Wednesday, August 1, 2012

RAFALCA & Ebeling-DRESSAGE-Olympics-Ann Romney

Rafalca- (Ann Romney is part owner) DRESSAGE Mare ridden by Jan Ebling- Tomorrow - first phase of Olympic DRESSAGE--the test shown on video is a free style Grand Prix filmed during a Dressage test (Dressage horses and riders have tests that they must execute before judges -from 1st level through Grand Prix)--here in CA---
I have posted on DRESSAGE many times here - I will remind that it is/ was training for WAR and is not a "ballet"--GRRRRRR to those who think it is easy!
Video of test ridden in CA--Rafalca  and Ebling

and to further the cause : - ) --one of my very favorite rides w/ commentary ---


Trekkie4Ever said...

Would you believe me and boss watched this at work?? She was streaming it live from London. She said, "We're not that busy, let's watch it."

I swear I have the best boss in the world. I was getting paid to watch the Equestrian part of the Olympics.

And since she, herself is a horse trainer was pointing out a lot of stuff on how the horse was behaving, telling me to watch how the riders urge the horses, etc.

It was cool!

christian soldier said...

I already like your boss!