Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To Romney & the Other Elitists Rs

This letter states what I have been saying for a very long time..

Being the creator of the acronym- Rino = RINO in 1993- I have been waiting for a ground swell --and am glad to see it!-

muslim "Service" Horses -Allowed-A Vet's Service Dog-No!

 muslim Michigan AGAIN!-see post below on the stoning of Christians by muslims in Michigan-

Vet told to leave WAWA store w/ his service dog-

CHRISTIANS 'Stoned' By Muslims in Dearborn MI-

Police blamed Christains for exercising their right to free speech-
Dearborn - MI - first US city to allow muslim chants-prayers- to be loudly projected in public from mosques- Goooooooo Michigan!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

GM-Bailout-Communists -Betrayal of the US Taxpayer!

h/t Republican Mother

Congressman Trey Gowdy R-SC-Tells the TRUTH -

 FAITH Post -TRUTH Tellers Shall Set Us Free!! : - )
Found ANOTHER Truth Teller (and the TRUTH Shall Set US Free)!!
Congressman Trey Cowdy -(SC-R) -tells  the TRUTH about nancy pelosi-
Will be supporting him at his re-election time--even though he is not from my state!
h/t gateway pundit

Thursday, June 21, 2012

JOE for Congress-NO GUN Control

every time a tyrannous faction wants control-it takes weapons away from the people - and it goes WAAAY back- (the Philistines  come to mind -no black smiths  for the Hebrews-so they could not make weapons.)

Joe gives us in the US -two more examples-

I'm supporting him in his run...

as I did Allen West and Marco Rubio...


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

US Military Shows Its PC /Non Truth Telling Colors-

We have been at War with Islam since the Barbary Pirates-

Military Instructor 'relieved of teaching duties' for stating the truth - We are At War with Islam-

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lippizzans -Spanish Riding School-War Moves

 All of the movements are natural to Horses- Horses trained to use natural moves on command for WAR---NOTE: toward mid video - airs above ground -
LEVADE-(the horse rears on hind legs-)  very intimating to ground troops -
CAPRIOLE-Horse leaps into air-kicks out- VERY intimidating to ground troops-
PASSAGE-elevated trot-slowly moving forward-
PIAFFE--elevated trot in place

this is tied to my Ann Romney post and to my post below this one!
You will LOVE these two videos -

DRESSAGE Is A VERY DIFFICULT Dicipline-Ann Romney GOOD- Lawrence ODonnell-BAD

Proof that those in the "lame stream media" are ignorant and STUPID!
Dressage is one of the most difficult "sports" to learn - remember - you are involved with a partner who is probably more intelligent than the typical MSM "person".{FFB08725-2DD6-4038-9E4E-DA718BF361F5}&title=Lawrence-ODonnell-Mocks-Ann-Romney-for-Riding-Horses-to-Combat-Multiple-Sclerosis 

Check out the video on my post above this one!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Female Pilot - Tosses MCP* Passenger

*MCP- Male Chauvinist Pig- to explain my post's title--

Friday, June 15, 2012

obama CARE vs romney CARE - AND -LEAK on ME

My comment at M Malkin-
On June 15th, 2012 at 3:04 am, Christian Soldier said:

romney care-
obama care-
 to this I add- the Rs and the Ds are the same now---and have been for some time-- another from M.Malkin:

NO VOTE FOR THE LOTE (Copy Right-Carol)
LOTE is Lesser of Two Evils...
Have we not had enough of R elites "giving" us in the US LOTE upon LOTE upon LOTE!!!?

this great video on the security LEAKS -h/t JAWA

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SS in the US - & Property Taxes-

Time to get rid of the  SS -Social Security and the SS  Number-
The SS NUMBER s a perfect 'tracking device'-especially for all BANKING --

Property taxes make the government a co-owner to our property-
Life Liberty PROPERTY were the first words and ideas for our Declaration and Constitution.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Did You Know -I Am the Creator of RINO-Rino

did you know that I am the creator of RINO - it started as a short story - for a  R Women newsletter  - in 1993:

A Short Story- _ Time for a Change_ : by Carol: June 1993

Norman Elephant sat back trying to concentrate on his hand. He reflected on the way he and other Elephant friends from the George Washington School of Ethics and Morality used to run their monthly card party.

They'd chat about the events in each others' lives during the month past-then-out would come the transparent deck-Each knowing that the honor of the others was such that there would be no peeking.

Tonight's game was different. With the inclusion of the Rinos, the party had lost its free and gentle flare. It started a few months ago with one Rino asking to join and all - but Norm- agreeing (to show their tolerance). Pretty soon there were more Rinos than Elephants.

The rules had to be changed too. Rather than transparent cards-they had to use heavy -duty cards because the Rinos said they were honorable but, the Elephants soon learned that they always resorted to peeking. The betting was more intense as well. The Rinos played for keeps!

They also continually demanded small changes.

At first it was the request to pull certain cards from the deck. The Absolute of Diamonds (which represented the Elephants' substance) was the first to go. It was replaced by the Arbitrary of *CZ.

Soon, most of the deck had been changed.

Several of the party originals lost their positions, homes, and family members for it seemed that the Rinos could not lose.

Norm suspected it had something to do with the new glasses the Rinos were wearing. It seemed that they could see through the new decks that had been purchased through a Rino distributor.

