Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Romney-Hobson's Choice - Take the Horse I Give You

 The GOP elites have been giving us Hobson's choice  for 50+ years---Lesser of Two Evils-LOTE
"There is a story that 'Hobson's choice' comes from a Mr. Hobson who hired out horses and gave his customers no choice as to which horse they could take."

READ ALAN  KEYES' EXCELLENT take on Ronmey and the GOP elites- that is where I learned of the term Hobson's Choice!!!
a quote from his article:
"The GOP partisans say that I should not tell the truth about Mitt Romney's worship of ambition and financial gain, which led him, too, to sacrifice conscience and unalienable right in order to feed the depraved appetites of those he thought necessary to his advancement. I should not tell the truth about his deed-conflicted stands; his careless healthcare packages tainted with the blood of murdered innocence; his socialist "bipartisan" schemes tainted by the sacrifice of conscientious liberty."

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