Sunday, April 29, 2012

Infiltration of Our US Govt. By Islam-

I have been warning about this and the $$$ trail - via oil $$- PC- and my own poem of-LUKEWARM froggy- in boiling water-this is the link-!
Little Lisa M (is Sen of Alaska because the NRSC- National Rep Senatorial Committee- went to Alaska  to help little Lisa by starting  a write in vote--and over threw the then- winning election of  Joe Miller a man on honor and -West POINT grad  little Lisa M  could retain her 'inherited' seat in the Senate  and work her and the Rs  dastardly deeds ) - she is mentioned in the vid-
I also told you about the burning of our troops' CHRISTIAN BIBLES-
the fact the Gen Boynkin (sp) was stopped from speaking at WEST POINT-
This video reminded me of the warnings I gave my church - which sold Lutheran property to the muslims-(who built a mosque that looks rather  like the 9/11 WTC!)--
-- warnings I gave my friends and family- which went un-heeded-
Take the time to view-for the sake of US FREEDOM!
Do you see why I call myself a CONSTITUTIONALIST- not a Republican! There are too many RINOS !-(Carol creator of RINO-1993)
thank you  for this video-JAWA  -and - Adrienne-both sites  on my side roll-

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Front Sight-Part of My Las Vegas Trip-

Some like to gamble- I do not- I think gambleing is risky and a dumb waste of $$$ --
I also beleive that the Second Amendment is to be held --and that the best way to hold it is to know how to use fire arms under stress filled conditions...What do you think?

Thursday, April 26, 2012


My talented Christian brothers and sisters of the Roman Catholic denomination are using their talents to make powerful - visuals- this time a video - to stand for the percepts of Christ- LIFE-Liberty-Freedom-
My question- where are the other denominations!?- including mine - Lutheran-
Thank you my Roman Catholic fellows! from Carol-Pres- LA Lutherans for LIFE!!

BIBLES - No MORE for AIR Force-Atheists WIN-I'm OFFENDED!

Remember I informed you all about the military burning the BIBLES of our troops fighting 'over there'!?
Well ---the US Air Force has caved to the OFFENSIVE atheists-clikk this link for video via FOX
and the link to my post  : for recent history of military caving...the Luciferian   Red Horse is one of my paintings...
Just to remind- this regime are followers of Alinsky-- who gave honor to LUCIFER in his book - _Rules for Radicals_
Horse Pic
General MacArthur's take-and Pentagon Bible burning

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Offend the Offensive!

I don't know about you all-I'm tired of worrying about 'offending' the offensive!
BLACK  attacks WHITE -(seriously injures the white man)-because BLACK was angry-
and so on and so on and so on!!!!
so - bho- has to go!!
as does any other raaaaacist in power-
Please tell me that I am OFFENDING!

Grandma-Please Carry Your GUN

 This will bring a smile to all of those who know we must defend ourselves- the 911-police are too far away...
Grandma fends off gun carrying attackers-with her GUN-

and it is time for us to demand that  ALL STATES have a must carry rule--including California!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ron Paul ---a Prophet...

Have you ever taken the "test" at your church to determine your "spiritual gifts'?  I have and it came out that I am a Prophet and Teacher---
The Bible states that prophet is never accepted in his-her own country---I can testify to that- I have gotten many an 'eye roll' for warnings that I have given that later came true---
I believe Ron Paul is a prophet- as this video - circa 2002 will show- everything he states in the video has come true==

h/t republican mother-on my side roll

Friday, April 20, 2012

Daniel Pearl's-LA High School Alma Mater - Students Got the Truth!

The speakers were escorted- for their protection by officers from the LA PD-
The students were shocked when told the truth about islam-

TWO Articles -Missionary-Lt. John Birch & Big Bankers Behind Lindburgh Baby Kidnapping?!

The hero from whom the  John Birch Society was named-rescued survivors of the 1942 Doolittle - Tokyo raid...

since I have a very dear friend  who was a friend of the Lindberghs-I  take this very seriously- and- because I believe there is massive corruption  (follow the $$$$$$) in our govt- now and back then...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Note to Blackfive!!-a LIAR is A Liar and Cannot BE Trusted

since I cannot post comments at Balckfive-(a site that I usually totally agree with) since it concerns our BEST-I will use  my forum to respond to his pooooh-poooh of the SS shacking w/ prostitutes ---
He posted on the  Secret Service debauchery --the  SS -motto- "WHEELS UP_RINGS OFF"... -stating that tooo much is being made of the SS lack of honor ---REALLY!!!!!
Hey BF-if a human male who would risk bringing a DISEASE to his wife to whom he promised fidelity---HE WILL RISK the security of the Republic ---Your making excuse for the SS i(Secret Service) is an abomination!!!
Read this and weep- my friends who have  HONOR!! to their WORD!!!

