Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ryan-TARP-AIG Bailout-and Et. Al.

Ryan - VP pick by Romney- voted for TARP- Bailouts- now says he is not for such as those--REALLY!!
You know that I do NOT TRUST THE REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT- nor do I trust their words --
h/t Malkin 2009
"In addition to voting for TARP, GOP Rep. Ryan — billed as a Republican rising star– voted for the auto bailout and the AIG 90 percent confiscatory bonus tax. Crikey. How many strikes do “Republican rising stars” get?"
Read the rest at her link...Tea Party activists were not happy w/ Ryan in 2009-what has changed w/ him!?
 To Ryan's Favor-He Is Pro LIFE_
 FROGGY a POEM I WROTE in the early 2000 s --and I posted FROGGY in 2008 - as one of my very first posts: here at Carol's Blog:

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lukewarm by Carol

Lukewarm Republicans Say:

It's alright - Froggy - Pay attention to me.
That REALLY isn't heat You're feeling
You know - In that water
That you're in.
Just wait awhile--- Suck it up.
Don't forget to hold your nose.
Remember: It's the LESSER OF TWO EVILS!
As we've told you-times before....A DEMOCRAT could get in!

"The water's really getting hot!" Froggy say.

"Of that no interest You should pay." The experts say.

"But," Froggy says "I do pay more taxes
Than I did before. And the PORK
Keeps getting Larger than before."

Is what we offer you. Hold your nose
Just don't choke. This is no joke.
Take it or leave it!" The experts say.

Froggy say......................."I'll LEAVE IT!
Thanks anyway!"

Author Known-
OK-Me/Myself and I===CAROL


radar said...

Hi Carol! We just watched 2016 Obama's America. It reminded me that the primary issue is to boot him and those aligned with him out of office. Even if Romney and Ryan were a bag of flour and an office chair we would be better off than another four years of deliberate dismantling of the economy, the military, and the goal of turning the USA into a collectivist state run by lefty elitists and those who hate capitalism and individual freedoms.

Perhaps you hold your nose when you vote for Romney/Ryan, but at least you know you are voting for an alternative to Obama, men who can win the election. There is no third party candidate who can win. He can only slough off votes from the Republican ticket and thus help Obama be re-elected. That would be horrific! Obama is going to be far more radical and deadly to the USA in a second term.

christian soldier said...

R- thanks for your take-

I have been 'buying' into the lesser of two evils for 20+ years--and- I have found that we slip more slowly into socialism - kind of like froggy- but - the slow slide is as bad as the avalanche...

TS/WS said...

The Dems will take us straight to hell.
The Repubs take the scenic route.

TS/WS said...

Oh, and I posted 5 min after you came by the other day.
Check it out when you have time.
Very full of info

Kid said...

Carol-CS, I now it's frustrating. Worst case is if I'm going to get screwed I want someone better looking!

and who isn't a muslim activist. and a racist and a marxist. and an imbecile.

christian soldier said...

TS-=like your take-scenic route indeed!
and I will be over!

K-" a muslim activist. and a racist and a marxist. and an imbecile"
you've got bho's bio nailed : - )