Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Have a Wonderful New Year's Eve ..Hockey Game New Year's Day!!

Remember the out-door hockey game in Chicago --Detroit Red Wings vs. Chicago Black Hawks..1:00 PM EST...

Stay safe ---
Carol -CS

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Freedom Lost...

My post -yesterday -regarding satellite tracking devices to be placed in cars by Oregon officials..brought to mind the steady loss of freedom for us the US citizen--
So-you all will be 'blessed' with a poem:

Freedom Lost
In order to regain
A battle must be fought.

I pray that
The battle fought
Will be
Political and
Not Physical......


Monday, December 29, 2008

Big Brother Will Be Watching You-Oregon Proposes Auto Tracking via Satellite..

Testing---testing--we-the government---will take away freedom a little at a time....
Oregon to up- end the Fourth Amendment in order to add $$ to the tax coffers...

I never liked the thought of putting a device into my vehicle - private company (ad: what if your vehicle is stolen?) or otherwise....

How many citizens of Oregon are going to allow this?
Excellent post:


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Now-Where's NOW! Laura Bush-I'm Going To Miss You...

First Lady Laura Bush acted upon the issue of the oppression of women under Islamic regimes...

She also noted that a shoe thrower -under S. Hussein...would have been executed....

Laura Bush- I'm going to miss you...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Answer to the Hight and Mighty in the EU

To me -acting locally-means -walking precinct-supporting HONORABLE candidates-running fund raisers for them in my home----etc.
NOT lynching anyone!

The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute put out a 2009 calendar titled _Pretty in MINK_..I obtained several for my board -LALFL- and for my other conservative friends....

I noticed that I was blessed to attend 'first' speeches from some of the conservative women 'starring' in the calendar---
I've been in this a LOOOONG time
One of my fiends suggested -today that I take a 'rest'...
My answer was ..NO..

I must stay in the fray
Til the day
that the Lord
takes me

God Bless the USA--We're NOT going away!

I'm getting REALLY tired of the 'high and mighty' in europe (lcop) thumbing their noses at we-the citizens of the USA!

CLEAN up your own- VERY dirty -house before you diss the USA!


Friday, December 26, 2008

Thought Control Demigods on Campuses Nation-wide..

Another student's free speech and privacy rights breached by the 'thought control' demagogues (I like demigods - little gods- too) because....that's what THEY think they are...little gods....

This is a First Amendment issue–
These policies have been instituted on all campuses…
A class action case is necessary - seek those students who have been assaulted by these PC speech policies-and bring it to the Federal level…Defend Amendment I…

BTW--add FIRE to my list...
FIRE Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Thomas More Law


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I'll be designing a Christmas Card for next year...

Shopping for food goods- so my off-spring can do the cooking--It 'paid' to put that step stool next to the kitchen counter when he was 3-ish and wanted to know what I was doing--He likes to cook!

Getting my Christmas music out-and sitting down at the piano - haven't done that in a year or so :-)

Attending Christmas Eve. Service....

I'll pick up where I left off - writing that is-on Friday...

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone...


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

FBI-Agent Tells True Story of Ayers and the Weather Underground

An Op Ed the rag Times would not publish-remember the nyt (lower case on purpose) did publish an editorial from the un-esteemed-bill ayers (lcop)...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Russians Don't Want Domestically Made Autos-Riots Ensue.....

Russians want foreign-made autos-the Kremlin wants them to buy domestically made cars..

Tariff added to foreign made autos-people are rioting...

My take:

I could criticize the Russians by stating -"It sure has taken them a LONG time to realize that socialism doesn't work."
However-my own US countrymen are scrambling toward socialism without a
backward glance to freedom lost....

Good luck Russian citizens - esp to my Christian friends in Russia....

Gravatar PS--I have an idea for the Kremlin---
take a page from the US president and congress-just BAIL out the domestic car businesses!!!
Then-no riots.....

Finals Are Over!

I had my last critique for my art work - Thurs...
To be honest-I can't wait til Spring semester...

My creative mind
Works better
With a Dead-Line!

You'll be getting more poetry and a few political cartoons....January is a long month!

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone....


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Soldiers Continually 'Hamstrung' With REMF Adapted Rules of Engagement...

Just remember the 'new' PC "Rules of Engagement" and the danger they pose to our Best of the Best-

Marcus Luttrell _LONE SURVIVOR_

Our Haditha Marines-one still fighting the PC crowd with the help of Thomas More Law..

