Friday, December 28, 2012

Beethoven=Art and Music

 Don't only practice your ART
But-force yourself into its Secrets
For it and knowledge
Can raise men to the Devine

BRING THEM HOME=Les Miserables
Great vocal of Bring Him Home-Les Miserables:

Thursday, December 27, 2012

islam says if you submitt-you are a slave & Gun Control Makes Us in the US Slaves-Two points-
GREAT TAKE- a must read for all FREEDOM lovers.
Have we in the US become 'submitters'???
Remember- the first war of the new US Republic was against the Barbary Pirates (ISLAM)
 Did the Founders make a mistake by writing the Second Amendment-you know- the Amendment that protects all the other Amendments!?!
This Video about tells it all- if certain language 'offends' you- do not watch...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Do I get some "EYE ROLLS" -

 I am used to 'eye rolls' from those citizens who honestly believe our government is totally HONEST with them !!
This a must read for those who believe our government is not totally honest --(OK-and for those mentioned in the sentence above too :-)
h/t Crusader Rabbit: Dec 25 2012-

RE: Elementary shooting at Sandy Hook --The above - very concise  Wood Pile report- reveals what I have believed from the start - connections to other rampage shootings--and govt cover-up --

 Read the entire report via the link--let me know what you think!  (geeez--did I rhyme again!!)
Here are a couple of tantilizers from the woodpile expose:

Sandy Hook School Principal Dawn Hochsprung told The Bee that a masked man entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shots - more than she could count - that went "on and on."
The Newtown Bee, December 14, 2012 [web site page since deleted]
How could the principal have survived to give this statement to local press describing what happened ... if she was one of the first to be killed?

And this connection:Sandy Hook-Aurora- Libor banking scandal!!

In the wake of the mass murders that took place in Newtown, Connecticut on Dec. 14, information on the shooter, and his family, is slowly being discovered by law enforcement other sources. One interesting connection to the tragedy that took place at the Sandy Hook school is that the father of Adam Lanza has a connection to the theater shootings that took place in Aurora earlier this year by James Holmes. Both fathers of the shooters were allegedly expected to testify in the Libor scandal that rocked the banking world in June.

Sgt John Peck-Hero-Inspiration - No Whining for Him

 Whenever I hear some child or adult 'feeling sorry for themselves' - I'll just say-aloud-Sgt John Peck-
and then tell them to stop whining!
I don't know how to embed FOX vids - so- please go to the link and view the video and read the account-You will be inspired!!

His Mother is also an Hero!!

His wife 'left'  him --bad decision--she looked at the 'out-side' instead of the heart and guts of this incredible young man--

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Major Dan - Folds of Honor-Synchronicity

Maj. Dan founded Folds of Honor to help the families of our dead &wounded  BEST!
Some do not know what the FOLDS mean- each fold of the flag removed from the caskets of our fallen BEST has a meaning-
This photo -( it went viral BTW )- tells it all-----Christian Golcynski accepting the flag from his fallen father's casket: Folds of Honor :
Christian Golczynski

I introduce to you all-- Maj. Dan Rooney  -His speech at an NRA convention explaining his synchronous  experience that led to FOLDS of HONOR Foundation:

Friday, December 21, 2012

Jon Hammer - MARINE-Un-justly Imprisoned in Mexico-to be RELEASED-- YEEEHAAA

Sat up date-'Our' Marine is now in a car with his Father on U S soil!

I must thank FOX for this-outcome- and the tenacity of his Mother and Father!!

The bho regime  and the MSM did not care about this Veteran -- who served his country -They were going to let him rot down there-

The words BOYCOTT Mexico worked- the loss of $$$$$$$ means something --YEEEHA
thanks Gateway Pundit for keeping track of this story-Drudge does not even have it!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lib Dem Congresswoman Tells Cavuto to SHUT UP!!

RUDE woman!! To be expected though-she's an 'entitlement' Dem--
Just wish that Cavuto had not apologized for it--
She was in the wrong- using Alinsky 'speak'--the RULES for Radicals! (link)

Monday, December 17, 2012

CHRISTians Need to Stand Up Against HHS Mandates-

HHS mandates that we the Taxpayers should support abortion-et al - when we know that abortion and et. al. are EVIL!!!!! HEALTH CARE ----- R E A L L Y !!! SARC!
Seems like  some CHRISTians  are standing up!--check out Thomas More Law--I have been following and supporting said organization for some time!!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lt Col. Dooley Betrayed by Gen Dempsey - Course on islam was Sanctioned...

