Monday, August 13, 2012

US Govt (BUSH & bho et al) Supported the Drug Running and Fast and Furious- -

My Take- follow the $$$$$$ ===MONEY ==and the truth is revealed- now if I can just remember the name of the prominent guy (Johnson I think) who left CA - to parts un known right after Fast and Furious was "discovered" !


Kid said...

Make all drugs legal. People who are going to do them will do them anyway, all we have to lose is the crime element.

Handling them like alcohol would make it easier to keep 12 year old's off of them.

Good Golly Miss Molly.

And Portugal, decriminalizing drugs in 1996 proves you have less people on drugs when you make them legal.

christian soldier said...

K-less govt. the best govt!!!

Z said...

When the video first started, I thought they were going to talk about gun control and how Bush and others let things slide to make a case for gun control, but it ends up saying that we allowed some cartels to flourish so we could get information on others, and we did.
That doesn't seem so bad to me.
Plus, Bush's admin had ATF, etc., keep their eyes on the guns...that's the biggest difference, isn't it? they say the ATF agents who dropped guns off after Holder took over were saying "Wait, you WANT US TO LEAVE the guns UNWATCHED?" And the Holder thugs said YES>
THat's what the agents testified to.
BIG difference to drop guns off and to drop guns off with the explicit goal of watching where they go so we can make

christian soldier said...

Z-my takes- reeeeaching across the aisle - Rs acquiescing to alinsky's Ds - has not and does not work--mc cain comes to mind---

REEEEEEACHING across the border to criminal "LORDS"- of any type - does not and has not worked- either...
has it?!