Thursday, August 16, 2012

Read These
"Mexican workers can set up accounts denominated in ounces of silver and take tax-free delivery of that silver whenever they want. In Singapore and other Asian countries, individuals can set up bank accounts denominated in gold and silver. Debit cards can be linked to gold and silver accounts so that customers can use gold and silver to make point of sale transactions, a service which is only available to non-Americans."


MathewK said...

Hi Carol. How are you? Hope you have been well.

I'm sort of back, I think life has quietened down a bit but not entirely so. Hope to do a bit more blogging in the coming weeks.

Kid said...

Whoa! I'm liking this one! I am heavily invested through Gold based ETFs and this is music to my ears.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) also within the last few days has stated it is willing to accept Gold as collateral for ay and all transactions.

Ron Russell said...

The real "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow will come on election night when Obama goes to bed with tears in his eyes--not tears of joy! As for Mexicans, I personally like them, but only in their home country or as legal visitors to the states.

christian soldier said...

RWT-glad you are back!
I'll be over!

K- you were smart---I diddled and let the good prices of gold pass me by!

I-too- like the spirit of the Hispanic (Latin) people-

Kid said...

Carol-CS, Thanks, It may not be over yet. though no one knows where the market will be in the future.

I'm still trading using NUGT now which is a three times bet on the senior gold minor ETF. If the GDX goes up 2% NUGT goes up 6%. It's a wild ride and of course can hurt just as bad as it makes ya happy ;-)