Truth—Newly Revealed Document Vindicates Army Lt. Colonel Matthew Dooley In Anti-Islam Controversy

In December 2011, the National Defense University’s Deputy VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Brenda Roth, officially confirmed in writing to the Pentagon that all course materials at the National Defense University were vetted and approved by the University and its military command.  This official confirmation covered the content and outside guest speakers used in its course entitled Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism.

Nevertheless, four months later General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, disregarding Dr. Roth’s official report, publicly excoriated and fired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Matthew Dooley, an instructor involved with the course, on grounds that the course was offensive to Islam and unprofessional; he also ordered LTC Dooley’s career–ending negative Officer Evaluation Report.

In the newly revealed official communication written on December 2, 2011, Dr. Roth informed the Pentagon that “The curriculum is vetted through College-level curriculum committees or academic review committees which ensure students receive a senior-level professional education (vice training) in national security strategy.”

My friends- this 'bowing' to islam has got to stop!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

If I Wanted America To FAIL & No Derogatory Comments About the Taliban-Says New US Military Handbook

Read this and weep-my friends---H/T Crusader Rabbit

This is a comment I wrote on Mustang's site:::-If I Wanted America to Fail
I am sure that you -Mustang- get ‘eye rolls’ – as do I – when we warn our fellow Americans -
This video brought to mind my father’s warnings-(he served 4 years in the Pacific-WWII) – was very ‘close to the vest’ -but-he told us kids that a welfare system-(like – paying women to have childredn out of wedlock) would lead to bankrupt cities (we were from the Detroit area and his market was in in Detroit)–
I can only say – thank you Dad-you were right//

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The RINO Rs must go-Thank you Joe!

Remember-Joe Miller was betrayed by the R party - during the Senatorial 'battle' in Alaska-the NRSC sent 'helpers' for Murkowski-(turn-coat-Left leaning ) and set up a 'write in ' campaign' even though Joe  was winning..
Now he is truth telling via his site and videos. (link)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Go ARMY - Beat Navy-Sat . Dec 8-3:00 ET!!

Army beat Air Force this year- for the first time in awhile  SO- It looks good that ARMY will beat Navy
 : - )  ( - :
WEST POINT site w/ great photos -this is the best link - I think!!

BTW Dec 7 Pearl Harbor - Patton's warning..this is a link-I had to add this- we must not forget...

Friday, November 30, 2012

VICTORY in the War on CHRISTMAS-Nativity Will Stay

After four years of litigation by the Thomas More Law Center, John Satawa will once again be able to erect a Nativity display on a public median in Warren, Michigan—a tradition that his family and neighbors have been observing every Christmas since 1945.
 MORE on VICTORY thanks to Thomas More Law !!

If CHRISTians are willing to FIGHT instead of always 'turning the other cheek' - the attacks on CHRISTmas and the attacks on our Sisters and Brothers throughout the world would stop!!

Death of American Religion-Great Article from a brilliant young man!

BONUS for You all- Training for Battle - WEST POINT

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Faith-Family-Friends & Beers go with ______on Thanksgiving

Very Light posting for the next couple weeks-You will enjoy this though_

Have a Grand Thanksgiving- My Friends-
My motto for the rest of this year and for the rest of my life-

I cannot change the world - I can love my Family and Friends!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Knew that He Played Golf- the Piano Guy - Chello--the Fact that he jumped out of a perfectly good air plane - Oh Well!!

I love the Piano Guys - classically  trained - they cast off the serious- and have fun with their art!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When the Eagle Cried-Vietnam Vets -

I warned that I would perform a citizen's arrest on anyone who spit on one of our BEST-I remembered what the leftest 'progressives' did to our BEST after Vietnam! Shame on the '60s-

Do I want our BEST home- esp if the Rules of Engagement now hamper  & endanger them -YES-
Do I blame them for this government's administration of the endless war in the MID - East- NO

and a very moving story of a female soldier of today who gave part of her liver to a Vietnam Vet -
As always w/ our BEST- SHE IS Humble - and chooses to remain anonymous!
Thank you JAWA-

Sam Gordon- 9 Year Old Female Football Star-

If A  Female Horse (Filly) Can beat the 'boys' - why not a Girl (human) beat the boys-

Zenetta-Filly- Beat the Boys-

Monday, November 12, 2012

Yon's and My Take on Petraeus

 I 'smell' a  set up as to  General Petraeus- West Point-honored officer-
I also 'smell' something funny about the 'shack babe' Broadwell -West Point -
I'll keep investigating this incident because I feel it has to do with huge cover-ups by the communist in chief and the long term elites from both parties --and Benghazi too--
I remember - way back when- reading about the generosity of Petraeus to young soldier who accidentally shot him - and yet- Petraeus - instead of retribution- sent the young soldier to Ranger School:

This is Micael Yon's take on the Petraeus 'affair':and a quote from his article:
"During 2007, at the peak of the Iraq war, an infantry lieutenant colonel told me about the time that Colonel Petraeus was shot during training.  A Soldier accidentally put a bullet straight through Petraeus’s chest.  Blood and lungs were coming from his mouth.  Petraeus nearly died.
Normally a mistake like this might end the career of the Soldier who fired the shot, and it might adversely affect the career of his commanding officer.  Instead, Colonel Petraeus survived and he sent the young Soldier to Ranger school. It was the young commander, now older, who told me the story in Iraq. His man fired the shot that almost killed Petraeus.   If Petraeus had kicked the young officer out of the Army, it would have been our loss. Instead, Petraeus took a bullet to the chest and he turned it into a teachable moment.  That is David Petraeus." 

UPDATE w/many video and commentary links:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Military Personnel Forced to Submit to Injections

I had heard this 9 years ago from a source close to me - dangerous vaccines were forced upon our military personnel  -I am glad he left early--some inoculations are dangerous-

Take the flu vaccine- I have a friend who lost the hearing in her ear because of that vaccine!

Look at the video - a vet is concerned about the current use of the military:
Combat Vet Has Had Enough : 

The comments from military personnel are more 'telling' thatn the actual article:

BTW- I am taking a few days off--to sort things out--to concentrate on my art - writing --music-sorting old stuff to get rid of!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

No Difference Between the Rs and the Ds& CHRISTIANS Stand UP

There has been no difference between the parties in years– and years–
Saw that as a young volunteer- when the R elites ‘gave’ us in CA a man named HUFFINGTON when our Congressman Dannemeyer was winning–
many veteran volunteers stopped volunteering and voted for the D- Feinstein-saying-she would be better than HUFFINGTON…

you all recognize the name HUFFINGTON – the X of Arianna  Huffington of the Huffinton Post…That Huffington!
thanks R elites – for all you have done for our great Republic SARC..

Like the Black Robed Pastors of the Revolution (the BLACK REGIMENT)  -

The “Black Regiment” (Pastors who signed the Declaration in 1776) believed that God was in control and also believed that GOD gave us control here on earth- NO WHIMPS THEY!!
We in the US have lost the HIStory of this great Republic–
“Occupy til I come.” Lk 19- Christ’s (thus God’s ) COMMAND to us–all Christians-

You will love this HISTorical overview of Muelenerg -Hertiage of the FoundingFathers...
John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg was an American clergyman, Continental Army soldier during the American Revolutionary War, and political figure in the newly-independent United States. Wikipedia
Born: October 1, 1746
Died: October 1, 1807

BTW-We must get our education system back!
if John Dewey and his communist ‘friends’ can sit at a coffee shop at the turn of the last century (1900- that turn )-: and write-state aloud- and follow through with a plan to overtake the excellent Ed System of the US – and they did – while our families ‘slept’ –We-too- can write -coalesce-state-and follow through w a plan to stop the dumbing down of our youth!!
 and return LATIN to our Ed System-70% of the English language has a Latin base-
and the Latin meaning for right is beneficium..

Sunday, November 4, 2012

ART and MUSIC - To The ARTS !!!

Don't Only Practice Your Art-
But, Force Your Way Into Its Secrets
For It and Knowledge Can Raise Men To The Devine-

Ludwig van Beethoven

Enjoy - My Friends:Notice how many young people are in the orchestra!

When we take our education system back- music and art will be added first- and with those- Reading- Writing and Arithmetic will come more smoothly to the students-
During my tenure of teaching- I taught art and music to K- 6 - the supposed 'hyperactive' (now it's called ADD) students were NOT hyperactive in my classes!
The Piano Guys -made this video on this post and the one I posted below-link in red-
Did You Know That Five Guys Can Play The Piano!
Look how many young people are at Jon's Concert--Excellence and Passion  will draw and audience..

Friday, November 2, 2012

On ABORTION - No Separation!

The Founders never intended the Christian percepts to be expunged from the administration of the Constitution that runs our Republic- in fact- the words Separation of Church and State were coined by Jefferson and sent to the Danbury Baptists to assure them that there would be NO STATE RUN/FINANCED CHURCHES/ in other words - the government would NOT INTERFERE with the CHURCH!!!
The progressive/communist / marxists- took the words and twisted them- as they always do...
ABORTION is the MURDER of an INNOCENT HUMAN-and thus it is the CHURCH"S obligation to STAND AGAINST such a 'practice' 
If you need a larger version- click on  image:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ranking Officers' Endorsements-Guess Who the Dems Are

 Thank you Special Operations for America!!!

for bho-recognize these:!!!
General Wesley Clark, USA, (Ret)
General Colin Powell, USA (Ret)
there are only 3 others : - ) SARC

The LIST IS LONG for those Officers Supporting Mitt Romney- bigger  (-:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Socialist D Congress 'People' (70) Names Released By Socialist Party

Allen West is correct-there are MANY communist-socialists in Congress!!
At least the Socialist Party of America released this paper work--now waiting for bho to release his paper work---h/t KG
QUESTION- what are we going to do about it!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Where are the Officers and Why Do They Not Fulfill Their Oath!

 The Benghazi travesty has hit a huge nerve with me--there should be no American left behind-
 The traitor in chief left our US citizens to die--
Where are the officers of our military !?-

Officers Oath
I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the CONSTITUTION of the United States against all ENEMIES, foreign and DOMESTIC; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God

the bold prints are mine – to emphasize what officers are to do!!

defend the Constitution -the word President- is not in their  Oath –SO-

Where are our officers in the DoD – and et al on this treasonous travesty !!- The Big Boys apparently do not have the spine or a ‘set’ –
Gen. Patreaus – and et al – stand up!!

 The father of Seal - Tyrone Woods - says his son was murdered- I feel the same-
Tyrone disobeyed an order to stand down and went to the rescue of those Americans from the embassy!
 I 'met ' an hero tonight on FOX-

and there was an AC 130 over the Benghazi terrorist attack site !

Full TRUTHful report!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

WOW-This woman is allowed to drive!

wonder if she is  a lib Dem !??!! and is allowed to vote!!!-- geeeeeeez

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Ground Zero SCULPTURE of NEW HORSE SOLDIERS-to Honor ...

those Soldiers first into Afghanistan (roads were so bad - only horses could get our BEST to the enemy)--
I am reading _Horses Soldiers_ by Doug Stanton--This is my post with a great video:
Ground Zero Sculpture of present day Soldier-HORSE AND RIDER!!!

The actual Horse Soldiers telling their story - and the forming of the sculpture

to note- there is still an HORSE program at West Point -USMA-

U.S. Special Operations, members of Task Force Dagger, and Afghani forces ride into northern Afghanistan in October 2001 on horseback.
America's Response Monument, De Oppresso Liber
America's Response Monument-De Oppresso Liber.jpg
America's Response Monument
Artist Douwe Blumberg
Year 2011
Type Bronze
Dimensions (13 ft in × 7 ft in × 13 ft in)
Location New

BTW-Mr. President bho-there are still HORSE Soldiers in combat situations-AND- a submarine is a BOAT not a ship!(referring to bho's comment at the last debate--that there were no more horses -

Monday, October 22, 2012

Did You Know That 5 Guys Can Play One PIANO!

OK-We needed this smile time-didn't we!
Thank you -to a dear friend- for sending this to me--

and- it is time for me to 'dust off' my baby grand (took lessons for 10 years) !! and performed--and accompanied myself and others -singing--
and - when I open her-( has it been 4 years !?)- I'll  remember how to play - unlike the the guitar (3 semesters) - :-)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

WOW-Declaration of WAR from the Youth of France

Thank you KG=Crusader Rabbit...
You must watch at least two times to juxtapose what these brave ones are saying and how it speaks to what is happening  here in the US and in all freedom loving countries including Australia and NZ-
Open borders-forced anti white racism and et al--

KG-You are welcome to add to my take...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Murdered in Afghanistan--Dario Lorenzetti - West Point-Diplomat-Father-Husband

RIP Mr. Lorenzetti West Point  class of 1993-
My heart goes out to your family--
He was working for the US Dept of State -in Afghanistan - and murdered by a member of the Afghan intelligence service -Oct. 13-2012-
He was due to come home Dec. 15--

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

and THEY Say HORSES Are Dumb
Answer the phone Patches-:-) and go get a beer for me Patches (-:

Monday, October 15, 2012

GUITAR-Fingering "Lesson" : - )

Thanks MR at IBA:

As you know-I have taken 'baby' out of her case for the first time in 4 years-and am now a beginning again~!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Women Speak Out PAC-Live Birth/Abortions-and bho

 bho says that it is OK for babies born ALIVE- after an abortion - to be set out to DIE!!
bho has to GO!!!!
Posting this at our LA Lutherans for Life site:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CSM Basil Plumley-RIP

 Command Sargent Major Basil Plumley  -RIP
Sam Elliot Portrayed CSM Plumley in We Were Soldiers:

Gen. Moore and CSM Plumley at West Point-2:00 and 3:27 show CSM Plumley-


Tutorial by Eric-
I figure -if I'm ever going to LEARN THE COMPUTER- it will be through my love of art-
SO- it is time to use Corel or ???

Cowards in the Pulpits

 Been saying this for years--
BTW-Sunday Oct. 7 - was pulpit freedom day- where brave pastors stated political issues - testing  the un-Constitutional  501 'law' put forth in 1954 by the debauched L B Johnson- to shut his critics up--the 501 C3 section was added--
No CHRISTian leaders at the time spoke up-- were they afraid -or did they not know the Constitution and the process that gave up the Constitution!!  A WAR-for FREEDOM 1776!
 Read what this brave CA Pastor has to say--let me know what you think!!!

Micro-Chips for Students-1984 Anyone-

 Warning-Soon- micro-chips will be 'mandatory' for students -then the rest of us in the US--
Reminds me or George Orwell's book 1984 - published 1949!!! Was Orwell a prophet or did he write the book because he saw the start up technology  back then!?

BTW-I've often wondered about the 'students' at the 4 military academies-if they will be the first to be micro-chipped--into their bodies!!
I do know that they are 'required' to be 'vaccinated' with  every new - thus un-proven- 'vaccine' that the FDA approves--are they being experimented upon?!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Leave it to the Libs in Lib Michigan-WJRT-TV-Ryan Had Had Enough --

 He and his Crew Decided to End the useless interview w/ the lib questioner-

Sunday, October 7, 2012


After 3 years of not touching my classical guitar-I got her out of the case - to take semester 4-did not remember a thing!--So starting from the beginning--This Roy Clark "lesson" will be a great aid!

finger work-some classical :
15 year old-WOW
Korean Orphan-Classical Voice

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Today-October 4-is my BIRTHDAY!!-Got a Present last night-Romney Stood Firm!!-

and did not allow the commentator nor bho to de-rail his message-

and-he knew the details of every issue and TRUTH TOLD!!!

So- have made my decision!--will be voting for Gov. (PRESIDENT) Romney for President--

I only ask that you (Romney) not do too much REEEEACHING across the aisle...

My Birthday Card

Friday, September 28, 2012

ZENYATTA-World's Greatest HORSE-

She will be honored with a statue to be unveiled tomorrow at Santa Anita-

 She drinks Guinness (-: and --her trainer would not start her as a 3 year old-- (my take-and I have always said it- horses are NOT commodities and should not be raced as babies- it causes them to break down and then be -most of the time- destroyed)--
This 60 Minutes video brought a BIG SMILE to my heart-

Thursday, September 27, 2012

U.S Capital Was the Chruch -This Is A Christian Nation-We Have Been Lied To

28 years ago- my husband and I went to our first Home Educators Convention-
We attended a seminar by  Historian - Dr Marshall Foster-and realized  that  we had been lied to about  the true HIStory of the  U.S. Republic--
This video - featuring David Barton -Will help you understand -where WE in the US  have come from - our CHRISTIAN roots!!!!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Rand Paul-Cut Aid to Dictators -

This is an history lesson on our pitiful Congress-and our AID program -
AIDING tyrants who torture their people--
MY TAKE: AID is no better than the TRIBUTE that the New US paid to the Barbary Pirates-remember-Jefferson had had enough- sent the new Navy and Marines (Shores of Tripoli) !! Madison finished the job-until the progressives arrived in government 80 + years ago!!
Note:Senate vote to Rand Paul's proposal to simply monitor the BILLIONS of US TAX PAYER $$$$ was struck down by our Senate 81 to 10--
Will look to see the RINO Republicans who voted against Paul's proposal..
This video will be 'sticky' - if you do not have time to listen to this great HISTORY lesson in one sitting- it will be here the rest of the week:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lt Col Dooley -West Point-Betrayed By the DoD-Thomas More Law Has the Case
In April 2012, LTC Dooley, a highly decorated combat veteran, was publically condemned by General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and relieved of his teaching assignment because of the negative way Islam was portrayed in an elective course entitled, Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism.

my comment to this issue posted at another site:

Now there is a mosque on the grounds of West Point-
in 2002- there were only enough muslim cadets to warrant a small room for them to meet--
The increase in numbers of muslim Cadets should tell us something-too--
As to the betrayal of Lt.Col. Dooley-don't get me started--
Thank GOD for Thomas More Law!!
Carol -CS

Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Cavalry -Sept 13-1921-Happy Birthday-

You all know how I love our BEST- and you know how I love Horses!!
USMA-  West Point--used to train horses and riders (cadets) in Thayer Hall (now it is used for  academic classes ) )-:

Love this video because- it has great music-rendition and a beautiful horse !

Josh Mandel-Veteran- Conservative- Running for Office

I support true Conservatives- Nation -wide- because- when  they get into  office - their votes affect us all--
This young man has served his country and wants to continue serving her---I ask that you consider helping with your $$$$$--

Jefferson Did NOT Apologize to the Barbary Pirates (muslims)

paying tribute (aid $$$ by the billions) does not work--

Remember - the new U.S. paid tribute to the muslims (Barbary Pirates) to the tune of 20% of GDP-and our ships were still being attacked and hostages taken-

Jefferson finally took action- sent the Marines (thus the words- Shores of Tripoli)-and the piracy stopped for awhile- when it started again- Madison finished the job!
Very old war-one of my posts on this issue --- from 2008!  (my first year of real blogging)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Intersection of Church and State-Lutheran Production--

I've been praying for a long time that Lutheran leaders would study the Founding of this great Republic  and stand up for Constitutional percepts---when President Harrison went before Congress-I knew that my prayers were being answered--
NOW THIS!!  You have got to see the trailer for the program!!!

Stand Tall Lutherans and all Christians!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Muslim Intimidation to Get Public School Property-Remember 9/11PLEASE

we must stand up and get the word out--
BTW - TAQUYYA - muslims may lie to further the cause of mohamed/and / allah--
Intimidation (threat of law suit by ICA-) in sale of  public school property-
So- are we going to allow a -finger in our eyes- by the muslims by letting them put up a mosque on Ground Zero-?!!!
Thank you Thomas More Law ----Go to the Site-you will learn a lot....

Sunday, September 9, 2012

a taste of Front Sight

I've been thinking of taking the course-what do you think...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

GUNS Sales to Baby Boomers - BOOM

: - )  could not resist- BOOM:

Guns stocks are great to have - both on the market exchange and in your cabinets...

[category name]

M&P9 9mm

"The biggest new group of buyers now are senior citizens," Larry Hyatt, owner of a North Carolina gun shop, said on CNBC's "Closing Bell." "Ten thousand Baby Boomers a day are turning 65; they can't run, they can't fight, they got to shoot."

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Allen West-Man of Honor- for Congress-video-too- the Ds -3 Times Said NO TO GOD>>>

I supported Allen West during his first run for Congress-he won!!

My thinking- even though I'm from CA- when a true Constitutionalist gets into Congress--the Republic wins... Please donate a little or a lot-we need more like him
There is a great video ad - labled- 3 times the Ds  said NO to GOD---on the site as well!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

SOAR-ARMY Aviation Spec Ops-

This unit was even new to me!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Romney-Hobson's Choice - Take the Horse I Give You

 The GOP elites have been giving us Hobson's choice  for 50+ years---Lesser of Two Evils-LOTE
"There is a story that 'Hobson's choice' comes from a Mr. Hobson who hired out horses and gave his customers no choice as to which horse they could take."

READ ALAN  KEYES' EXCELLENT take on Ronmey and the GOP elites- that is where I learned of the term Hobson's Choice!!!
a quote from his article:
"The GOP partisans say that I should not tell the truth about Mitt Romney's worship of ambition and financial gain, which led him, too, to sacrifice conscience and unalienable right in order to feed the depraved appetites of those he thought necessary to his advancement. I should not tell the truth about his deed-conflicted stands; his careless healthcare packages tainted with the blood of murdered innocence; his socialist "bipartisan" schemes tainted by the sacrifice of conscientious liberty."

Facebook Marine Vet-Taken w/o a Warrent-Scared for His Country

 Orewell's 1984 -anyone - -be worried my friends--and please take the time to watch this VERY informational video!

Infanticide is OK w/ b Hussein O-Mark Levin's Commentary

before that-my take- Margarete Sanger (pervayor  of  murder for 'undesirables'-like Jews-blacks- ) - Hitler (adhered to M. Sanger's teachings)--M. Sanger founder of the super abortion provider Planned Parenthood--now- b Hussein Obama-pervayor of infanticide--need I say more ?!!!--
 now -- to Mark Levine:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rules of Engagement- RoE-are getting our BEST Killed

Instead of being afraid of the might of U.S. firepower, enemy fighters use our rules of engagement and restrictions on air support against us. When faced with a split-second decision of whether to shoot, soldiers many times must hesitate—or be investigated. Or, as in the case of the 2009 Battle of Ganjgal, excessive restrictions on air and artillery assets unfortunately meant excessive American deaths.