Our Best of the Best are being shot at brutalized and killed by the enemy while our 'arm-chair' government officials are trying to make 'nice' with the enemy.....

I could go on but I'll let you read about one more incident ...if it doesn't make you as angry as it makes me-you have a cooler head than I do...


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bush the Bail out BOY...-"...obligation to my successor..." Sacrifices Free Market Principals...Reminds Me of the "No New Taxes" of Bush Sr.

Remember-"Read my lips - no new taxes."? Bush Sr.

G . Bush = the same as Papa!

REEEEEECH across the aisle--like the L_O_T_E McCain..

The Republicans continually disappoint me ---do they all end up the same?

G Bush another bailout Boy---those of us in the US who are careful----only spend what we can afford-----pay our bills on time---THEY-the DARK SIDE-- and that includes the likes of Bush and McCain---do think WE are THEIR servants...


I just got back from class - a final - and read about Bush and got really 'steamed'...

Hope I calm down soon----

Bush quotes:

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Newdow vs a Christian-Thomas More Law-Wins Case for Christian..

Remember the Pledge hater-Newdow --well - he lost his frivolous (my opinion)case against a Christian leader:

Thank you-again-Thomas More and your excellent defenders of freedom---



McCain the Same As B.Hussein

McCain is the same
As the B Hussein
Only-he resides
In the clothes
of Sheep..

mc cain rips Republicans again:


Saturday, December 13, 2008

UAW 'Agreement' weighs 22lbs.

and that's just the union's paper-work for Ford !

If a UAW contract is over 2,000 pages long...and WEIGHS 22 POUNDS!!,,,,,,
Can you imagine what 'agreements' with the Federal Governing body must WEIGH!

Speaking of Weight:

The government elite
Write as many words
as they speak..
The weight will be lifted
from our POCKET BOOKS!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Two Kinds of Military Leader/Lead From The Front OR REMF-Which is Powell

Colin Powell has served himself well....and is no friend to the US...citizen....
But-I'll let you make up your mind into which category he should be placed---

LFTF or REMF-you choose...

And for those leaders-statesmen and military -who led from the front!:

Boeing's Fuel Effeicient Plane delayed by UNION ...

member walk out...that would be UNION member walk-out or STRIKE ....
US industry creates a fuel efficient plane- with orders already in ....Union members strike ...delaying production and thus-delivery of orders already in....
Socialism this time in the form of UNION-NEVER NEVER works!!!!!
Socialism-GO AWAY!

the old aristocracy
different 'royal ' henchmen...


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ode to the Second Amendment....

The Right To Bear Arms

I am moved
To remind...THAT
Every tyrant from
The beginning of time
Has ITS eye on
What's yours and mine.

All tyrants come from
The league of men.
For control of others
The laws they bend.

The only way we can survive
Is to exercise
Our covenant
With any government...
Amendment II
The Right of Arms to Bear.

Until He comes AGAIN
Making All Hearts Pure...

If it is Peace
You seek...

You must PREPARE for WAR!!!

Carol /CS

As an ode-I look to my friendly composers....this will be sung by me- someday :-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

B. Hussein O.-now it's OK....A Poem A Day!!!

First he said no...
Now - he says yes....
What other 'changes' he makes...
With the free speech stakes...
Is anyone's guess...

Carol- CS

PS-I got caught up in my country's slide to socialism and neglected my poetry writing-so - it's a poem a day in my journal-some I'll share with you all....

I probably should get my book edited and published too! HUH!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


A real birth certificate-NOW...

A Constitutional REPUBLIC is what we have in the US--not a democracy (thank God!)...I don't care how many people voted for BHO-I don't care how many states had a majority for BHO-

The Constitution was written by the Founders for a reason-we brook the reason-and we will reap the little 'tweak' here and a little lapse there and we have NO CONSTITUTION...

Our TROOPS are 'over there' now having vowed to "Protect and Defend the Constitution" and we are here making excuses for BHO and his 'no true documentation'..!???

I demand that the elitists that we elected (hired) demand to see REAL PROOF that BHO is who he says he is.....


My THANK A VET Day...Remember Pearl Harbor....

Thank you:

Friends who are "over there" now.....