HEY BLACK FIVE-DUTY-HONOR-COUNTRY-recognize those words-the motto of  WEST POINT Comes to mind!!and-geees-a great General stated those words in a speech he gave at USMA!!
HEY Blackfive-that you are giving the SS a pass - for them NOT to maintain  their HONOR- I'm wondering-- to what other humans - who have given their word and then break it - will you  give a pass?!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Super Model at 83!! I love this woman!

 This woman is a bench mark to me -now- as well as my friend -whom I describe below!

I have a dear friend who is 95+ and still going strong-drives everywhere-does her own gardening (1/2 acre) -she said to me the other day-I had to give up golf and tennis because... "I wasn't fast enough to the net and I could no longer walk the course and carry my own clubs...!"
She has always been my bench mark to aging! Poooooof to age!!

REALLY!!-Great video of Raaacizm $$$ trail-& Zimmerman-right to defend

Saturday, April 14, 2012

POETRY-Model for Brevity

I originally started my blog as an out- let for my thoughts and my poetry--
I have been thinking that it is time to get back to my original purpose-other blogs disperse the "news"--
This article has confirmed my 'back to the future' thoughts : - )

Below is a poem that I encouraged my students to memorize-because- when they came to me - they thought poetry was boring- I told them that anyone who could write -with few words- and get their point across - is a true thinker--poetry is the model for brevity-(copy write  2012 Carol)

Poetry is the wisdom of the ages-
It can be found in books--on certain pages-
To remove from it a vagueness or a cloud-
It must be spoken often and aloud.
(author un-known)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


CAIR & SPLC-What Do They Have in Common/Teacher Firing for Not Following Charter School Rules..Hmmmmm

I was struck by the fact that CAIR (council on american-islamic relations) and SPLC (southern poverty law center ) came 'marching' in after a teacher was fired for not following the rules of the Charter School that she worked for-
Go Here- and give your support to Dr. Cassell-

My question-what connection - between CAIR and SPLC- I've been doing a bit of research-the word INTERESTING-came to mind....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the RAPTOR 3-

If I remove all other sites from my roll- this one will stay!
He is doing battle using the advanced forum of the cyber-world-
and he is helping protect our BEST!!
the Raptor 3
this from R 3's site:
And on the 8th day, God created hackers.
He saw that this was good,
for on the 9th day,
hackers used two stones
to make fire.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

OCCUPY Til I Come..EASTER-HE WON the Battle

CHRIST WON the Battle - HE is a Warrior!
We celebrate HIS victory this Easter Sunday-
Occupy means- hold the ground WON- Are We Ready to do that...Lk 19!!

King of Kings, Lord of Lords

Thursday, April 5, 2012

GOD X'd OUT From Greenwood Song By Mass.School

Christianity attacked AGAIN-Are We Awake YET!!!
What are we in the US going to DO about it?!
Boycott the public schools?!!-Letters?!! - 'demonstrate'?!!--Any suggestions!?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ART-Staying Attuned to the BASICS Is Important

One of my dear friends exclaimed to me- concerning my art - -"Carol, you've gone backwards!"
My early years of art instruction (elementary,  high school, university) came from instructors tuned to the 'classical' school (Beckman et al) -
I taught art and music to K-6 using the skills gained and a few of my students went on to become illustrators and one became a draftsman (woman) for a major automobile Co.
After years of creating classical type works (Not selling any-typical artist!! " - )
 I started classes at a local college- -the words used toward my art were such as - "You've got to loosen up--or --you do not have to draw 'realistic' figures'  --etc etc-
Thank God for my truthful friend- I am back to realistic drawing-
I have found a couple of great sites:
Encouraging is the word I would use-the list of three posts from illustration art--includes --The Superman creators who did not know what they had--etc:

This site is great as well!
and this one:

My site-must update it-but- you will get the 'gist' :
About Carol's ART

Monday, April 2, 2012

Detroit -House for $1.00 - Large Colonial for $12,000.00

 Life Liberty PROPERTY (money-and land)- Original wording of the Declaration!
Detroit (and the rest of Michigan)-the first welfare city-has had HIGH TAXES for a very long time!
Now-you can buy a 3 bdrm colonial for $12,000-and for $1  in some places !!-so a whole block of houses would be cheap & !!!!
Taking from others to support out of wedlock single mothers and children ( ADC )and other govt give away programs funded by  tax payer $$$$  - does not work...
and-would you believe-socialist  Michigan's property tax rates  are higher than socialist CA!

looks like the IRISH are getting it- they are protesting property taxes!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Judging a Person By Looks -Never

It is what is in the heart and "gut" that counts! h/t Leticia (side roll)