Admiral -a General to bho!-Threatens Our BEST for Telling the Truth-=
So - it is OK for bho and his cronies to 'leak sensitive info' - but not ok for retired Vets  to do so--

It is OK for our military 'officials' to burn our troops Bibles-
but the koran must be handled w/ kid gloves- 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Go ARMY -Miss You--BABY--

I love you all-ARMY - Navy- Marines-Coast Guard- Merchant Marine-
The USMA and ARMY do have a special place in my heart though ( - :

h/t Adrienne

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

Facebook Marine Ordered RELEASED-

You know the story of the nazi - commie tactics of our government toward a Marine and his Facebook postings- right! GOOD NEWS-h/t Joe Miller and Rutherford Institute-

My former post on this:

These Sites Are Sooooo Great! 2016 # 1 Box Office

 Heading to see 2016 -so - enjoy these great sites:
just went to see 2016-- and now read that it is headed for # 1 Box Office !!!

b Hussein O- new movie- The Un Vetted-bho

folks- I have had my suspicions about the so called conservative media including Drudge-FOX --
After you view this documentary - those suspicions are media wants to expose the truth about the Communist infiltration of our Republic!!
 except a few --starting w/ a New Zealand blogger !!! --
 now - I go first to Stand Up Americans- and Joe Miller's site---
This link at SUA has a documentary about bho that it has permission to show---

Thursday, August 23, 2012

America's Secret Genocide Against Veterans

SOROS Buys Gun Manufacturers

If someone can prove this WRONG- I would So Appreciate it!!!
Subject:: Marlin Firearms bought out by Soros
Disarming America...
Marlin Firearms bought out by Soros!
Marlin Firearms is already closing its doors!  They are doing it to us, America!   Even if you do not own a gun you need to know this.  This needs to be spread to all gun owners and sportsman.  We cannot rely on the media to inform us of these types of matters.
Something You May Not Know That Is Happening...
Who is buying companies, manufacturing guns???  For the last several years a company called The Freedom Group has been buying up gun and ammunition manufacturers.  Some of the companies are Bushmaster, Marlin, Remington, DPMS, Dakota Arms and H&R.  Some people worry that this Freedom Group is going to control most of the firearms companies in the United States .  If you control the manufacturers you can decide to stop selling to civilians.  That's how they did it in Russia .
What a perfect way to control guns.
Now if you do some digging you will see that The Freedom Group is owned by a company called Cerberus Capital Management.  Guess who controls Cerberus???  GEORGE SOROS!!!  He wants to restrict or ban all civilian guns.
Please pass this on to all your freedom loving friends.  This needs to come out.  Why have we not heard about this in the "mainstream" media?  I would think this would be BIG news. (Soros also owns Progressive Insurance).  If you don't know who George Soros is, you need to do some Research.  He backed Obama with millions of dollars and Obama is a puppet on a string controlled by Soros.
Send this to every gun owner in America.  Also, please REMEMBER this when you VOTE in November!
One Flag,
One Language,
One Nation Under God!!


Remember Joe Miller-(West Point - Veteran-Lawyer) who was WINNING the Senatorial race in Alaska against the LIBERAL Rep-little Lisa Murkowsk (sp) ?!!!! and the esablishment Rs in the form of the NRSC (Nat R Senatorial Comm) went to helpo little Lisa w/ a write in campign and she miraculously WON---(she is such a UN ist - that she is trying to sneak throught the LOST -Law of the Sea Treaty )--
THANK YOU NSRC and you elite Rsssss-S A R C
WELL- THE very same NRSC has betrayed another Rep - AKIN ...
(I preferred the Tea Party Candidate - but who listens)
Here is Huckabee's take:ck the link for more:
"Who ordered this “Code Red” on Akin? There were talking point memos sent from the National Republican Senatorial Committee suggesting language to urge Akin to drop out. Political consultants were ordered to stay away from Akin or lose future business with GOP committees. Operatives were recruited to set up a network of pastors to call Akin to urge him to get out. Money has changed hands to push him off the plank. It is disgraceful. From the spotlights of political offices and media perches, it may appear that the demand for Akin’s head is universal in the party. I assure you it is not. There is a vast, but mostly quiet army of people who have an innate sense of fairness and don’t like to see a fellow political pilgrim bullied. If Todd Akin loses the Senate seat, I will not blame Todd Akin. He made his mistake, but was man enough to admit it and apologize. I’m waiting for the apology from whoever the genius was on the high pedestals of our party who thought it wise to not only shoot our wounded, but run over him with tanks and trucks and then feed his body to the liberal wolves."
ANOTHER BETRAYED by the Rsss sssssss sssssss

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Video Interview w/ Facebook Marine-Shut In a Psych Ward for 30 days- By Our Governmnet

You have been reading about this for days--Marine - Taken by our Govt...for Facebook postings--
Joe Miller has more on this-go there - please--In fact-go to his HOME and view the interview w/ General Boykin on the FRC terrorist attack- and - well- take a look at all of his posts-I go to his site even before I go to Drudge!!
The Reason Joe Miller Started His Site -Read this too-