Carol - CS

Saturday, December 6, 2008

War With Words and the Dark Side:

The DARK SIDE is so good with words-twisting them here and there!
There is an historic figure who was good w/ words and oratory---let's copy him---:
Patrick Henry...:
Until we do - the DARK SIDE will win the war w/ words every time!

Just read the Ayers' take for the NYT--Read it and weep that we've come so far from discernment...:

Friday, December 5, 2008

ARMY/Navy Game-Dec.6, 2008


Philadelphia time:
9:15 AM Navy march on....

9: 45 AM ARMY march on.....



Thursday, December 4, 2008

Danes Blow Pirate Vessel Out of the Water!

The Danes are fighting alongside our troops in Afghanistan -with guns!!! That little country has the highest per capita number of troops fighting w/ ours ...You've got to love them!!

Jefferson and Madison would be proud (see my posts- - August 18 2008):

No payment of "Dane-geld" here!!!

I am proud that the blood of the Danes
Runs in my Veins!

Carol - CS

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

If You Are Pro-Death-Don't read this Message.....

It Is An Un Born Human...
Sanger's Planned Parenthood-supported by your tax dollars and mine... ignores statutory rape and the laws of the individual states.....

My admiration for these young people knows no bounds.....They don't just talk -talk= talk - they ACT.....

ACTIONS- using the creative gifts that God has given (art-photography-music-acting-writing-computer technology etc. ) has been my prayer for about 15 years...
It warms my heart to see that my prayers have been answered via these young people!!!!!


Troop Response to Cards-Letters and Packages/Have Kleenx Ready...

The Troops Respond:
The troops express their appreciation for Operation Gratitude Care Packages through a constant flow of letters, e-mails and pictures, as seen in the Mail Call and Photo Gallery sections of the website.
"On the morning of Thanksgiving we were all a little down. Then later that day, we received your boxes. I can't begin to tell you the gratitude we all felt and the smiles that it put on the faces of all the soldiers here. But the thing that touched us the most wasn't the content of the boxes. The thing we were most proud of and what touched us all the most was the enclosed card with a picture off all the great Americans there waving and smiling at us. The entire mood changed and our Thanksgiving was Thanksgiving again. We all ate "Army Food" for Thanksgiving and talked about everything you guys sent, but again the talk kept going back to the card and the obvious support and love and care that your group sent. We noticed young, old, disabled, moms, dads, sons, and daughters. And we could also pick out the ones that have even served themselves, they just have that look!! Please tell all of them from the bottom of the heart of many soldiers located in an isolated forward operating base in Iraq, we received their gratitude on Thanksgiving day when we needed it the most. We may be serving here in Iraq but you guys are the Heroes. Thank You Again with the deepest Respect, Major K.O."

"I just received your package. I wanted to take this time to thank you for your thoughts, and more importantly your time. We are doing a job that our country has called us to do, and you are making that job easier. I am not much of a "candy man." However, I wanted you to know that I put it to good use. Today, on mission, I took the candy and gave it to as many children as I saw. You can not imagine the smiles of these kids who have nothing, and surely have never had candy. My heart nearly melted completely, when a little girl from Kirkuk blew me a kiss and said thank you!!!! It is the little things in life that make the difference. Keep up the work and know that it is making a difference!!! Thanks again!! Sincerely, Specialist B.Q

There are two great organizations that I support;
Operation Gratitude and Operation Support Our Troops.(OSOT)..

I also have a couple of Best of the Best friends that I send greetings to.

My prayers and thanks to our BEST OF THE BEST!!



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Heads Up! / National Service /the" Good Sheet"-Is Now Available!


Anyone remember B.Hussein O. and his wife mentioning the 'new plan' for 'voluntary' national service?
IT's HERE>>>>>

Just picked up a little paper called the _ GOOD_ with such wording as ..."this is the GOOD SHEET . It's a weekly series breaking down an important issue to help make sense of the world around us." ....
The one I picked up is titled "NATIONAL SERVICE"...
John F Kennedy and his "Ask not..." speech...(good use of JFK by the socialists)...
And a grid outline of various avenues for community service - with age -physical requirements -hours for 'service'..
For the lib 55 + crowd-you are not exempt!

1984 - anyone!!!

Alinsky-Ayers- and would be proud!

Guess where I found it>>>>at my local Starbucks!

Now-please - before you boycott- give me time to sell my shares in the company! )-: