Monday, August 20, 2012

Women- Are We Equal--& TSA-What does It Stand For!!

h/t/ Will

Master's Course "Allows" two women (Condi Rice being one) to the all-male Augusta National Course...
WOW-women are becoming 'equal'!!--but- who would want to pay big bucks  to belong to a course that is closed from May til- October?!!  Just Asking : - )

and --TSA---what do the initials really mean!

h/t Republican Mother

OK Guys- looks like this is video day at my site!


Gecko said...

Sorry to be O/T Carol, but I am very saddened to read about your mate, my thoughts are with you.
Take care my friend xx

christian soldier said...

G- you are so kind - thank you for your thoughtfulness..

Trekkie4Ever said...

Carol, what happened? Not sure what Gecko is talking about. Did I miss something?

And I did watch the first video, speaks volumes for all working wives and moms. How unfair it is.

However, if she would have spoken back at her husband like in the real "Muslim" world she would have gotten her bum beaten or worse.

But the video made an excellent point, been there done that and still having to do it.

I quit watching the 2nd, my boys were watching it and I stopped it.

christian soldier said...

L- My dear black lab has had a set back w/ her health ...I thought that she was gaining ground - but not----she is 13- so- I am semi prepared for the worst--
One is never really prepared to lose a friend!!
Yeh - the second vid is a little risque- but- it emulates my feelings about the TSA debacle--