Norm also thought about the meeting he had called. He hoped that some the the original players would agree with him that changes had to be made...

The End..

*(Cubic Zirconia-or false diamond) CZ

My friend had  RINO (Xd) Buttons made for the - I believe- 1996 R Convention in Wash DC - and it took off from there-

Paper WEIGHT-Poem by Carol

UAW 'Agreement' weighs 22lbs.

and that's just the union's paper-work for Ford !

If a UAW contract is over 2,000 pages long...and WEIGHS 22 POUNDS!!,,,,,,
Can you imagine what 'agreements' with the Federal Governing body must WEIGH!

Speaking of Weight:

The government elite
Write as many words
as they speak..
The weight will be lifted
from our POCKET BOOKS!


romney the same as bho

just substitute the name-McCain for romney- it will not rhyme but who cares! A poem I wrote in 2008:

McCain the Same As B.Hussein

McCain is the same
As the B Hussein
Only-he resides
In the clothes
of Sheep..

mc cain rips Republicans again:
No VOTE FOR THE LOTE (Lesser of Two Evils)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Poem By Me on National ID & SS-Social Security

Thursday, March 11, 2010

National ID CARD w/ Embedded DNA!!- The SS--BIG BROTHER-Is WATCHING YOU...

I woke up very early with this on my mind---

Lou -what's the matter with you!
Really want Big Brother Watching You?

I do Not want Big Brother Watching ME..
With the National ID..
Big Brother can watch YOU and ME!!

As to your SS card-
That card and its NUMBER
Should be ILLEGAL -too...
It was the first step --
By Big Brother ..
To watch YOU
 By Carol-CS

SS=Social Security-is our present National ID!

The rest is here-Lou Dobbs pushes for National ID-

Faith blog-No King But King Jesus

A poem I quickly wrote after seeing bho BOW to the Saudi prince-

Thursday, October 21, 2010


by Carol 

A quick poem -written EARLY this morning !!-
Our Servants in Government
Honestly Believe
That They Are NOBLES and
MY Notice to OUR Servants-
Noblesse Oblige

Great Speech-NO PC!-You Are Not Special

h/t common cents

CPT. Pace (West Point 2005) and Lt. Fazzari Killed in Helicopter Crash

It is with a heavy heart that I post this- CPT Scott Pace (West Point 2005) and lst Lt. Matthew Fazzari were killed in an helicopter crash - June 6. 2012-
Crash is under investigation...

CPT. Scott Pace-link below-has more about him---

His awards :
Two Purple Hearts, an Air Medal, Army Commendation Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, two Iraq Campaign Medals, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, three Overseas Service Ribbons, the Army Aviator Badge and the Combat Action Badge.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Is There More to the Story-Belmont -I'll Have Another-NYHRAss..

Even The FOX commentator let it slip that she wonders if there is more to the story-
I'll Have Another- Kentucky Derby - Preakness winner-California trained-
Trainer dissed by "Eastern" Horse Racing establishment-like Tweedy and the NY Horse Racing ASSociation..(my take-ASS ociation- get it!))

Photos of the beautiful-I'll Have Another-He is the under-dog-($14,000- most of the entrants are $1000,000 and more!)turned super star-
This morning it was his left hind (from "kicking a bucket" )  now it is the left front leg-ill-have-another-scratched-from-belmont-stakes/
I WILL NOT BE WATCHING the Belmont stakes...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Human Brain-Mind Wandering -A Good Thing-Guilt & Depression Link

Should we let out mind REST? linked from an excellent scientific article on the   workings  of the human brain-  Does Guilt Lead to Depression?

Go KINGS-Video Interview -Jonathan Quick-

Chose the LA  KINGS as my "other" team-to cheer to victory-
Last year -during the playoffs-2011- I was in a box - looking down at the team - it came to me that they were rather like a bunch of beautiful marbles-rolling around on the ice w/ no organization-
"Shoot the puck." I shouted through the glass-"Shoot the puck!"
This year - thanks to Sutter - the new coach- the team is now organized and headed for their first win of the STANLEY CUP!,0,3327474.column

You'll notice that Quick is humble-most hockey players are of better character than those players in other sports...any ideas as to the reasons for their humility?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

US Secret Space Plane / Drones Fly and Spy Over Cattle Country-

US Secret space plane will land in CA in June-Secrets-Secrets everywhere- 1984 (Orwell) Anyone!
EPA Drones to spy on US Cattle Ranches:

Don't Worry- our government is "watching over us" in the US!!
It' is "for our own good" you know!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Starbucks-A Lesson in Good Business/Mary Kay Cosmetics Too!

Building relationships / the same business training that those of us who are  in Mary Kay  Cosmetics -receive-
My University education  did not teach me bout good business-Mary Kay did.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Bilderberg List-&-Just 'Met' Larry McDonald-

You all know about Bilderberg - I HOPE!
It's the Bilderberg Organization that continues to keep us in the US in un-declared "wars"  (NATO) and getting our BEST killed-(my take)-look up the history of Bilderberg -New American
rockefellers-rothschilds-join-up.& Bilderberg & New American
The LIST - Lots of Foreign "influence" 
George Washington- "...stay out of the affairs of Europe..."--
up-date: 'found' this at RM-++-& My introduction to a man of honor- Larry McDonald -