Saturday, August 25, 2012

Romney Power Grab at Convention-Change Rules W/O Delegates-ARE YOU SURE You Want Romney!?!!!

 Covert action by Romney and RNC to circumvent Tea Party--or other RNC establishment DICTATES (DICTATOR? anyone!)
No US citizen should BOW - to anyone-(except Jesus the Christ- my take)
Enjoy this my friends-h/t SOFA-


TS/WS said...

Why do you think I am posting these series of the things that are the reasons why we are having these things happen to us?
They are not like us and are jealous that we are in the Image - not they, THE WONDERING STARS - offspring!

christian soldier said...

You and I know that those who are jealous -- try to 'get even'--
I will be over -hope you have posted another!

republicanmother said...

I don't want to hear it from conservatives how crooked the dems are anymore. How are they any different by supporting someone like this?

christian soldier said...

RM - they are not any different!
You and I know it---
Slow slide to tyranny (covert) the R elites-
the avalanche-(overt) like bho and his cronies-
I am supporting neither!

Kid said...

I'm not supporting anyone. I am dis-supporting obama and the democrats. I want this/these POS' out of the White House.

What would it say to the rest of the world that we actually Want to be F by this POS.
They'll come at us with everything they have.

Rough times call for straight language. Feel free to delete my comment.

christian soldier said...

K-you tell it like it is and you stand by your beliefs-
I do not delete such-

Kid said...

Carol-CS, I appreciate your attitude.

Perfection is never possible on this rock. It is a series of taking the choices with the least amount of damage sometimes.

Otherwise, we'd be in Heaven and we wouldn't even need 'Ron Paul' to come 'save us'. ;-)

Not putting words in anyone's mouth.

I had a conversation with the owner of a local Chinese restaurant about the election on Sunday. He's "undecided". Bottom line is the voters are going to vote for what they want. The rest of it really is academic.