Monday, August 20, 2012

Women- Are We Equal--& TSA-What does It Stand For!!

h/t/ Will

Master's Course "Allows" two women (Condi Rice being one) to the all-male Augusta National Course...
WOW-women are becoming 'equal'!!--but- who would want to pay big bucks  to belong to a course that is closed from May til- October?!!  Just Asking : - )

and --TSA---what do the initials really mean!

h/t Republican Mother

OK Guys- looks like this is video day at my site!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Read These
"Mexican workers can set up accounts denominated in ounces of silver and take tax-free delivery of that silver whenever they want. In Singapore and other Asian countries, individuals can set up bank accounts denominated in gold and silver. Debit cards can be linked to gold and silver accounts so that customers can use gold and silver to make point of sale transactions, a service which is only available to non-Americans."

Watch This Now - bho muslim- before it gets pulled

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OPSEC-Gen Vallely-Seals -Et Al -OUR BEST-Tell bho to Stop-

revealing secret intelligence - it is getting out BEST and those who help us in the US --KILLED...
bho-Shut Up!!--
This video  is So Worth the Watch!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

US Govt (BUSH & bho et al) Supported the Drug Running and Fast and Furious- -

My Take- follow the $$$$$$ ===MONEY ==and the truth is revealed- now if I can just remember the name of the prominent guy (Johnson I think) who left CA - to parts un known right after Fast and Furious was "discovered" !

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ryan-TARP-AIG Bailout-and Et. Al.

Ryan - VP pick by Romney- voted for TARP- Bailouts- now says he is not for such as those--REALLY!!
You know that I do NOT TRUST THE REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT- nor do I trust their words --
h/t Malkin 2009
"In addition to voting for TARP, GOP Rep. Ryan — billed as a Republican rising star– voted for the auto bailout and the AIG 90 percent confiscatory bonus tax. Crikey. How many strikes do “Republican rising stars” get?"
Read the rest at her link...Tea Party activists were not happy w/ Ryan in 2009-what has changed w/ him!?
 To Ryan's Favor-He Is Pro LIFE_
 FROGGY a POEM I WROTE in the early 2000 s --and I posted FROGGY in 2008 - as one of my very first posts: here at Carol's Blog:

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lukewarm by Carol

Lukewarm Republicans Say:

It's alright - Froggy - Pay attention to me.
That REALLY isn't heat You're feeling
You know - In that water
That you're in.
Just wait awhile--- Suck it up.
Don't forget to hold your nose.
Remember: It's the LESSER OF TWO EVILS!
As we've told you-times before....A DEMOCRAT could get in!

"The water's really getting hot!" Froggy say.

"Of that no interest You should pay." The experts say.

"But," Froggy says "I do pay more taxes
Than I did before. And the PORK
Keeps getting Larger than before."

Is what we offer you. Hold your nose
Just don't choke. This is no joke.
Take it or leave it!" The experts say.

Froggy say......................."I'll LEAVE IT!
Thanks anyway!"

Author Known-
OK-Me/Myself and I===CAROL

West Point - Army Vet-Antonio Buehler-Police Brutality-Now Homeschool Advocate-Ron Paul s

Antonio Buehler -now- Ron Paul supporter-homeschool advocate-West Point Grad- Veteran -Came to the aid of a young female being brutalized by Austin police--still searching for the out come of his case -which sent before the court  July 14, 2012...
 Remember this- ??!!! I posted it before!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

RYAN - My Take

Just wrote this in the comment section at Crusader Rabbit-

hope Ryan keeps the RNC-GOP “GROOMERS” away-remember what they did to Palin–!!!
romney is the R-elites’ pick-
heard Ryan’s speech today–”reach across the aisle”—REALLY-
mc cain was BIG ON REACHING across the aisle–look where that got him!!!

P at IBA has an interesting photo and music summary

Friday, August 10, 2012

Romney--He Wants Homosexual Boy Scout Leaders...

 Romney--pro-death before pro life- --pro govt health care before anti govt health care-now this!!!
Romney wants the Boy Scouts of America to change its rules and allow homosexual Scout leaders!! REALLY!!!
""I'm happy to hear that Mitt Romney's campaign confirmed his support.." said Jennifer Tyrrell, a former cub scout den leader who is lesbian, said in a statement. "I think President Obama should also let the public know what he thinks about a cultural institution like the Boy Scouts banning gay Americans."

"BSA leaders announced last month that they would not change longstanding policies against openly gay scouts and adult scout leaders."
 My Take:
If any of you can prove this to be wrong- let me know!