand down to muslim questioner

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Common Core Math-the Dark Side Has Won--

The dumbing down has almost reached its peak-it took the "progressives " 100 years - but they - the THEY - stuck to their plan and now we have COMMON Core-

Sunday, June 15, 2014

War DOGS & Happy Fathers' Day

 I love Dogs - So - this series of slides brought a much needed smile-

Dad- Thank you- 4 years in the Pacific- taught me how to shoot- run a business - and- pay my bills in full- when they are due--
Miss you - DAD--

Saturday, June 14, 2014

FLAG DAY-Sweet Charity's Second Foal -- Sweet Independence-- was born on Flag Day & ARMY -Happy Birthday>>

My Mare's (Sweet Charity) second foal (Sweet Independence) was born on Flag Day -
Sadly- both are in heaven -
If I were better at this computer thingy- I'd post one of my photos of the  two of them --they looked
 kind of like these two (-:

and Happy Birthday ARMY- 239 Years Old -
BTW-for my Marine "buddies"
GO ARMY-Beat Navy (-:

Friday, June 13, 2014


I am so happy-I have two teams that I love-the Red Wings (I was born in the Detroit area)-- 

AND - after living in LA (longer than in Detroit) I had to choose a CA- team --I saw the Kings  players from a executive box - several years ago - they were like beautiful cat's eye marbles- rolling around the rink- talented - with no direction- I said to myself-if they get organized w/ a great coach - they will win the CUP-So- I am going to chose the KINGS as my CA team! 

They got Sutter as a coach - and the rest is history-

Their First Stanley Cup in 2012 and now - their second -June 13, 2014 !!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

bho Banned This Video -Because It Reveals the Truth-

If this is wiped off my site - or -if you do not hear from me - you know I went the way of other truth tellers-

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

BRAT Beat Cantor-Why-Could Having Been Raised in Detroit Have Anything To Do w/ It>>>

 Just read that David Brat was raised in Detroit-
I wonder if that is the reason he became a total conservative?
He had to have seen the criminal commie/"progressive" actions that turned a once beautiful City into a DUMP!!
I love this "myth buster" take (-:

This one is OK too-

Monday, June 9, 2014

I Noticed California Chrome Was Torquing His Right Front -As He Was Being Lead Through The Grand Stand Tunnel To the Track-

I asked those who were watching the Belmont pre-race- with me - if they noticed that California Chrome was placing his right front leg awkwardly. They did not notice-

We horse people notice when a horse is walking straight --because anything but straight - shows a potential problem -

Turns out- he had a cut on his right front heal -

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Let's Take a Second Look At Soldier-Bergdahl - Who Deserted His Post and His Dad-Who Wants All Gitmo Terrorists Released

Yes, Let's Trade Five Terrorists For The Guy Who Deserted His Post

Phew. Glad THAT'S over. I'm so happy to know that we are now officially negotiating with terrorists to get someone who willingly walked away from his post returned. And he'll get an undeserved hero's welcome, rather than the court-martial he deserves.
But hey, look who raised him. Here's a recent tweet from his dear old dad.

Yeah, welcome home.

Thank you Vinnie at JAWA for your take- I had not even remembered that Bergdahl had "left his Post"--

The link directly above has comments that further clarify the "connection" of  Son (who wrote in an e-mail that he was "...ashamed to even be an american."-- and his Dad-who wants all Gitmo prisoners (terrorists) released--

This is staying here until all of my loyal readers have a chance to read it and the comments at the JAWA link(s) ...

BTW- looks like the Republicans in Congress are "upset" and stated that bho  "may have broken the law" 
REALLY !! - and what are you weak kneed Rsss going to do about it!??!!!!

UP DATES_ Bergdahl snuck off post to join taliban-six of our BEST killed trying  to find him!!!
DAD praises allah-bho hugs him- 

UP DATE - and read the comments- 

From one of his fellow soldiers who - and  all on base- was/were  told to remain silent by the Army brass-now he is telling the true story-

up date to the up dates-one of the 6 soldiers who died trying to find the deserter/traitor Bergdahl-